– Gary!
– Hey man! – Nice to meet you.
– Pleasure to see you. – How are you?
– Such a pleasure, well. – [Man] I feel like
you’re a long lost friend. – Hey, good to meet you.
– [DRock] How are you? – I see your
face most days so … – I appreciate it. (rap music) – I haven’t spent zero
time in Asia, it’s crazy. Just serendipity, you know? – Well, we’re gonna change that. – [Gary] Yeah, that’s
about to change for sure. (man laughs) (“Callisto” by Alice Fremont) – You know what DRock,
I definitely not vlogging in August when
I’m with family. I hope we get the
proper brand credit for bringing good weather. (group laughter) So we’ll meet at 7:30. Got it. 7:45. 7:45. We’ll walk it? – Yeah.
– [Gary] Awesome. Hong Kong baby. I fucking love it. I really do. What? – [DRock] The humidity
is killing me! – [Gary] Good, I like it. I like you dealing
with adversity DRock. A little adversity,
it’s good for you. – How are you? – Good, I came
here last Thursday. – Last Thursday? (background noise
drowns out answer) – Have you spent time here? – No, actually. – Is this is
your first trip here? – I came here when
I was 12 for math challenge. – So this is
your first trip here. – Exactly. So it’s– – Cool. – But it’s my first– – Did you say
for math challenge? (Raisa laughs) – You’re such a nerd. Everybody in the middle, to
your point, is in real trouble. Production companies that
know how to make good content, but are stuck in the
middle, not super premium, they’re trying to
make volume, they’re dead. And then if
you’re making, you know, the cost of entry of
making content, to your point, is not very high if you’re new and you’ve only
come from this world. (“I Would Be Nowhere” by Dyalla) – You know how many
people run a business? How many people do you
think run Credit Suisse? – [Man 2] (laughs) I’m going
to pass on that question. – The answer is a lot
less than any of us realize. What you start realizing, at
least that I start to realize, is it’s unbelievable how few
people actually run a company no matter it’s size. You know they have that
thing where you can only have 150 contacts or something? – Oh yeah. – I have a funny feeling, there’s a
business version of that where there’s only
six to eleven people that can actually
run a company for real. (“I Would Be Nowhere” by Dyalla) – Just completely obsessed
with suffocating excuses. – [Man 3] Uh-huh. – [Gary] Because then
good stuff happens. – [Man 3] Uh-huh. – Excuses are the currency
that allow you to not act. – [Mary] Huge fan. – Oh thank you. – [Mary] Huge fan, well done. Thank you so much for–
– [Mary] What’s your name? – Mary.
– Mary, nice to meet you. Thanks for saying hello.
– Nice to meet you as well. Take care, bye.
– Yeah, thank you. Yes.
– Hello. I’m sorry. – Hi.
– Hi. – How are you doing?
– How are you? – Big fan.
– Thank you I would’ve done, I had
a wine business up in China and actually went–
– Is that right? – [Man 4] How you feeling? – [Gary] I’m
feeling really good. – Must’ve been a long flight. – I got to tell you,
I’m obsessed with long flights. (“I Would Be Nowhere” by Dyalla) – I started Wine Library TV
in February of 2006 and probably summer of
’05 is when I basically said, “I’m no longer a liquor store
owner, wine store owner, “I’m gonna learn everything
about this Web 2.0 thing.” And somewhere in ’06, it
became very much on my radar. I remembered it for a long time. I did a wine event at Technorati
as the help pouring, like the first, you know
what DRock, we really need to talk about this. The first five or six
tech events I ever did, I was basically the bar. I basically, I email,
I’ll never forget this, I emailed Leo Laporte. Leo Laporte did a Jaiku. Do you know what Jaiku was? Jaiku was one of
Twitters two competitors and I was in New Jersey
and I didn’t even know how big or small meet-ups were. I emailed them cold
because I saw it somewhere. I was like, “Can I
pour wine at the events?” So I flew to San Francisco
and stood behind a table like this and just poured wine. (“I Would Be Nowhere” by Dyalla) You should be
betting the farm as I am, on having a skill or a briefing
that penetrates my morning. My mornings,
news, my first four minutes for all your business, this
is what I’m excited about, to play in Asia and
anywhere else in the world. There’s certain things
that are just core human. And then you have culture, but if you keep
dwindling it down to core human, there’s always opportunities
if you understand it. Time, is core human. Buying and selling time
is a big fucking business. Sound, audio, is about
to be the next frontier and it’s open. Now, it’s kind of open. It’s open for a
lot of us who build on top of infrastructure. Like Amazon, Apple,
Google are not gonna give up what they have. But when you start
looking at things like one in every five
Google search engines, searches are done by voice. Google needs to
be scared shitless of Amazon winning Alexa and
I don’t know what’s happening in Asia with voi-, I
mean what’s happening in Asia? Has voice triggered yet? Do we have Alexa
skills, is anybody– – [Man 5] Yeah, Nava,
which is the company online – [Man 6] They are launching a
speaker kind of like– – Huge! To me– – The interesting
thing about Asia is a voice is already a very big
communication platform. So WeChat really
blew up voice because they had voice messages
before WhatsApp did. – Yep, understood. – The reason is
because of the language. So people used to the voice
thing, they usually activate it. – Correct, so now
consumption of voice, so to me, every single person that
brushes their teeth in the world will be
listening to information. I am obsessed with the first
seven minutes of your day. That is gonna be won by voice. It’s gonna be passive
consumption for a generation until the next technology. So, I’ve already got an
Alexa briefing, GaryVee 365. It’s either motivational,
it’s informational. To me, that’s where
media companies can win some interesting arbitrage that
hasn’t been thought of yet. It’s the same old game. We were going for blogging and
email and RSS feeds, right? Before that, I was doing email. Then it became
Twitter followers. What’s so amazing for all of us, is if you understand the pattern
behaviors, it never ends. You just have
good eras and bad eras, you just got to stay alive. (“I Would Be Nowhere” by Dyalla) – [Man 7] (inaudible) is a
global high school boot camp for high school students
to become entrepreneurs. – Good, one thing
that you’ll learn, you’re so young right now, you guys are so young right now. You don’t realize… How old
is everybody here, 14, 15, 16? – [Man 7] 12 to 17.
