Business dashboards and charts – OutSystems Platform Demo

Business dashboards and charts – OutSystems Platform Demo

In this demo, we will show
you how we can enhance your applications with charts.
We have this customer
portal application. We want to add a dashboard here.
Now onto Service Studio.
And then onto the
dashboard webpage.
We will use charting widgets
to display the top ten vendors by their scoring.
So the chart type will be bar
2-D, and we will need to add preparation logic to this
webpage to query the top ten vendors.
And we’ll feed the chart data.

So we’ll try Add Vendor
in Scoring, and Order by the Highest Scoring.
The query will return
only the top ten. And now we will need to create
a set of varietals to create this series for the chart.

We need to create logic to
iterate the query results, and create the points which we’ll
convert into bars using the chart widget.

So we want to display the
name of the vendor and its particular scoring.

In the end, we have
a list of series. In this case, only one,
to display in the chart.
So back to the webpage.
We now need to bind this
series to the chart and test the application.

If we open it in a browser, we
will see that — there it is. The top ten vendors,
by their scoring. Thanks for watching.

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