Building the Business Episode 1

Building the Business Episode 1

– Hey guys, I’m James Sinclair. And welcome to my brand new YouTube series called “Building the Business”. I’m going to pull back the curtains and show you exactly how
I’m building my business and how I’ve got huge
ambitions to grow it further so that you can learn to grow
your business in the same way. It’s going to be fantastic in my opinion. Let’s go! – [Aaron] I think we
oughta turn them on now. – [Janequi] Yeah that’s fine. We’re gonna get to it. What I mean is having the 30. – It’s done for you get the traction wire. I don’t think it’ll work. I just don’t, I think you need to have
a consistent message. – It’s a paid market, so let’s pay for what events, we’ve got coming up, otherwise we’re gonna lose it. – Yeah but when, so we’re gonna have to pay more, so If you do the Feb one, that’ll be included and the extra one we’ll have to pay more
on top of whatever– – I’ll think we should
have multiple events seasonal events throughout the year. Check our websites so that you get in the regular voice and the regular noise. All right so basically the
one I’ve got here Chance, is my brand new, I’m speaking tomorrow and I don’t really trust
anyone else’s PA equipment because of me. I have all my remote
controls and stuff like that. Let’s have a little look
around who we gonna choose. Oh yes!. Yes! Nah! This is my new idea to save time, just wheel in, wheel out. I’ve got it all the wrong way around. Everyone is gonna be watching going God this guy’s really productive. Thing is I like doing me
own sound you see Chance. Yeah, because when you speak it’s all about you, isn’t it? Sounds right chauvinistic. And I don’t mean it really, but it really is. So I control my own music. I don’t even have a sound person. Do my walk on music, have this remote control that fits in my pocket. So I mean obviously if I
speak in a really big room I have to rely on someone else. But I hate it. And every time I do rely on someone else, things go wrong. I have a sore throat. We’re on our way to Weston-super-Mare. Just done a couple of lives, done LinkedIn live, and I’ve Facebook, Instagram live. People are really starting
to engage with our stuff, which is great because after three years of slugging my guts out making videos and doing stuff. People are now starting to discover us thanks to our YouTube documentary, the million pound property challenge. And I think Chance and I have definitely come to the agreement now. We’re all about challenges. One a quarter that’s what we’re doing Chance. (light piano music) Morning is broken. One of my favorite things
to do is do my emails and everything in bed. I like to wake up naturally. I am not, the guy likes to
get up before the birds. I mean it’s 09:41 and I feel fantastic since half past seven I’ve been laying here doing
my emails on the smart phone, smart phone, iPhone, smartphone. I’m going to get up now. I’m not going to spoil this video by showing everyone my Greek God approach that’s underneath these covers. I’m gonna get ready and then go and speak and we’re gonna teach a load
of people how to get customers, I’m looking forward to it. (upbeat music) And we’ve about to get that equipment in the back. I don’t know if you can get that in shot Chance. It’s a, – [Chance] Yep. – We’ve got to get all that equipment plus 200 books we’re bringing in as a special treat. That’s just nice, that’s what I find, don’t engage in conversation
with people in Hi-Vis’s. Just see if we can just get away with it. And let’s see if we can
just drive down the pier. Nothing in the forklifts going. See this red guy here? He’s going to want to have a chat. Well, I’m just not going to engage in the chat until he chases me. Oh yeah, see. – Are you with the Regency, are you? – Yes, yes. – Fine, and your name? – James. – Fine, lovely I’ll let them
know you’re on your way down. – Oh, I like your accent. It’s very different to, I’m from Essex, – Ah right, say no more. – Yeah.
– What part of Essex. – Near Chelmsford. – Alright, my daughter lives
in South of the Maltons. – Ah right, a bit away from us. See you later.
