Business Contact Book. VoIP feature | MightyCall

Business Contact Book. VoIP feature | MightyCall

Hi, I’m Angela from MightyCall, here to show you a new and unique feature of MightyCall’s virtual phone system. With the all new Contact Book MightyCall takes another step to be of maximum value to the user. Now you can keep track of your clients in the MC platform and save important contacts. Contact Book displays all your business contacts in one place. This includes names, phone numbers, emails, plus personal comments. You can edit & comment on your contacts any time. In Call History, you’ll see the names of all saved contacts. You’ll also have the option to save new contacts straight from Call History. When you make or receive calls, you’ll see all your saved contacts in the MightyCall’s webphone & mobile app. And of course, all incoming calls from saved contacts will display the contact’s name. Use the Contact Book in your MightyCall mobile app to view, add, and edit contacts straight from your phone. Be the first to know about MightyCall’s new features and get more tips on using your virtual phone system! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit our website for more information.

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