Business Analyst – A day in the life

Business Analyst – A day in the life

Hi I’m Susan Taylor, I’m a business analyst
at Datacom in Wellington and I love my job. There’s no such thing as an average day
for a business analyst, it can be anything from spending all day and sometimes a whole
week in workshops with customers, with other members of the team trying to work out what
the system that you’re trying to build needs to do. Through to something actually where you are
sitting at your desk, or standing as I do and writing documentation so that you’re
recording. Communication is key, being an inquisitive
mind. Problem solving skills are really important,
being a people person I think is very important. And having some business knowledge is really
good to be able to relate to your customers and the other people in your team. One of the favourite things is actually being
in a project from the beginning where you hear about the idea of what the customer wants
to achieve out of a project, through to the end where you actually see those results,
see the benefits that they get from using it and the better information sources that
they have at their fingertips now that they’ve got an IT solution that they can use. Because a BA’s quite a critical part of
a project team you get to work with all sorts of people who do other disciplines, like testers,
project managers. So some BAs actually move into those other
disciplines, some go into development too if you’re really IT bent. A lot go into project management, I was lucky
to get an opportunity to be a business manager I ran a team of 41 people across a couple
of projects. Did that for a few years but actually came
back to being a BA because that’s what I like doing best.

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