Business Benefits of VoIP – Episode 5

Business Benefits of VoIP – Episode 5

One thing I wanted to talk to you today
about is telephone handsets. Hello. Neil here again with another one of our short videos. An important point to note I think about
Intellicom, on our own platform is that we’ve always prided ourselves on being
what was referred to as an open standards-based system and this means
that although we have our own important core technology, we can connect to or
have any third party open standards-based device connect into our
system. So it’s an important point because a lot of the larger brands of
telephony providers still are quite proprietary. If you buy their technology
then you’re locked in to all of their phone portfolio and that means that it
you want to move away from them in a few years time for whatever reason, be it cost or technology or feature and function, it’s a complete forklift change. You have to swap out all your handsets as well. So with open standards, SIP-based
phones there’s dozens and dozens perhaps hundreds and hundreds of
manufacturers, thousands of different phones and different end devices. It means that we also can offer a very wide choice of telephone handset device and that means we can fit in with pretty much any budget, if cost is the issue or from a particular brand or even things like the physical
size of a phone. So a few options here. Some of the phones have built-in cameras
now for video conferencing, video calling, touchscreens. One of the important points I suppose to notice that the phones that we provide
ourselves, we limit it to a set of well-known, reputable brands that we can
be confident of. Remember this device is essentially your computer. It is your
desktop computer, a network-attached device. It just looks like a telephone
handset. All it does, typically, is make and receive telephone calls but it is a
dedicated device for phones. But because it is a computer-attached device, it runs in the same cabling. You need a separate LAN port for it. So anything that you need to support your laptop or PC at your desk. It’s the same scenario
for your phone. So we supply phones with a few basic features and what’s called a
pass-through port so if you’re struggling for a spare cable beside your
desk, plug your main network connection in here and your laptop or desktop can
be daisy-chained from the back of this. We always supply phones that can take
headset ports so physically a wired headset port here. So it was just
something I wanted to draw your attention to that when you purchase an
Intellicom phone system, the telephones that we provide as part of that, can be
re-used with other brands of solution at a later stage. Thanks for listening in and hopefully talk to you soon.

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