Business Job Titles: Developing a Company Accountability Chart

Business Job Titles: Developing a Company Accountability Chart

– Our passionate plea to
the business world is this. To please do away with titles,
and do away with org charts. What we invite you to
embrace and implement is something called accountability chart. Structure your organization
around function, which means figure out what are the three to seven major functions that make your business go round. In this hypothetical example, this particular organization has five. A sales and marketing function, an account management function, an operations function, IT, and finance. All reporting up to an integrator, with a visionary at the helm. Said another way, titles and
org charts create disfunction. In a healthy, functional,
cohesive organization, where everyone is open and
honest, there is no ego, and we’re all fighting
for the greater good, all that should matter is knowing who’s accountable for the function. Now, I understand externally for your customers or the external world, you may need titles and an org chart. It’s just we know that that’s rare. So in those rare exceptions, absolutely. Go for it. But internally, if you
really want to gain traction, structure the organization
around an accountability chart. Function and then get all
the right people in the right functions taking accountability
for the function. If you’ll give us blind faith on this, it’s gonna do two very
powerful things for you. Number one, it’s gonna help to really compartmentalize who’s doing what. It’s gonna help you smoke
out capacity related issues. It’s gonna help you understand where one process ends,
and another begins. The handoff, for lack of a better term. And it’s also gonna help people understand when they are at time capacity, and it’s time for them
to delegate and elevate. The second big thing it’s gonna do for you is it’s going to create absolute clarity in your organization. Because knowing who’s accountable, any issue that exists in the organization that comes up, there’s now only one set of eyeballs that owns the issue. And in the ideal world,
it should go like this. Issue comes up, we know who owns it, you take the issue, you say
got it, and you go solve it. Now, we’re a healthy functional cohesive leadership team, so if you need help, ask. But we’re counting on you to solve it. This will also help you prioritize better, set better goals, solve issues better. You will get there faster. So we’re asking you to
do away with org charts. Do away with titles. Take a big step back. If you want to get the most
out of your organization, and figure out what the right and best structure is to get you to the next level, by defining the structure,
accountability chart, the functions that make
your business go round, get the right people in the right seats, and you will absolutely
gain more traction.

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  1. Love the concept of accountability within the staff. Having one person responsible for each area is perfect.

  2. Organization hierachy is the most stupid things. I used to work at architect office which has 5_6 tiers. Architectural assistant, architect, senior architect, associate, senior associate, partner, senior partner, executive partner. Once a partner got fired he became a senior architect in another company. People love hierarchy, but I think that is stupid.

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