Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki ► Animated Book Summary

Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki ► Animated Book Summary

Here’s a book called the Business of the 21st century by robert kiyosaki. Have you ever stopped climbing a ladder to ask yourself where is this ladder planted well you probably haven’t because maybe your question was really how I am I going up? Robert Kiyosaki presents this question to help the reader have a better sense of where they are truly at with their financial standing. Could it be that the ladder you’re climbing in your life it’s placed on the wrong spot. Back when Robert Kiyosaki was younger his friend’ss dad, that he called rich dad taught him an important concept that there are four distinct sources of cash flow in the world. he showed what he calls the cashflow quadrant so we have four distinct sources. the first one starts with E which is employee the overwhelming majority of us learn and live this life next is the S quadrant stands for self-employed and small business owner Think of small business owners, lawyers and private doctors for example. over here we have the B quadrant which stands for business owner, so think of manufacturing business, real estate business, mining companies and other things lastly is the I quadrant for investor think of investors who deal with real estate property, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. the idea for them is having money to make more money so then the real question for you presents itself. From which quadrant do you receive the majority of your income? As you think about that, let me share you an interesting fact. Let’s say we add up all the money in the US. About eighty percent of all the US population are living in the E and S quadrant. How much you think they have altogether? Did you know they have only twenty percent in total of all the US money? on the other hand there’s the rest of the twenty percent of the population that lives in the B and the I quadrant. Can you guess how much they have? That’s right that you’re ready probably figured out, they own eighty percent in total of all the US money. *Laughs* For the E and the S it’s like seeing eight hungry guys having to share two slices of pizza. So how and why does this happened? How are the B and I financially successful? It starts with what our mindset values let’s take a look! What are the core financial values of each of these quadrants? For someone living in the e quadrant, their core value is security for people into s quadrant their core value is independence. for anyone in the B quadrant their core value is wealth building and the people in the I quadrant what they value the most its financial freedom. let’s simply analyze how these values come into play for each of these quadrants. Starting off a person in the E quadrant often thinks or says I’m looking for a safe and secure job with a pretty decent steady pay with great benefits. These are the things they value but their biggest issue with this is they have to trade their own time for money. Now we go to the people living in the S quadrant striving for independence they often take great pride in the work of their own hands or brains, being their all boss in other words. The s quadrant can be filled with professional people such as doctors, lawyers, and accountants who do not belong to a large medical, legal or accounting firm. The problem for them is they are a slave to their own business the main reason is simply they are the heart of it and if they stop working the business won’t continue on thus there won’t be any more income until their work is resumed. While a person into s quadrant wants to be the best and his or her field, a B quadrant person wants to build a team out of other people who are best in their field. business owners are often people with powerful life mission who value a great team and efficient teamwork and want to serve and work with as many people as possible this is where power in numbers come into play in great length. They utilize passive income which is money coming into thier pockets whether they work or not lastly the investors are usually B quadrant people who further progress their wealth building by the tactic of using their own money to work for them instead of him or her working for money but in the I quadrant you need a great deal of money to start investing if you were wondering, okay let’s say I’m in the E and the S quadrant how can i make a successful transition to the B and the I quadrants Well, the biggest reason most people believe they cannot transition over is because they cannot invest due to not having a business to begin with and they don’t have enough money to start due to other things like taxes, dept, inflation and retirement savings that are killing them, So now what? Am i screwed? That reason alone, I’m out not to worry because Robert covers that question entirely with an answer for the people that want to cross over the answer is there is a business model that can help you learn to create passive income and it requires relatively little cash investment to start up and it can be operated on a flexible part-time until it generates enough cash flow for the person to transition one day from his full-time job the business model is called network marketing. network marketing has been around in various forms since the middle of the last century. you get the taste what it’s really like building a business through teamwork and making business by word-of-mouth AKA networking the author explains that the beauty of network marketing is not just focusing on making money but a bigger picture of helping other people become successful making money in their own business so they can become financially free and accomplishing their life goals and dreams. At the end of the day what makes it person truly rich is not how much he or she makes because it’s really about their mindset if your mind is like the B and the I quadrant, money is going to attract you around like a magnet whether you think about it or not. For more information you can learn more about the business of the 21st century from my link down below hope you enjoy Hey everyone! Thank you for watching! so you enjoyed the video? Did you find helpful? Well feel free to like it and subscribe for more in the future

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  1. going through a program that helps people my age to do the switch and i hope it works out. im skeptical that it could be a scam but idk goin for it

  2. very simple trick if most of people following your instructions and became RICH DAD then who will work for factory who will work for hospital who will work for building the constructions who will do for rich man it is unbalanced thoughts because you will not find anymore employees around you to do your business jobs. Also it will lead to let most of people thinking about money and wealth and no more educated people to do for those business people ,,, It is can not be implemented in real true life to make unbalanced output of marketing workers

  3. And this explain why and how R.Kiyosaki lead his company to bankrupt… Poor men that trust in theese misleading informations

  4. So I just decided to join network marketing and am happy to see this review! 😀 But I guess it's more of a summary than a review?

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