Business Advice You Can’t Afford to NOT Follow (4Ds)

Business Advice You Can’t Afford to NOT Follow (4Ds)

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  1. Hey Gary and #garyvee team #firstinline you must be still traveling back to the U.S cause I'm waiting to see the Melbourne and NZ episodes. I'm interested in the value you give them as I know the Eco system quite well Big Bro

  2. So much great advice and thoughts. One of your best videos ????.
    “In your uniqueness is your strength” ?

    Random question @GaryVee – what’s the brand and name of your shirt?


  3. Paying for information is fine with me. If you can't pickup a books for 30 bucks or even 10k on progressing then you're not even in the game.

  4. We're in this video ?Was such a great experience! Thanks Gary and #TeamGaryVee! To check out our review of this 4Ds, watch this one:

  5. you really live by your words gary, you gave us access to a 10k meeting with you for free. i really admire your thesis and what you stand for. from the philippines here

  6. One day would love to go to 4Ds with Simply Create. Hopefully this won't be too long. The information is great and I watch loads of Gary's content but being able to get real specific for your business or scenario I can only imagine the value. Personalised tactics and motivation.

  7. Bro I'm from Ibiza and I haven't seen any of this insecure investors you're talking about, they spend 99% of their time in "privé" areas, hotel suites, and yachts, and y'now, jumping on somebody that "looks" like a rich guy and start talking about raising funds is weird to say the least. Yeah I know you could approach in a friendly way and try to engage in a meaningful conversation but you'll look more like a creep like who the hell is this guy and why is he talking to me.

    Most of the time you need an introduction from somebody to build on that relationship, or you'll surely look like an idiot because this "insecure" people are also assholes most of the time (due to the insecurity).

  8. Interested in how many of the current 65k views watched all of this video because I think everyone of them should have

  9. Definitely love the fact you were like ….I gave you glimpses of my super awesomeness…. which was super true…… you definitely are going to crush this correction I need to find my way to being part of it …Doe knows the big win is coming…

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 3 years watching you. changed my life.
    QUESTION: Should I use my brand or personal account to contact influencers on instagram?

  11. I'm so glad Gary and TeamGV toss up the 4Ds. A lot of this stuff is things we know if we've been following Gary for a while, but it helps to drill this into your head over breakfast.


  12. Doing a 9 Copy ad for a 200,000 size FB and Instagram audience with different creative. Shit works, will close all the bad ads in next 6 days 😉

    Thanks Gary, See you in India next year.

  13. Agree with all of this. What is difficult is learning how to explain it to prospects so they become clients. I just feel like kicking my head against a brick wall. I know what I do works, Gary talks about it in this video. Keep building the structure, mindset will change sooner or later.

  14. ????????????????I love Gary man and I was like in 20 yrs I will be 48 and happy to know I’ll be starting my career too #patience

  15. Love Gary hate his eschatological remarks. with enough of that online I looked to keep my rose colored glasses clean as I work to achieve success above the middle class so that one day I can have the option to talk shit about the end of the economy and maybe choose not to

  16. Beautifully Done..thanks Gary! (VaynerMedia Just Hosted and Educated UK's Version of our Governments' & (CiA) on Strategic Digital Mobile Design for Communications!! Yay! FUKiNG GaryVee is Truly what #TRANSPARENCY is….

  17. Really interesting bit about the 3 person marketing team. I'm going for a marketing position at a very small but successful company who run music clubs at schools. At the moment their marketing is doing an assembly in the school and handing out leaflets after. I'm thinking paid ads on Facebook targeted (and created) for people around the schools they present at. Does anyone have any advice? It's something I've dabbled in personally but this would be my first serious marketing role.

  18. Hey Gary, would you like to respond to the allegations that you're an investor in Teamdom, Jake Paul's company that makes 100% of its income selling to and exploiting children for profit?

    children being under the age of 13

  19. 100% agree with some folks here. TrashTalk is fun and brings lots of value, the wife and I enjoy it and have started hustling! These 4D talks in its entirety are SUPER incredible. I feel like I am getting the full value of this $10,000 meeting 😀 Thanks Gary for motivating us to do better! – JoshandStefi

  20. Listened first on the Audio Experience and came to video to see the visual at 1:12:35 regarding Amazon, retail, and D2C. Exactly what I needed to see to confirm my instincts, against what I've been being told by others. Thanks so much GaryVee, as you would say this is straight fire

  21. Love love love these vids, would love if you could do more. We are a small Australian business and are currently saving and budgeting so that we can get to one of these 4Ds in London or USA

  22. Copy is incredibly underestimated, totally agree. In 2010 I built one of the most successful Facebook pages in Italy, I barely had photos, it was all writing. It's still paramount, especially because social is literally packed with good and great creatives… but very, very few good writers.

