Business Owners prepare for Labor Day weekend

Business Owners prepare for Labor Day weekend

SAY ABOUT THE EXPECTED HEAVY FOOT TRAFFIC. JILL BUSINESS OWNERS MANAGERS AND WORKERS TELL ME THEY ARE FULL OF ANTICIPATION EXCITEMENT BUT ARE ALSO READY FOR A LOT OF WORK AS THEY PREPARE FOR THE HOLIDAY VISITORS. AS MANY ARE GETTING READY TO PACK UP FOR THE LONG WEEKEND BUSINESS OWNERS DOWNTOWN ARE LOOKING TO GEAR UP FOR EXPECTED EXTRA BUSINESS. “Its been busy and booming and its been great seeing people from the community come, as well as having people “We’re ready for the increase this weekend because we know its going to get pretty crazy here this weekend, but we’re all looking forward to it.” LABOR DAY WEEKEND IS CONSIDERED THE UNOFFICIAL END OF SUMMER BUT THIS WEEKEND IS MARKING THE BEGINNING FOR ONE BUSINESS. NORTH PARK PRODUCE OPENED UP ON FRIDAY LOOKING TO GIVE FAMILIES IN THE DOWNTOWN AREA A NEW OPTION WHEN IT COMES TO FOODS FOR HOLIDAY PICNICS. “We are hoping to take the weekend that you have with family and friends and really just offer local fresh produce at really great prices. So today we’ll have corn, onions; along with tomatoes, great bananas fresh fruit and all the things that bring your family together, will be from my family. “Some of the workers who are little bit more experienced when it comes to the nuts holiday foot travel are lending advice to others.” “Try to engage with the community, I think thats what people really want and thats what we try to do here, Its like how can we make people feel comfortable and make them want to come in and engage in conversation and that “Be prepared. Be very well staffed for the entire duration of the holiday and just enjoy it, stay as calm as you can,” HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS WILL BE IN FULL FORCE IN THE

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