– 12 to 17? So one thing that will blow
your mind is that I sit here right now with
you at 41 years old and I feel like
I’m just like you. I remember how I felt
at 14 and it feels exactly the same way I feel at 41. You can’t imagine
how much fire and passion and how young you feel at 41. When I was 14, 15, 16,
17, 41 seemed like dead. (group laughter) I get it, it wasn’t
that long ago, right? When you get to 41
and you realize you feel exactly the same
way you feel right now. Then you start
betting on patience and I think patience is a very
important part of this game. – Can you elaborate
on that, what does that mean? – I mean I think a lot of
young people make decisions that are detrimental
in the long term because they want
instant gratification cause they don’t
realize how long life is. – Big thank you to Gary,
thank you so much. – You’re welcome. (group applause) – Awesome. Yes, of course. Awesome. Thank you guys! – [Man 7] This is
Zoe from Princess. – Hi Zoe, such a pleasure. – [Both] How are you? – Come on guys, goodbye,
goodbye, goodbye. Bye. – Bye, thank you. – The influencers. – Yeah, the KOLs. – Yeah, that’s right,
it’s a different term. What is it again,
it’s key opinion. – Leaders, yeah. – And how does it say, kah? – KOL. – So the KOLs, are they
more often cross platform and they’re big on
four or five platforms or one or two? – Cross.
– Cross platform. What about audio? – Audio, yeah, well
we’ve got some, so online radio kind of thing, so it’s also
another like live streaming, it’s just audio based. And then here, you can, you
know, here are some audio stuff. Like when I. (app speaks in a
foreign language) You see here, you
can buy books, right? This is ebooks and
then, this one is cool. There’s six people, it’s
like a bit blurry but then. – [Gary] No, I’d say it’s
good, let me see it. – [Woman] People can
speak at the same time. – [Gary] And you can
mute somebody or not. – [Woman] It’s like a YouTube
kind of video so that’s about the stream
like video streams, right? So I think this
is more old school. (“Quel X Pyramids” by Jan Ace) – Gary?
– Yes. – Art.
– [Gary] Art, how are you? – I’ve been following
you since I worked here. – [Gary] Thank you so much. Domination. So fun, nothing like
new frontiers, you know? Thank you. (Jordan laughs) Good, thrilled to be here,
first time in Hong Kong, excited for Rise. Every one of us doesn’t
have to be seven feet tall. Now, the problem is a lot of
people can’t be entrepreneurs. Like it’s hard to be a
successful entrepreneur. – [Man 8] How is
your night going? – [Gary] Hi. – I come here to be
volunteer to see you. – [Gary] Thank you very much,
what’s your name? – [Both] Crystal. – Nice to meet you. – Can you … – Picture? – Yeah, picture and sign here. – [Gary] Yes, okay, no problem. – [Man 8] Gary’s gonna be
hitting the stage. – Can we go over
there to the Rise. – [Gary] Yes, sure of course. – [Man 8] Volunteer Crystal? – [Crystal] Yeah, I’m
Crystal from Shenzhen. – Such a pleasure,
Crystal, thank you so much. – [Gary] Can you film? Thanks, DRock. – Thanks DRock. To me, I think TV or
social, these mobile devices, need to start debating the
notion of super high quality mixed with bad
lighting and bad audio. I think people yearn for– – Authenticity. – I think so and I think,
you know, I think listen, there’s a place for
six hour movies like Avatar and there’s a place for a six
second bad lighting selfie. And I think they all
work as long as the message is extremely strong. – [Man 9] Have you always been a big swearer, like her? I’m a swearer
myself, I have to say. – [Gary] Yeah,
quite a bit, I mean… Hey, how are you? – [Woman 2] Hi Gary. – [Gary] Hey, how are you?
– [Man 9] For you, sir. – This for me?
