“Brothers Keeper” Veteran Owned Business Honoring Service | Nine Line Apparel

“Brothers Keeper” Veteran Owned Business Honoring Service | Nine Line Apparel

Nine lines is a CASEVAC call and we wanted
something that was similar in nature, but a call to action, a call to reinvigorate patriotism. And thus the nine line began. It was important to grow business with
as many veterans as possible and also with veteran spouses. You know,
we’re a give back organization. We’re a veteran owned company. Why not? Veterans have that attitude
they have that never give up. They don’t need a ton of direction.
They just get stuff done. It’s, it just made sense. And I think that any company that
wants to grow rapidly and not hit, you know, a ton of roadblocks, they should be doing the
same thing as we’re doing. I think a lot of companies out there
miss the opportunity of hiring veterans. Maybe they think it’s a give back, but really it’s a value add to their
company to understand what they bring to the table. They are the individuals
that don’t understand how to fail. It’s a different sense of work ethic. One of the ways that I decided to give
back to my community is I’m running for Congress here in Georgia’s first district. I think that we need more
veteran representation in
Congress and they think we need more veteran representation just
in general in all elected positions. So my way to continue to serve besides,
you know, still being in the army, um, is to, is to serve my districts and
bring them some awesome leadership. And, um, you know, we’ve seen that also
with my brother Tyler, you know, with, with his giving back to the community
with the tiny home project and, and continuing to run, the nine line foundation and just
do amazing things for the community. So we’re kind of both giving back in
different ways and super proud of that. [inaudible].

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  1. damm I wish we had someone here in VT like you to vote for
    best of luck though Im sure you will do fine regardless

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