BTV2 – EXCLUSIVE – Consortium of Genius – Lake Charles – Contraband Days [Closed Captioned]

So, we’re here hanging out – and look who we run into…
Hanging?? Ha! You’re leaving ME hanging here! What am I doing?
Waiting on you two buffoons! What’s going on here? The Consortium of Genius – very good to see you
guys here! What are you doing here? …and Dr. Z! How are you?
I am fine! How are you doing my fair mind? I’m very well, I…
We’re here to enlighten – AND entertain! You should learn a few things once we’re finished!
I think I shall… Dr. Z, fill them in on our plan! Well, first we will have you join my harem and then ah…..NO! What! That’s not my plan! That’s YOUR plan!
Oh, yes, OK…well what is your plan then? Well, my plan is to take over the pirate ship down there,
and sail into the harbor, taking over the city in one fell swoop! What do you think of that? Um, is it in the lake?
Ivan, you idiot! You’re interrupting our incredibly important discourse here! You’ll forgive him – he doesn’t speak english
very well… It’s okay we’re very popular in
non-english-speaking areas Really? Is this podcast known in Russia? You are speaking to the world, sir!
Ah! Of course…well in that case… People of Earth! Your attention please… You are about to be subjugated by The Consortium
of Genius. That like-minded mob of men known in certain circles as “The COG!” [all respond] COG!! You see how that works?
Soon YOU will be saying that! Whether you like it… or LOVE it! [evil laugh] That was strangely satisfying – even to me! Dr. Z, do we have one of those to show off?
Somewhere, I believe we do, but not on me, no… I will go get one!
If these IDIOTS would stop making loud noises! …while I attempt to put across knowledge and wisdom!
[sigh] Will it never end? I hope not… This is the new album – accompanying with the comic book…
“Music for Supervillans” If’s available in both CD and comic book form – for those who cannot hear due to high
volume exposure from the COG! [all respond] COG!! You didn’t say “COG!”
COG! You should clear your throat again, see? Sorry, I will say it louder next time. I hope you learn quickly enough for your own safety.
[shouting together] BOW TO THE COG! I’m also told this is your first venture into the territory known as “Texas.” That’s right!
We will be going to “Planet Houston” next! That’s right – we’re going to be
taking over “Planet Houston!” Yes, Texas has been having many many years
to get ready for our assault… …and they’d better be ready, too.
We’re going to be at “Super Happy Fun Land” and we’re going to make sure that lives up
to it’s name aren’t we Dr. Z? [evil laugh]

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