Business News Report | Virtual Office & Business Services in London

Business News Report | Virtual Office & Business Services in London

The UK has achieved its greenest year ever
in terms of how the nation’s electricity is generated. The rise of renewable energy helped break
13 clean energy records in 2017. In June, for the first time, wind, nuclear
and solar power generated more UK power than gas and coal combined. Britain has halved carbon emissions in the
electricity sector since 2012 to provide the fourth cleanest power system in Europe and
seventh worldwide. Car insurance premiums are to fall by £35
a year after the government announced measures to curb the high number of whiplash claims
that currently cost UK drivers over £1bn a year and affect the costs for small business
owners. The justice secretary, David Gauke, unveiled
plans to introduce the civil liability bill through the House of Lords, which will set
out changes to the way that whiplash claims are calculated and paid. Road traffic accident-related injury claims
are 50% higher than a decade ago, despite the fall in the number of reported accidents
and the fact the UK has some of the safest roads in Europe, he said. British companies falling behind the rest
of Europe when it comes to investing in workplace smart technology. This technology has found its way into people’s
homes, but people’s offices are a much tougher nut to crack.  A report by Reichelt Elektronik found that
50 per cent of EU businesses consider investing in it in over the next 12 months. But when it comes to the UK, only 21 per cent
are using smart tech, mostly smart lighting, smart alarm systems, heating and air conditioning.
A third of employees believe it was a good investment. The biggest roadblocks to implementing smart
tech in the office seem to be prices and not being able to identify a need for it.
Some are also waiting for the tech to improve.

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