Brexit sparks protests, celebrations after becoming official

Brexit sparks protests, celebrations after becoming official

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  1. Good for Britain. Now they don’t have to be forced to accept people from Somalia and Africa. Better with this virus going on anyway. Diversity is not our strength. It’s killing people.

  2. More people live here in London the whole of RACIST Scotland – Scotland is a joke country full of BEGGARS who like whining about everything and rely on English tax money for their unemployment benefits!

  3. Let Scotland go and become and enslaved toilet and beg and beg for help later. I got news for Scotts, the EU sperm bank hates you, they threw out all Red Head sperm and eggs and refuse any new DNA.

  4. Boris Johnson was put in office by Russia to break up the EU and Trump was put in office to break up NATO. Both boys are doing what Russia wants.

  5. 1:30 no disasters? Like your eye brows and your hair? What a fucken unit and a typical lefty, look at me everyone, I am special. My prediction, Italy will leave next, people there are feed up with mass immigration.

  6. Farage: "…Brussels of course. You like to bully everybody, and in the end the British people are too big and strong to bully. It's a victory."
    Just to mention it, Nigel Farage is probably one of the most repugnant people living today on earth, but it is kinda evident, since he is the role model of Trump (and vice versa).

    But unfortunately to him, no, the British people are not too big and strong to bully any more, for about some centuries now, about after July 4, 1776 (Declaration of Independence) when they had to finish bullying America.

    And not only the U.S. is far bigger than UK, to which country the UK is dependent now (as a huge irony of history), but the EU is far bigger than UK too, so no matter which the UK choose to be closer, from now on the UK will be dependent on other countries, showcasing how incredibly stupid conservative nationalist people are all over the world. Apart from being stupid, these people would be just plain ridiculous, if they weren't dangerous too, but they are since conservative nationalism (next to religion) is the main reason for wars and killing people all over the world.

    Conclusion: since UK now became a third country the EU has only one interest in this zero sum game the UK created, which is to lose the least no matter how much the UK lose on it. It is not about emotions, but in this 'funny' game (i.e. zero sum) the EU lose the least when the UK lose the most. Therefore by simple logic (which nationalists are incapable to understand) with no emotion attached, the EU's interest from now on is to make UK lose the most. And the EU is too big and strong, compared to the UK, that UK could do anything about that.

    Hope you'll enjoy this 'victory' UK.

    P.S.: Remainer on the street: "I just hope that, you know, there are no disasters, I guess."
    I feel for you, since you didn't want that, but your country cannot rely any more on the EU to stop that disaster, their interest now is to stop their own disaster, which will create yours. Sorry, but not sorry, since this will finally show, that the nationalists are a dying human breed. Sort of pathetic losers, which must be shown to them without any political correctness, since then they will mess up the whole world once again. Political correctness is for the times, when conservatives and nationalists are no more, not a day before. Political correctness of the others is the very thing they use to win against them. We have to handle nationalism the same way as Nazism, since that is just a simple shorthand for nationalism.

    N.B.: And about the Scottish independence, which otherwise I wholeheartedly support. Interestingly the Scottish independence also stems from nationalism, but coming from the illogical nature of nationalism, nationalism are not compatible with each other. Therefore if you are a nationalist then you cannot support another nationalist nation, just like they cannot support you. But in our Scottish independence case, they want to be part of a bigger system of nations than their own single nation, which must be supported at all costs by the EU, where EU shouldn't care about any politically correct solution, just help the Scottish to rejoin, no matter what the English nationalists happen to say, hence using an original American nationalist phrase: just f**k 'em
    (See? No political correctness and it just works. Like the iPhone.)

  7. There were referendums over the last few years… from countries in the EU… every time they would refuse the results and either ignored them or made them have them again… they then tried to do the same with Brexit…. and still the EU and it’s support are looking to reverse the leaving of the EU…
    We see the same in the USA…. these people only accept democracy as long as the result is the one they want…. yet they keep telling us all that they support the individuals rights and their right as a democracy to choose…. yet they never accept it…!! Liars and hypocrites all of them..!!


  8. USA ought to learn lessons from Europe! If we remain lazy and accept the left running over our country, it will be slot harder to get back to normal

  9. This was a bad idea partially set up to stymie immigration of Eastern Europeans. It will work sort of on the one side, but the negative effects mount on the other. This plan wasn't well thought out.

