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I’m Nancy Sternberg and I work for the Small Business Administration and I manage the Business Gateway program which supports the website. There’s a lot of information across the federal government in a variety of websites and it can be overwhelming to try and find that information. So, at we’ve tried to do our homework so you don’t have to. We’ve pulled together information and we’ve added a very sophisticated search engine that allows you to narrow the focus of what you’re looking for very quickly. We’re very excited we recently launched the first federally sponsored online community for small business. And this is a real opportunity for the government to start engaging further with the small business community. This is a place where small business owners can come and post questions, share their ideas, and help other business owners. And we’re really excited because it helps make sure that information that may be shared with a business owner is available now to a multitude of individuals at one time. There are a variety of discussion forums that are available on topics like “Starting A Business” “Loans Grants and Taxes”, as well as “Government Contracting.” We also have a series of news articles that we update regularly on relevant and timely topics such as “What is the federal government doing to support the small business community related to the Recovery Act?” And there’s also a place for small business owners to share their ideas on how we can better enhance the community and the overall content on We hope to become the single resource the small business community can count on for information at the federal, state and local level. We also want to expand the number of government subject matter experts that participate in the community so that you can get greater access to your government. And third, we want to start opening up the data that we have behind so that interested individuals can use that data to make applications are even more beneficial to the small business community. I do this because there are 26 million small business owners across the United States that make-up backbone of our economy. And the team is committed to making it easier for businesses to do business.

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