Business Connexions, not for profit networking group helping local businesses to grow.

Business Connexions, not for profit networking group helping local businesses to grow.

Business Connexions is a networking group
that meets every week. There’s about 25 members currently. If you think that they probably
have 25 to 50 contacts, that’s a hell of a lot of business that can be brought to the
group. I work from home on my own, so it’s great
to come out once a week and meet likeminded people, and get different ideas. Business Connextions makes a big impact on
our business. We get most of our referrals from this group. It’s a really friendly group, everyone gets
on, even new guests are made to feel very welcome and lots become members. Since day one everyone’s been so kind and so
welcoming to get me on board and get me up and running, cos I’ve just started. Let’s have a bit of audience participation
here, has anyone ever been to an auction? By being a member of Business Connexions,
over the last 4 years we’ve actually received over 56 thousand pounds worth of business,
which is 14 thousand pounds a year, and that definitely wouldn’t have come L&C’s way without
the Business Connexions group members introducing us to new prospects. Business Connexions for me is all about the
knowledge we share, it’s about supporting the charity. My name’s Anita Templar, and I run a club
for children with disabilities. Business Connexions has been an absolute wonder for us, and without
their support we would have not survived. Anybody who’s looking at improving their
business and looking at making local connections should join Business Connexions. Business Connexions for me in 3 words could
be summarized as: knowledgable, welcoming and trustworthy. Business, support and professionalism. Connections, professionalism and referrals. Generosity, support and enthusiasm. You can trust everyone that is here, you can
trust them to be professional in what they’re doing, and you can expect some good coffee!

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