Business of Sports Luncheon

Business of Sports Luncheon

This is the first paneldiscussion we’ve organizedthrough our office of economicdevelopment, and we selectedthe business of sports as atopic of discussion.We’re very happy we’re globally,nationally ranked and we’veplaced a lot of people, we’vedone a lot of work withthe Boca Raton area, with theAllianz, the Boca RegionalHospital golf tournament.The work that coach Kiffin didand the football program thispast year and the success they’vehad that shows how impressive it is.But it also shows how bright thefuture is at this place.When ESPN comes here and does acollege gameday feature,Not just do the recruits see itbut, ya kno, students see that.And so, I don’t know what thenummbers are now, but I know atone point out-of-state applicationswere up 40%.For Dr. Kelly to be thereat the interview, which wasn’there, it was long ways away,and have a specific plan sayinghey we want you because we wanta top 25 program. I came fromClemson, I saw how it was donethere, I know what it does forthe school, and we’re gonna giveyou what you need to take us there.And I walked out of there andcalled my agent and said I’mgoing to FAU. I see somethingspecial in leadership there, sothat’s why we’re here.Thank ya’ll very much. Thank ya’llto our panelists.

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