– [Man 9] For you, sir. (crowd cheers) – Hello. How are you guys? Alright, I’m ready to go,
who’s got a question? To me the one good
thing about the Asian market is there’s no
shortage of fintech companies. One thing that will
resonate for everybody here, it’s something I’ve been
thinking a lot more about. I’m stunned at people’s want to convince people of things. Selling to the unsellable
is the great waste of time. Guys, thank you so much. (crowd cheers) (“Quel X Pyramids” by Jan Ace) – Gary, woo. – Thank you, thank you.
– [Gary] You’re welcome. – Hi Gary, Gary. – Gary can I
have one photo please? – [Gary] Of course. – Thanks. – [Man 10] Gary, can
I have a fist pump? Thank you man. – Of course, brother.
– Yeah, you’re awesome. – [Gary] Thank you man,
thank you brother. – Check it out. – Hi, Gary, this
is about my question. Do you mind taking it? (men mumbling) – You know,
I always tell entrepreneurs, and really, people like
embrace your differences because they’re your advantages. I mean, I don’t believe
that video is the answer for everybody but
I do believe that video has the biggest upside
to impact one’s business. It’s a pleasure. How’s it going, thank you. There’s just
enormous opportunity. That’s clear as day. – It’s like every
startups pitch, right? Anything times a
billion is still a large number. – It’s true,
man, but the problem is live streaming
apps in mainland China. Government doesn’t
like how fast you’re moving to censor, you’re out. – Yeah. – There’s a 150 of ’em a
year ago, there’s six now. Like, you know? I think it’s tough
enough to win with consumer. When you have the
added element of government? Those are some
interesting dynamics. – [Man 11] In Hong Kong,
Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk. (audience cheers and applause) – Hello, Hong Kong. (audience cheers) What is completely misunderstood
is you don’t get to be the judge of quality content. The audacity of the media or thought leaders or successful individuals
or just a person that they get to judge
what is quality content, has been the opening that so many people
can take advantage of. Content is subjective.
Thank you. (audience applause and cheers) Thank you. You never waver, it’s
no different than muscles. You have to do it
every fucking day. – It’s a process, right? – It’s every day, it’s
every day, just a mindset. Take care of yourself. The way you get more customers is buy under-priced attention. – [Man 12] Got it.
– Period. – [Man 12] Got it, I will
email you tonight, for sure. – Take care man, yeah. No, it’s alright. – Thank you so much really. – [Gary] You’re welcome,
thank you for saying that. – [Man 13] She’s awesome. – [Gary] Hi, how are you? – I’m absolutely
delighted to meet you. – Thank you so much,
it’s such a pleasure. (speaks in a foreign language) You do, Hillary, thank
you so much, I’m so flattered. You guys ready? – I’ve really loved
your content for a long time and it’s helped me out
so much since I’m working on my own startup. – I’m so proud of you,
that’s amazing. How old are you?
– I’m 12. – Amazing, what
are you working on? – I’m working on
a language startup. So what we’re
doing is, what I’m doing is social language learning
for kids where we connect native speakers with
learners for them to interact and learn from each other. – I love it,
where do you guys live? – Hong Kong. – Hong Kong.
– [Man 14] I’m from Singapore. – Very nice. – [Man 14] Yeah, I’m still
waiting for you to come. – I’m coming in October. It’s so nice to meet
you, such a pleasure Hillary. Thank you, congratulations,
you did a good job. Bye, Hillary,
I hope to see you soon. Bye Alexis. – [All] Bye. – [Gary] Life’s funny, bro. The number one ROI of
conferences is engaging with the other attendees
so yes, I think that if I’m willing to tell
people not to watch me and go meet other people,
it means it’s a huge ROI. It’s coming, so if I could be
helper, you know, take care. – Thank you, thank you. – We’ll talk soon, take care. – Just one question. – Yes. – So how is health is
very important to business. – Health? – Health, your personal health is very important
for entrepreneurship. – If you die,
you’re out of business. – (laughs) If you die,
(laughs), thank you Gary. – You’re welcome. (laughs) (“Renaissance” by Chad Price) – Hi Gary. – You well? – Yeah, things are great. – It’s good to see you, I was
happy to see your name on. – [Woman 3] David, nice
to meet you, come with us. – [David] My wife… – [Gary] Completely blown away,
like it was like it was one of those few times in my life
where it was instantaneous as soon as I hit the ground. – [Man 14] This is
your kind of place, this sort of positive energy.
– A 100%, 100%. In a world where,
especially Instagram, there’s a narrative being
painted around entrepreneurship that is so ridiculous that I became passionate about showing the truth. To be very, very, very
frank, two core things. One, I felt that the
vlog and all of the content I’m able to produce
from the vlog would be a disproportional advantage
for me as a media company as an arbitrage to brand
awareness and number two, this is the thing
I would’ve learned from if I was watching it at 13
’cause I was a bad student but I’m very good visually. (jazz music) It’s a really unique town. – It was really
nice to meet you. – Yeah, real pleasure. Good to see you.
– All the best. – We’ll talk to you soon,
talk to you soon. I’m exhausted,
I’m finished, I’m really finished. I’m out.

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