Business as an Agent of World Benefit

Business as an Agent of World Benefit

Weatherhead School of Management
Case Western Reserve University [words flash in a variety of languages,
ending with “business”] Fifty percent of the top 100 economies are businesses. Business moves the world. Business innovates. Business harnesses power. Business unleashes entrepreneurial forces. Business creates pollution-free vehicles, buildings producing more energy
than they consume, products doing less harm, and products regenerating the world. Business collaborates. Business helps eradicate extreme poverty. Business helps eliminate cancer. Business is a force for world peace. Business provides free
internet access and education. Business empowers women. Business nurtures global health & flourishing. How can we do better? How can we move faster? Spotlight local achievements. Share lessons learned globally. Magnify thinking that sparks inspiration. How might we do this… and accelerate knowledge? Identify the best. Network the best. Storytell the best. Implement the best. Leverage business as an agent of world benefit. Showcasing: local exemplars, regional exemplars, and global exemplars partnering for the process. Business School / Policy Institute Business MBA Student / Manager / CEO 15,000 business schools business #1 undergraduate major #1 graduate major #1 post-graduate major 4 million business graduates annually 125 million businesses 125 million business leaders The tipping point is now. Help us accelerate into a new epoch Division of labor to… Connecting of minds. Economies of scale to… Unity of purpose. Profits for a few to… More profits & benefits for many. Help us leverage the
most transformative power on earth: Business as an Agent of World Benefit. Flourishing for all. Join us at The Flourish Prizes Case Western Reserve University
Fowler Center for Sustainable Value

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  1. Hi, I really like this video! I would love to use it for a presentation. Is there a spanish version by any chance? Or a version with subtitles?

    Thank you very much!

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