Business Account Executive, Emmanuel is Working at Comcast

Business Account Executive, Emmanuel is Working at Comcast

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m an entrepreneur
at heart, so I love to see businesses that
just started from ground up. For me to come in and be
able to be a part of that and to help them grow
into further success, it just feels good to know
that I’m helping someone else. I’m Emanuel. I’m a Business Account
Executive I at Comcast. The responsibilities
as a business account executive
I here at Comcast is to talk to businesses about
our products and services that we offer, which is
phone, internet, and TV. I’m usually up about 5:30, 6
o’clock, I take my dogs out and I feed them. And then I wake my kids
up around 7:00 or so and they start getting
themselves together. And I usually hop
on my laptop and I’m starting to answer
emails, and I also want to look at what my day
looks like, what appointments I might have set up. And once I’m done doing that,
I start getting myself ready and I fix the kids breakfast,
put the kids on the bus. And then as far as
your phone lines go, we have that added in
here as well for you. And it’s going to be included
with unlimited local calling, nationwide long distance. How does it sound so far? Sounds good to me. I’ll stay within that area
that I have my appointment set up strategically, because
that’s just smarter to do so you’re not
driving around everywhere. And then I would door
knock, prospect that area. Either I talk to
brand new customers who I never talked to before, We have about four
people in the office, so we need enough internet
to handle, you know, four computers. –and/or I might
pop in on customers who I’ve talked to in the past. Give me a little more time. So what’s a little more time? I want to be courteous to you. How much time? Give me a couple weeks. [RINGBACK TONE] During the day, I might have
anywhere from five to 10 phone calls to make. Sometimes I’m
leaving voice mails and they generally call
me back, or sometimes I get a chance to talk
to them and then I can schedule
them an appointment or gather more information
for my appointment coming up. I’m usually out on the field
at about 4 o’clock or so. Then I answer emails, build
proposals for customers that I’ve talked
to during the day, or might even have
follow-ups that I have to make for
business owners who comes in later on in that day. Here at Comcast Business we
have a really great base salary and an even better
commission structure. The attributes that someone
coming into this role will need– you have
to be self-motivated, you have to have tough skin,
you have to be persuasive, and you have to have
great listening skills. With me having a big family
and always on the go, this job gives me
the great flexibility that I need to be successful
with my family life as well as business. [MUSIC PLAYING] And I would say, as a
business standpoint, though, on the various
parts with the cameras– how do you say no? [LAUGHS] Just saying. After this is all wrapped
up, give me your card, I’m going to send you guys out
with a couple of my guys, OK? [LAUGHTER]

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