  23. Ok when I first seen the ad's for these in London I thought it was crazy expensive, I even made some comment on social…. I now totally see the value, very good value! I'd definitely recommend to my clients any day of the week.


    Like you said some time – the younger generation just know the economic boom ☑️ and not the economic depression & that you giving us this video about this important topic is golden!

    Btw I had this the on my mind the last days just perfect timing of you thanks!!!

  25. Dudes hot, why? Bc he knows what the fuck he is doing…his content is face slapping truth and you need to get slapped in the face by some garyvee.
    he’s not wasting his time with excuses, dude will legit call you on every excuse…he is the male Oprah

  26. When you’re giving, give. When you’re selling, sell.
    So Gary gives you free info as Gary, then sells to you as a company, like K Swiss

  27. @garyvee is nuts love is persona nut curious why his company has such a bad feedback on glass door. Harassment , boys clubs , back stabbing … Quite disappointing

  28. Just a very quick history lesson in Money look at the Banking Swindle, it shows you how banks have used fractional banking (funny money) to run a country, then look at cyrpto-currency which uses real money and creates real interest in the non volatile market if you look at products like Bank Coin Reserve. Gary MacAlister and Thomas MacAlister are awesome people creating products that help the world. My bro too is in there too helping out Mike Mcleod. We probably wont have a depression for a while because you have two financial rails working at the same time, one is the fiat rails and the others are the bitcoin crypto rails. Once upon a time just like MTV running music Banks running money now we have bitcoin that mitigates money and people can pay when banks ask for there loans to be repayed. Banks cause depressions just look at The Banking Swindle

  29. I feel like i just got$10k with of Gary V. time from that video. I'm a big fan of the 4D's i wish there was more of it.
    I would love to hear more conversation about how a services based/lead gen business can leverage the current social media state in Australia and discuss a blueprint to a marketing strategy in a multi services type business. Thanks again team for sharing such great content, i can't wait to name drop you and your team as one of my virtual mentors 🙂

  30. It's 5.18am just going to bed after a heavy dose of Gary Vee online meeting. Kee winning guys ???

  31. Gary vee you continously add so much value to me, I'm one of those guys that loves helping but always hate to ask and feel bad and end up in past mixing them, which made me feel even worse, thank you so much for this, as I am learning it's more about asking and not trying force, thanks as always, have a great day Gary Vanerchuck, hope to meet you one day.

  32. nothing better than a Pacific Asian person walking around in a rain/flood storm of Budweiser, definitely bring that umbrella.

  33. I am giving you oxygen and these digitaldives are great! We want you to help us like you are doing now.

  34. I only disagree about the Amazon besos getting view for packing books. I think he would start like Gary 1st year Twitter.1-2likes maybe a comment.

  35. Long time listener, first time caller. What would you tell a family member that's a veteran getting out and going back to college?

  36. jogdijam változatlan reggel megirtam:))) egy centel sem lett olcsobb :))))) ez az én orokségem a jogdijam ami csak tobb lesz mindennappal:))))))) sok sikert a megfizetéshez:)))))))))) a hekereknek uzenem senki sem láthatatlan az univerzumban:))))))))) én megtalálom oket :)))))) istenként nem nehez:)))))) segitsek kiszámolni mennyi jogdijat kell átkuldenetek csak nekem:))))))))) ne aggodjatok ezen a csekély osszegért ugysem számit nektek:)))))))))

  37. LOL One of the reasons I left DJing was that audience became more influential, than I expected, on the songs I played at gigs. Sometimes I wanted to play songs that has a message related to the gig, but they just want a song that would move them to dance or put them in a mood they wanted to be in.

  38. 1:10:15 to 1:10:45
    "People are running away from their leverage because they are trying to be like everybody else"

    There's truth right here

  39. AJ & Smart in the room. Makes sense why they're doing what they're doing!! They went HARD on pushing Design Sprints and brand!! They're killing it!! Well done.

  40. I RELATE to the cash buried in the backyard ?? My grandma (eastern- European) has money scattered throughout all her clothes and in random places. My other grandma kept money in her socks. Definitely on that European money mindset

  41. Did anyone else catch the powerful example of humility at play when Mr. Blue Suit on the left admitted to "flying too close to the sun" in terms of using owner/executive salary as permission to live lavishly? He caught it, admitted it, and thanked Gary for guiding the insight. I won't discount the serendipitous influence of his CFO, but that's some powerful shit. I LOVE seeing that kind of pragmatism in business. ??

  42. Excellent!
    I have an Education Service program to get sales for, If u would like to do this in your city, just connect… no investment but your time.
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  43. It's so high level, you can leap ahead in insight and knowledge or apply to your ecosystem. I love the practicality, enthusiasm for projection – and the goodwill. "We've become so visual, we grossly underestimate the copy" I was surprised by the result to that – people are really scared of writing – I have hope yet.

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