Business, International Relations and the Political Economy | LSE course trailer

Business, International Relations and the Political Economy | LSE course trailer

In today’s interconnected global economy,
markets and businesses in one region are increasingly sensitive to economic shifts
and geopolitical events in another. Business leaders and
decision makers worldwide – and anyone who works
in a multinational organisation – need to understand the history and present
day effects of globalisation to successfully navigate the global challenges
facing their organisation. Enhance your understanding
of the global economy, and change the way you
think with an online certificate course from the London School of Economics
and Political Science. I’m Professor Chris Alden,
one of the course convenors for the LSE’s Business, International Relations
and the Political Economy online course. Using highly interactive
and supported online learning, this course allows you to cut to the core of international relations,
and global political and economic issues. With access to the insights
and analytical techniques of the LSE subject
experts and thought leaders, you’ll walk away with a new lens
to interpret and plan for, and respond to, global events such as Brexit,
cyber security and the US elections – to name just a few. Students will get access to leading
academics in their subject field. They will have the benefit of an
international cohort through which they will share their learning experience. The LSE has been the epicentre of thinking
about globalisation since the 1990s. For the last twenty-odd years, We’ve been thinking about the global
economy as an ever-expanding global system with evermore countries joining in
global production and trade. The content covered in this course
is all-embracing, because what is going to happen in the
United States or the European Union over the next five years,
will impact on Asia. It will impact on Africa.
It will impact on South America. Because the world is
now so interconnected. After successfully completing this
course, not only will you have the ability to analyse the impact of isolated events and
assess their significance for your organisation or industry in a larger global context, you’ll have verifiable proof of
your enhanced critical thinking abilities: a certificate of competence from the London School of Economics
and Political Science. Join us for the eight-week online
course, and elevate your way of thinking, with one of the world’s leading
social science universities.

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