Business Profit Maximizer #2 – How To Manage Your Cash Flow – Dan Lok

Business Profit Maximizer #2 – How To Manage Your Cash Flow – Dan Lok

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  1. Dan, do you have any videos on what to do once money comes into your business? For the last few years revenue hasn’t been the problem, but as I grow I seem to always have more and more expenses, more marketing, more event to pay for and despite the growth it’s almost feels like I’m not getting ahead? Thanks for the videos, really great stuff. And it’s very apparent you live what you teach.

  2. Get paid upfront. Train people how to treat you. Good lesson. I've not gotten paid before when I've used invoices after doing the work. NEVER AGAIN.

  3. There's so many different terms and words I don't fully know on the business/accounting side of things. Listening to you and Dan Pena talk about deals you make, I don't know half the stuff you're referring to.

    I know I don't need to get an MBA but what resources would you recommend to not just know a textbook definition but to understand and apply it in business

  4. Teach your customers how to treat you and ask, and you shall receive… I've no idea how i've been missing this much.
    Thank you Sifu

  5. In the other video: I always pay in full and in advance my partners so they want to work with me. True.
    In this video: elong time before paying from 30 to 60 days, so you have better cash flow. True also.
    So truth is: there's not something that works in every situation. And every solution to a problem may cause another problem elsewhere. That's why it's hard. But Dan is always inspiring and defines boundaries for applicability of techniques very well, and makes it easy to associate more urgent problems to their solution. Cash flow problem are urgent/emergency/short-time in nature and this is powerful fix. Building network of loyal partners is long term objective and paying them promptly most times is useful too.

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