– Cheers. – Bully go. Can’t help but do it can you? You can’t help, we do the accent. When you hear the accent. Awesome world init? I was going, he just went boom. Look at this , this is
cool isn’t it Chance? When have you done this in your life? Follow the forklift. Here we go. (upbeat music) Basically what I do is, I do a keynote when I
want to start a new book and I keep doing that keynote
until I harness it down but and then I’ll turn
the keynote into a book. Writing a book is one of the most powerful things you can do to grow your business. (light piano music) This is the one, write it down because everything you do, you write an email, you
send a text message, you do some direct mail. Anything, you want to follow this quick, it’s really good. And you can test everything, any marketeer that
doesn’t so this, useless! Number one, we get attention. That’s how you gotta do it. First of all, attention that’s your deadly headline. How are you going to get
the person’s attention? Next thing, interest. How are you going to keep their interest? When you listen to me doing a talk, sometimes I sit down like this. I’m doing now, not because
I wanna have a sit down. I don’t wanna have to sit down. Have you met me, I’m Mr Energy, I’m like a Duracell, I’m up and down, but the reason I sit down is because I’m changing my body language. I go over here, I walk over there, I shout sometimes, I bring it down I talk
normally at other times, I’m taking you on a roller coaster, off tonality and body language because in this scenario I
want to keep your interest. If I know and I carry
on talking at this level the whole time, I would lose your interest, so I come back down. I did a little leap to Hayley over there. She wants me.
(audience laughing) I come round, I’ll get you up here to come and do some stuff on there. I don’t need you to draw the train. I can do it myself better than you. As you now saw. I can do these things, but I’m doing this stuff
to keep your interest. So what’s she doing up there? Why is he doing that? I’ll take the mic that you’ve got no hair. I mean, Phil and Grant are in. I do all of this stuff
to keep your interest, make sure that you carry on listening. The next thing is we want,
Maple to make a decision. We want them to make a
decision to do business with us or buy into us, get the deal over the line. And then the last one is action. How are we going to get them to action now because we’re in a busy world. I mean the best thing about this is, Beyonce goes live on tour. They do a really cool headline, bit of music keep your interest in the ad. Decision, I want to go and see Beyonce. The call to action is, you know because they market very well that last time these tickets went on sale. They went out in 10 minutes, so you have to action now. Now what most companies do and what you guys are
probably really good at is this section here, getting people’s interest
once you’ve spoken to them and getting them to make a decision. Most people are good at those two, but the A’s and the A’s, that’s where the profit is. Getting people’s attention and getting them to action. Most people are not good at that part. You know guys, once you get the meeting and they like you, you
can keep their interest. You get them to make a decision. How can you make them action? What can we do to get them to action right now before it gets too busy before someone else mussels in? (upbeat guitar music) I think we’ve just finished
in Weston-super-Mare, someone messaged me on Instagram and said, Hey James, I’m in Weston-super-Mare, so’s my business. So we decided to pop in and surprise him and say hello. So Chance was right and I was wrong. I thought the softplay here was part of this labyrinth of play center, but it’s not, someones just going out now. There’s my sweet of choice. The coconut mushroom. You don’t have to have them but these are these are the midget, I want midget gems Chance. You don’t do any coconut mushrooms do you? You know them little– – No.
– No. Small here isn’t it? – What do you mean? – I’m joking. It’s the biggest place ever. Dave! Hello!
– How you doing are you alright? – James, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you how are you doing? – Mike you all right? – What have you got one
garden center per person that lives in this village? (upbeat music) But I would open this is
a butterfly house again, build a visitor attraction here, a few animals and ask him to deal the whole space. Yeah this would cost you 200 grand, to setup a butterfly house. If you had this and some alpacas and some llamas, maybe a bit of a crazy golf out there, people will pay 10 to
12 pounds to come in. That’s what I would do. I wouldn’t bother expanding the play area, you’ve got one next door and you would just be competing
for each other’s customers. But if you built an outdoor attraction, you would do well here. You know, this would be
a beautiful sitting area as a visitor attraction. I mean, if you could have few of these, you build a little miniature zoo. So you’ve got the birds of prey, you have the butterfly house, and under here you put a little theater. So you can do shows , if I lived here I’d be all over this. – [Dave] Yeah? – And what’s great about
an outdoor attraction, is go every year you
get better and better. I’d put some bouncy castles in there start building an inflatable
park in that part. You can get going for 20 grand. You’ve got catering there, you’ve got the soft,
because softplay will never, that’ll just always make your wages. It’ll never make you money. You have a lovely picnic area here. You can take that, you can even build a little
