Business Mixer Manchester By The Fully Charged Show

Business Mixer Manchester By The Fully Charged Show

today’s video is going to be a little
bit different is gonna be a bit more blog style for me we’re going down to
the fully charged meeting they’ve got a business-to-business meeting down at a
very special venue this year and I can’t bring my full kit so that’s why my sound
quality’s a bit off but let’s just see what we get into today so I’m running a
little bit early the event doesn’t start till 6:30 and according to the Sat-Nav
I’m gonna get there at 6:00 so I need to stop some food so I’ve had of quick snack
the reason why I couldn’t bring my microphone is I thought I was going to
have to park far away and then take the scooter down to the event but if I’m this early
I’m probably gonna be able to take one of the six or seven parking spaces
outside the actual venue so yeah here’s for hoping Filming episodes of red dwarf so he sends his sincere apologies originally he was going to be here but he was a bit poorly a few weeks ago something he went into way too much detail on a recent podcast of Fully Charged so you can listen to that and that’s a huge knock on effect for his filming schedule for red dwarf and he’s been in red dwarf and in prosthetics and for about four weeks now
so very sorry for him and he’s back with us next week I need to do my hair George stop doing your hair so
George we’re at the b2b mixer yeah at the Science Museum fully charged b2b have you learnt anything
interesting yeah go on errr there’s a lot of people really into EV’s You need to go drive it, so i went and drove a Leaf an i3 and a Tesla and they were phenomenal and i was like why don’t people know about this it’s been good to see the different views of EV’s across different
counties has also have got various people from the councils so it’s it’s
got to see what each council is doing for the EV industry Greater Manchester at the moment 3 of them are electric those are 3 are owned by TFGM doing the free bus that goes around the city centre Great Manchester did secure money for
Ultra low emission Bus about 70 or so they got money for and any interesting charges that you’ve heard about here yeah there’s quite a few different chatting to different charge companies seeing what Eco Plugg can Fit Next Hi Dean Hi Nick who’s this bloke in the car Oh oh sorry small child you
mean this guy yeah I mean it can’t be an EVNick video I didn’t suggest going to
octopuses EV octopus electric vehicles and octopus energy there’s a link down
below for 50-pound credit and i Don’t know if I should
“What” but I feel like bragging I’m on the EV go faster tariff so am i how many how many cheap hours of cheap electric have you got FIVE
“Five” from 8:30
“I’ve got”
I’ve already set me powerwall guess what I at 4:30 at 8:30 I’ve got 4 hours and at 8:30 what did i do George
“you told your wife to put washing machine on” yes I rang my wife I din’t ring my wife I text my wife and the text message will be displayed here to put the washing
machine on why covering George face with the Octopus This is George the octopus ok
make the octopus talk say sign up to octopus energy for a 50 pound credit using Nick link down below Oh hang on where’s George what’s this camera thing do oh oh how many legs
does an octopus have six legs and two arms there you go and on that not thank you very much for watching this weeks video and ill see you again next week Good BYE

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