Business News and Journal Search

Business News and Journal Search

Hi, This is Nathan. Welcome
to the Steelman Business News and Journal Search video. In this video I’m going to
be covering how to do some research on LexisNexis and how to search for journals if you have
a specific journal that you’re looking for a certain title and you want to find
information within that title. I’ll also be covering a few other things so, let’s
get started. Here we are on the Steelman Library Home
page. First we are going to go to Databases, and then Business. Let’s focus on the news
so we’ll go to LexisNexis first. LexisNexis is a very large business news and legal information database. We can enter a search here, but I want to do an advanced
search and turn off a few things. I’m not really interested in law reviews, company
profiles, or state and federal cases. So I’m just going to leave the newspapers on to select
that. Searching for E. Coli at Chipotle and it defaults
to relevance ranking so if you want to have the most recent at the top you can click on
it and change it to “Newest to Oldest”. It kind of changes your search order. And if you
look at this you can tell how many words and the date for each article. And I am looking for something
with a little meat and these are kind of short. So here’s one that’s pretty lengthy.
And it has 993 words, so it’s a little longer from International New York Times. LexisNexis is not like the EBSCO databases with the scholarly search. And since we’re looking at news, news articles
are not scholarly so there is no scholarly/peer reviewed filter. This is newspapers and news
sources, so that doesn’t exist. However, like I said, you can look at the length of
the source and get a little better sense of what it is you are looking at, so this article looks
a little more lenghthy. Let’s say I really like this article and want to use it. Showing
International New York Times, February 10th . I can click this little book icon, here to get
the citation. And it opens up this little pop-up. And then I can choose my style of
my citation. I’m going to choose download (should say Display) into new window and I can choose MLA,
APA, or Chicago. I’ll go ahead and pick APA. And here is my citation. I love this
red warning. This is really important. These are not guaranteed to be accurate. You need
to double check this yourself and make sure the citation is correct. Make sure it conforms
to APA standards or whichever citation style you are using. You can’t just simply copy/paste
this and take it at face value. You’ve got to double check it. Also it gives you
a “Retrieved from”, this is not an exact URL. LexisNexis does not have something like EBSCO has called “Permalinking”. So there’s no way to preserve an exact URL to this article.
It doesn’t exist. Here we are back at the business page. And
this time I want to go into Wall Street Journal. Here I am at Wall Street Journal and I want
to search “Chipotle” and see if they have any E. Coli stories. I found 33 things
there, ranked by relevance. I want to flip them to newest first/most recent. Now it has my most recent articles. Here is the number one article. “Chain says it will
set aside $10 million dollars for farms to meet new standards”, interesting article. OK I might like this article. Now
ProQuest is a scholarly database, you can sort the results. It’s almost entirely
scholarly. It has very little non-scholarly. But this is Wall Street Journal, so again it’s a newspaper.
So newspapers cannot be classed scholarly. I know that’s a weird contradiction, but this is not technically a scholarly article. It’s the Wall Street Journal. So anyway. We can cite it just by clicking the cite link. We choose the style we want and here’s the citation. Again,
double check this. Do not copy and paste this without proofing it and making sure this is what
you want, because there is no guarantee this is right. It’s close. And often times it
is right, but don’t assume it’s right. Here we are back at the database homepage.
This time I want to look at A-to-Z journal list from EBSCO. I’m searching for the Economist.
Here it is. And it turns out to be number two. I can search right here within the publication.
Or I can go onto it. Either way it won’t matter. I’m interested in the negative
interest rates banks charge people to keep their money. And this article, it’s in
the Economist. It has this button, “Linked Full Text” (Full Text Finder), so not everything is immediately full text here. But if I click that link I can open the full text of this article.
Here I am and I have three different choices of ways to get to the full text for this article.
I can just click any one of them. So here’s the article, it turns out it’s in ProQuest
and has the abstract and the full text. The article is right here. Interesting article. Do you want to keep your money in the matress? Or have the bank charge you to keep it there? Well, I hope this has been very helpful for
you, finding news and journal research at the library. If you have questions, please
call or ask a librarian. We’ll be happy to help you. Thank you. Have a good day.

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