outdoor theater here, so you do puppet shows and people will love it and they’ll sit there. And if you could have that bit as your entrance, who’s in there? I reckon you could do
a million pounds worth of revenue out of this and make some good money. You can go with, start with bouncey castles, put some outdoor play in. You would wanna try and get this middle bbit. That’d be really important for you. And blocked so that’s all there. So he still gets all his rent there. And then as time goes on, you know you can take more and more, especially with the birds of prey thing if you can incorporate that you’ve built, a lovely day out. And there’s quite a lot of all this hard standing is brilliant. And what is special and unique about here
compared to the coffee shop in next door? If you don’t know what
you want your business to look like when it’s finished, you will never meet. That is the primary goal of really successful people is they think with the end in mind. They know what things are gonna look like when they’re finished. What you’ve done here is, you’re like an ox entrepreneur in the three types of entrepreneurs. You’re an ox and you’ve, you’ve seen an opportunity and you’ve taken it, you’re working all the
hours God sends you, you’re trying to move mountains and you’re moving them
against all the odds. But the next level of
entrepreneur is the Eagle. And the Eagle doesn’t
want to run a business. He wants to build a business and get others to run it. He thinks about joint ventures, he thinks about making deals happen and he will always think
with the end in mind. And it really, they think like investors, but it’s of their own business. And where you’re at right now is you’re like a managing
director of your business. So you’re doing the today but not thinking about tomorrow. And you’ve got to change that mindset. So you’ve got to read more books, go to more seminars, consume YouTube, audio books, and then your knowledge
power just builds up. But what you’ve got is
experience on your side now. I think there is some opportunities here to turn this into
something that is better. I could see if you carried on, you probably have the whole lot in and then you’d have a
nice outdoor attraction. Your vision is to be an entrepreneur, to be a business person and you know, the greatest always have a vision and end in mind. And then they work out the rest. They start at the finish. Where’s you’re at the start, but you don’t really
know what your finish is and your life will fundamentally change once you work that out. And on that note, I’m going back to Essex. Here we are guys, we’re at Marsh farm, we’re getting ready for our big, let it snow event That’s why the decorations are in. But the big thing that’s
happening right inside this room right now is where we do all of our group managers meetings. We’re mentoring all of our managers from all of our sites right now. On how to grow the business. What’s the vision of the business? What do we want to get done? So Aaron’s our MD and Paul Raffety’s our Head of Operations for our Party Manwell brand. So they’re going into the numbers. What numbers do we want to achieve? Let’s review the numbers
previously as well. This is very much the sort of stuff that big businesses do. That I think small
businesses should be doing cause what’s holding you accountable? And like I’m holding myself accountable, my bank manager holds me accountable. My FD holds me accountable. By then I’ve got to hold
these guys accountable. So it’s a chain of accountability and that’s what we’re
doing right here right now. It’s the managers meeting today. Paul Raffety’s Head of
Operation as the party. In our world is, we’re talking about numbers. What we wanna do in the next year, we’re getting stuff done and we’ll see in that corner, that man over there, right in the corner is our FD. Making sure we’ve got all
those numbers into account. What’s holding you accountable in 2020? And I’d like to buy that because I think eventually
we could build a block of flats there in the next 10 20 years. So the 20,000 won’t be
needed on day one as such. But it’s got to be there to
draw down over six month period. I’m going to come in, can I come in and record
it in your office? Can we then record it and I’ll put it on my business blog, which will be good for you. We’re up to quarter million
views on YouTube now on the channel, but basically, so we’re going to record a 30 second generic ad and we’re going to do the festival ad. We’ll do a four month, we’ll start that June, July, August, September. You know like competition emails. Cause I still think, if you can get the right headings and stuff on emails, if you’ve got that, because that is real
added benefits from them. So we’ve got a huge database and we would be happy to reciprocate that. We’ve got, we would, if we could control that and say, come on, anything like that where we can add each
other value but reach– And we are doing, I think three complete separate ways of financing these properties. Every single one is different. And that’s what we’re
going to chat about today. So if you’ve got any questions for Nathan, I know a lot of people were thinking where’s Nathan’s jumper? Well good news is for me. There’s no jumper jokes here, but he is wearing this awful T-shirt that doesn’t fit him. I mean look at his arms, they’re saying please
cover me up it’s January. I mean, look at me, look at me, I’m wearing a sleeping bag, a jumper and a shirt and Nathan. – Geelay.
