BT Daily: Fellowship of the Heart – Part 3

BT Daily: Fellowship of the Heart – Part 3

[Darris McNeely] A few days ago, I was on
a cross-country flight. We thought, my wife and I, as we were dashing
through the airport, that we were going to miss the connecting flight to the West Coast. And the gate, we thought, would be closed. But as we got to the gate, it was still open. I ran up to the counter. I said, “Can I still get on the plane?” He said, “Yup.” He said, “If you’ve got a ticket, get
on there, we’re about to close it.” They’d already given my seat away to someone
on standby. So as my wife and I were going down the aisle
of the airplane, I saw the first seat – I said, “You take this one, I’ll go back
here.” My seat turned out to be the middle of three
seats. It’s a typical arrangement in some of these
airplanes, you’ll know about. So I plopped myself down in the middle seat. And two people were on either side of me. And just as the plane was closing up and they
were taking off, I looked to the person to my right, and it was a young lady that had
tattoos all over her and body piercings all over her face. And she looked rather interesting, to put
it mildly. But as I looked to her and started to say
hi, she just kind of edged over – basically, “Don’t invade my space,” kept looking
straight ahead, didn’t want to engage. So I said, okay. I thought to myself that way. I turned to the left, a gentleman sitting
next to me. I said, “How’re you doing?” He turned to me and he said, “I just got
news this morning that my thirty-one-year-old daughter died. I’ve got to go out now to take care of her
funeral arrangements.” The plane’s ascending 35,000 feet. What do you say? What do you do? I couldn’t believe the tragedy and the sorrow
that was all over the man’s face as he began to tell me about his daughter and what he
had been awakened to that morning. She died tragically, unexpectedly, from what
would be considered a routine situation that it seems, possibly, was mishandled, sent home
too early, something happened, and she died. And so instead of getting ready for her first
grade class as a teacher this year, her father was going home to bury her. You know, two people. Two different attitudes. I spent pretty much the whole time on that
flight talking to this gentleman and just hearing his story, sharing a personal story
that was going through my life at that time, as well, and just listening to him. What do you say? I told him I was a minister and had been there
with a lot of other people in his particular situation through the years. And as we parted, as the plane landed, I could
only wish him Godspeed and say, “God be with you, my friend,” and pray that God’s
grace would comfort him with the burden that he had to bear up under and what he had to
take care of that day and the subsequent time. You know, when you look at people – and
here I was, thrown into the middle seat of an airplane, two different types of people,
two different reactions at that moment as to where people were and what was going on
in their life – one was kind of hard. The other, his heart was a bit more open,
at least, to talking to another human being, where the other person didn’t want to and
with the array on her face and on her skin – something else going on. I wish her well, certainly don’t wish her
evil, but she didn’t want to engage at that time. But maybe a little bit of a lesson in life
about a heart, and having an approach that is open, vulnerable, and can be taught and
can be reached. When I look at this concept that I’ve been
talking about, of the “fellowship of the heart”, and I try to understand exactly
what it is God is doing, where God is working, I go back to a scripture in the book of Jeremiah
– and I started this series here and with Jeremiah 17:9, but let’s conclude it with
what is said in Jeremiah 31:33. A well-known scripture that is also quoted
in Hebrews chapter 8 in the New Testament to describe the relationship God has with
those whom He calls, who repent, who seek to change their heart, to change their life,
and to be led by His holy spirit, and seek a different relationship with Him (Hebrews
8:1-13). Jeremiah 31:33 says that, “‘This is the
covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days,’ says the Lord.” So it’s God speaking. He says, “‘I will put My law in their
minds, and write it on their hearts.’” I will put My law in their minds and write
it – the law – on their heart. The fellowship of the heart. “‘And I will be their God, and they shall
be My people.’” Where’s God working today? What is God’s uppermost work and desire,
perhaps, as He works with His called, His chosen, with those who are faithful? It’s writing – putting His law in your
minds and writing it upon the heart, through experience, through our reading of the Bible,
through us drawing to God in a close relationship that actually begins to change the thoughts,
the attitudes of our mind, and our heart as we look toward about God, as we look toward
one another and changing our relationships there. I had this amazing experience on an airplane. A random experience in two different peoples,
kind of representing the two different aspects of what I’m talking about here – a heart
that didn’t want to be reached at that moment, and then a heart that was reaching out and
looking for some understanding, looking for some hope. Wherever you find yourself at this particular
time, I hope that your heart is open toward God, to where He could begin a relationship
with you as you choose to take that step toward Him and the calling and the relationship that
He is building. Because if we do, then we enter into this
fellowship of the heart and into the greatest, most important work that God is concerned
with at this particular point in time, with those who are his called, chosen, and faithful. So where do you fall on that? Something for you to think about in your relationship
with God, and with your fellow man. That’s BT Daily. Join us next time.

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