Business Department | Colorado Mesa University

Business Department | Colorado Mesa University

One of the great benefits we have a
Colorado Mesa University is our wide variety of options within our Bachelor
of Business Administration we have 10 different concentration areas. Typical
outcomes for students within the department are really getting business
savvy. We want our students to be able to emerge from our program as competent
business professionals. The Department of Business does a great job of making sure
that the content that they’re teaching is relevant to today’s business world. We do a lot of hands-on experiments in and outside of the classes working
with businesses throughout the community. One of the things we’re really excited
about right now is the hotel that we’re building on campus. That’s gonna create
an opportunity for our students to get direct professional experience in a
working hotel. The faculty within the department by and large are experienced
in the industries that they came from and that they teach in the classroom. We
recently gathered some data and our faculty averages 16 years of work
experience and 14 years of teaching experience, which really allows us to
give the students the attention and the support that they need to be successful.
All of our faculty teach. All of our faculty advise and at larger
universities you just don’t get that. My spans here actually has been great I
think the teachers and the faculty here really care about your education and
care about you moving forward and finding your path on what you want to do When students graduate from our programs
they are ready to hit the ground running. We currently have a number of seniors
with jobs lined up for after graduation. I applied to do a summer internship with
the firm called EKS&H. I did an audit internship with them in their insurance
department and at the end of that experience they sent me an offer letter
and said hey you know when you graduate next May we’d like to do to start
full-time with us. We have a lot of feedback from businesses and various
industry groups that have hired our students out of these programs and
they’re so impressed. We have currently 11 CMU graduates employed here. We
found that the graduates coming out of the CMU program are as well-prepared if
not more prepared than most graduates coming out of large-scale universities
in big cities. Within the Department of Business, our model really is the study
and practice of business, so our students leave here and are prepared to be
successful professionals.

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