– yeah, geelay. And Nathan has just
trundled off the beach. – Christmas is over. (laughing) – What you’ll be able to do there is if you’ve got two freehold properties and you’ve got to trading
profitable business, you’ll be able to go to most banks, high street banks, not no sort of sexy bank and say to them, hey, I’ve got a profitable business here. I’ve got two free freehold properties. I’m a trading business. Can you lend me the
money to buy the property that we operate out of. And usually you’ll be able to do that with no money in because a bank will have
a relationship with you. You need to tell him that you want to keep
the money in the business ’cause you want it for cashflow purposes ’cause you want to grow the business so you’re gonna have to build a case here but you’re gonna give them
security over your other properties as well. to me that is just a no brainer, like a complete no brainer
for business owners to do. And banks are very pro, lending money to owner
operating businesses. (upbeat music) So we’re here now ’cause
we’re looking at buying that building over there. It’s an old estate agency, but Will who manages
some other properties. And who I’ve known him for a long time, used to manage this and he used to have his own estate agency and he’s closed down to
become a mortgage advisor. We’re going to try and buy this. Re-setup as a state agent with Nathan who’s over yonder. – [Chase] There he is. – He is not wearing a jumper today. Those of you that watch
our content regularly, will get that. And we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna try and
setup a property hub for all the people that come
to my property seminars. That wanna get mortgages. They wanna invest in property and I’ll be a small shareholder in it. Nathan a bigger one, Will the biggest and we’ll be able to help more
people get into properties That’s what where gonna go and look and then I’m gonna try
and buy the property, so that we can reinvest it in future. Let’s go. Here we are, we’re in our brand new, podcast set up it’s called the “James Sinclair Business Broadcast”. Chance who’s on the other side of camera? He was on air. James Burr over here who’s now running all of this stuff for us. And mate doing so well as well aren’t you James, real good stuff’s happening. – Very exciting times. – We’re followed on Instagram. If you haven’t followed me on Instagram, can you just put a little thing in there Chance ’cause we’d love you to
follow me on Instagram Tell me that you follow me on Instagram and I will send you a voice note back. But yeah, so it was in here, it’s called the “James
Sinclair business broadcast”. All about helping people
grow their business. Today we discussed what
successful people do and it was a great little podcast I think. it’s sort of a hybrid between mindset what you doing musical
chairs over there James? – Sorry about that, something
is beeping in the background of the big broadcast. – Of the big broadcast, okay. – So keep going and I’m going
to Stop for two seconds. I think we keep, see all
these in between bits– – That’s all right yeah.
– I kind of like. – Yeah, okay. Right I’m going to start again now ’cause I want this to be quick fire. Okay, James, your one. – Hang on, let’s start
the whole thing again. – Really? – Yeah, let’s start the whole thing again. – Do you think you mucked it up? – I think yeah, that is. (laughing) – No I’m not replying to that! There’s an element of that. See I think– (laughing) If we wanna be transparent here. You did honestly see
me press record before. – No! (laughing) So it wasn’t actually recording? – No! But that’s a good thing because the ghost episode, Judy sends me the bank statements and I log into my app and I’ll just look of our ins and outs. And I’m obviously not
doing it like to Sage like you are but, I like going through it. I think wow hello. Wow hello. But I don’t think we’re very
good at turning stuff off the electric as well. The electrics 50 grand a year here But I could walk around here and there’s barns left on, lights left on and it drives me insane. – That should motivate it more but I did come in the morning and it’s not uncommon for me
to find the heating still on, and Judy’s doing some of
the other bank breaks. I’m covering Teddy Tastic, all the invoicing and the banking for that and getting it up to date. Tracy’s doing Sinclair investments. – Guys, hope you’ve enjoyed episode one of “Building the Business”. We want to make this the best
resource for entrepreneurs and people that want
to grow their business to grow their business So we’re asking you to
comment below in the comments, what do you want us to put into this doc that you think you’d like to
see more behind the scenes of to help you. Please let us know cause we want to make this the best thing on YouTube. And we need your comments
to help us understand it. And if you’re new here, make sure you hit subscribe to the channel so you’re notified when we bring out great new videos to help grow your business. See you soon next week in fact, I hope you enjoyed that video to help grow your business. It gets better because you can watch more of my videos by clicking here. And don’t forget to
subscribe to the channel by clicking here. And for the grand finale. Why don’t you come and see me at one of my events, one of my seminars, to help grow your business? You can find out all the
details in the video description or go to

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