Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark

Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark

This looks exhausting, right? It is. But I’m going somewhere that’s well worth the effort. It’s called, Business Academy Aarhus. How about joining me for a little tour! Being a student at Business Academy Aarhus means being an active part of one of the Academy’s many international programmes, which, of course, are all taught in English. It also means being part of a large community of international students from all over the world. The Academy offers a diverse range of programs, from agricultural to business, to chemistry and IT… … and there’s also finance, marketing and innovation… Oh, and did I mention that there’s multimedia, entrepreneurship, automotive, communication, web, .. … environmental management, biotech, network technology, international sales… All of these programs combine theory and practice in a way that’s closely linked to the industry that you’re studying, meaning that you get the theories that are up-to-date and most useful; enabling you to solve real-world problems and contribute to growing your career. Let’s face it, people learn the most when they are kept active, interested, and encouraged to think for themselves. Which is why group projects and casework are a big part of your daily studies. Also, classes are deliberately kept small, around thirty students, which means more one-to-one time with lecturers, who can then tailor their classes more to your individual needs. The combination of smaller classes and lots of project work means you get a chance to discuss and explore what you learn, and, you get to know your classmates even better. Shhh … What? Like getting your hands dirty? Good, because we only offer hands-on programmes. For example, these guys just made their own beer. Each programme includes an internship, 3 months or longer, all depending on the programme that you choose. With this real-life experience, you can test-drive your career plan, you can develop skills and you can build confidence. You will also build your network and your CV making the path to your first job even easier. Aaarh – Aarhus! One of the world’s smallest big cities – with everything a city needs. With a great university town vibe and more than 50.000 international students, studying at the Academy allows you to enjoy this great international spirit in the city. And if the thriving art, culture and food scene aren’t enough, Aarhus also boasts beautiful sandy beaches and ancient woods. And it’s all within a bike ride from the main campus. Oh and BTW – did I tell you – it’s also much cheaper to live in Aarhus than Copenhagen! So… I’m gonna get back on my bike now. I hope you enjoyed the tour and feel inspired to learn more about Business Academy Aarhus. So getting here might have been a little tough, but a degree from here will help take you places and do something great. Hope to see you soon!

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  1. The teaching is so practical that your school days can as well be counted as work experience. As a financial management and services student, the future of banking and financial servises as a whole is been practically dealt with in a way that i will be there before most of those working in the business and financial field now. This is the best place to be for anyone that is really interested in the education of the future.

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