British Airways World Traveller, A350-1000 – Business Traveller

British Airways World Traveller, A350-1000 – Business Traveller

(bright instrumental music) – [Tom] So this is the smaller cabin of the two economy cabins, and it’s got seats 35 to 30. So the configuration is three,
three, three, in economy, and you’ve got A, B, C, the one’s you’re looking at there, then three in the middle, D, E, F, and then you’ve got H, J,
K for the window seats. So row 31 is the one you want in economy. It’s a smaller cabin, the
smaller of the two cabins. See the larger cabin is just down there. And the seats you want really are the bulkhead seats, it’s row 30. And really row 30, it’s got to be seats J and K or A and B. But there’s also the
interesting seat here, 31 C, because of course there’s
no seat in front of it, so 31 C is a great seat as well, as is 31 H. So this smaller cabin, rows 30 to 35, is the one you want to go for, and either the two bulkhead seats there, 30 J and K and A and B, or that one seat on either side, 31 H and 31 C. And in the front row, of course the IFE screens come
out of the arms of the seats. So these are the washrooms at the rear of the front economy cabin, and at the front of
the rear economy cabin. So, they’re between the economy cabins, so they are the ones that would be used by the whole economy cabin. They’re gonna get some heavy use and if you’re sat in this
smaller economy cabin at the front in row 35, the rear row, you’re gonna get disturbed by the flushing of those toilets. And, you know, weirdly enough, on the A350 which is a quiet aircraft, you can hear toilets all the more clearly. So the back row is row 59, and actually just because of
the tapering of the aircraft, there’s two seats there and three in the middle. At the back of the aircraft in row 59, actually got this area that I guess you could use for storage, because you’ve only got C and B. Seat 59 A is missing. The final row on the right-hand
side of the aircraft, 58, is H, J, K. You’ll see here on the screen
it says ‘Euro Traveler’. That’s because it’s
being used as short-haul. This is in fact World Traveler, so don’t get confused by that one, but you can see there’s WiFi on board and instructions how to connect. The economy seats, they
don’t have any footrest and there’s no leg rest beneath the seat, but you do have somewhere to store magazines or personal items there underneath the IFE screen
which is touchscreen. And you’ve got a seat recline button in the armrest of each seat. Each seat also has individual power, but note the individual power is two for each three seats. Then here you can see the seat tray table when it’s extended. It does move forward and backwards. (upbeat rock music) (bright instrumental music)

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