Business Advice for Award Winning Craft Brewery: Homestead Beer Co. | SCORE

Business Advice for Award Winning Craft Brewery: Homestead Beer Co. | SCORE

( upbeat music ) ( upbeat electric guitar ) We make craft beer and we do it
using really old school techniques. So we use a lot of yeast that’s
fallen out of favor over the years. It’s more difficult to work with
but it makes a very different beer than what people are
normally acquainted with. We really believe in focusing on
flavor and accessibility and just making the best beer
that we absolutely can. It’s been for us
a real rocket ride. We opened three years ago
in February and it’s just been straight up. – They have an extremely
high quality product and the craft beer industry
is exploding and it’s a period
of intense growth. And these guys are well positioned
because they’re profitable. – For us, reaching out to SCORE
was really a chance to kind of get another set of eyes and
to kind of help guide us through a lot of these conversations that
we didn’t have any experience with. – They’ve taken the concept
for the craft beer industry to a rural county, created jobs, and they can compete
with anybody anywhere. – The entire Licking County area is really
having a manufacturing renaissance, like really high tech manufacturing. And, you know, we’re
a really proud part of that. We do a different kind
of manufacturing but it is still very much
manufacturing what we do here. And the entire area is being
recognized internationally for the educated workforce
and the quality of life and the “business first” attitude
that everybody has out here. It’s really cool
to be a part of that.

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  1. Adam, Kevin and Ken and John from SCORE East Central Ohio: Way to bring delicious refreshment – and economic development – to Heath, Ohio!

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