  10. Good for the UK they have been a free country for over a thousand years they were no better off as part of the EU than they would have been as part of the USSR. Just like here in America the only people protesting are the whining sissy give me everything douchebag socialists.

  11. The reality of it all is POTUS Trump cut the head off the new world order. Now watch the EU one by one follow the Brits, for what freedom did for our econ.

  12. I am of Scottish ancestry and I must say I am very ashamed of the spineless approach that they have taken to this and I'm sure William Wallace would have been as well besides a few years ago the British gave the Scottish the right to claim their independence if they wanted to but just like now with the Brits they would have had to have their own currency their own military and their own infrastructure and they didn't want that so now they just need to shut up and go along for the ride.

  13. Where are you getting your fake news from??, its actually laughable and grossly untrue. This is why no one should trust main stream media.

  14. Many simply don’t seem to understand that it’s perfectly okay to have national pride and a love for one’s own neighbor. They aren’t intrinsically separate, in fact, they are naturally complimentary if the people are at peace with themselves. Good for the UK!

  15. Europe will fall apart,and good job to 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👻👻

  16. to any Brits online.. congrats from the USA on your renewed freedom. I happily greet our brothers and allies back among sovereign nations.

  17. this is not scotland this just twenty snp nut jobs please fox if ur going mention scotlands views intview the real people thanks

  18. Well nothing impeached maccron to take the phone and talk with the British representatives if he wants some kind of a deal, don't need the rest of Europe to be in and demanding they'd share. Eus over finish capout,

  19. Remember my British cousins…the Elite think you didnt know what you voted for and you are all kinds of evil for wanting your country back..

  20. Nicola Sturgeon what sounds like a Russian name from Scotland wants to have a vote on independence from the UK so she can weasel her way back into the self-proclaimed EU and their unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Effectively handing over Scottish independence over to be subject to EU law and flooded with migrants in return for "investments".

  21. Totally misleading story. Scotland cannot join the EU even if the U.K. said it could. Scotland would not be able to join the EU the EU nations would not allow it Spain would not allow it Catalan. Scotland is 100% reliant on England school funding hospitals military pensions welfare everything. The EU nations would not agree to fund Scotland. What currency would Scotland use pounds sterling.

  22. When they went to show the person that was unhappy with the decision why did I know what she was going to look like?!

  23. Glad to see Britain get their brains back . Anytime you give your soul to Satan and you wake up from that . You will have a rough time getting back to the right place.

  24. The Brits just gave the tyrants in Brussels the middle finger.
    Now they can send all of the 3rd world migrant dregs to Germany and France, since Macron and Merkel seem to enjoy their company so much.

  25. Please, Americans when you come visit the UK, dont say Im taking a trip to ''Europe'' Its the United Kingdom, aka UK for short.

  26. Congratulations Britain/UK Do not worry about those other countries. They never could take care of themselves and they never will without selling out themselves.

  27. BREXIT was just the first step! The rising tide of unrest in the EU, guarantees that Great Britain won't be the last nation to leave!

  28. God Bless ENGLAND. The Liberal, Communist, Eleitest, Evil world order just lost a good bit of power thank the Lord.

  29. Sounds like the UK won't have much more than a minor hiccup, and are already making new or continued ties with the EU. Nigel Farage has said time and time again, that the UK has no plans to break all ties with the EU, just that they intend to operate as an independent sovereign nation.

  30. @Mc Loughlin,
    If everything you stated is true about the UK leaving the EU then I'm happy for the citizens of the UK. Everyone that is opposed to Brexit sound like the same people in the US that were afraid of when Trump became president. They said that the Stock market would crash, Unemployment would rise, and so forth. Well to their dismay none of those things happened. Whether things change for the better or not still remains to be seen. People are always afraid of change. I wish everyone in the UK good tidings as you embark on your journey to create a new UK.

  31. I wish the U.K. all success, progress, and prosperity🥂🥂
    The European Union, just like the United Nations, has been falling apart for years. It's time for change

  32. U need to check you facts lady. Scotland never voted to stay in the EU they voted on a election manifesto. of many social issues' prior to that they voted to stay in a UK union by majority that will stand for at least a generation. like your media in the USA its the same over hear in the UK 99% lefty liberal. objective journalism died with the tech revolution u have to check fact from propaganda and weed out the propaganda that the bbc and libral media control. but we have just kicked there liberal arses into touch for now but we can never take our eye of the ball and never will thanks to channels like u tube

  33. What we really have here is REAL Britains what their country back…Diversity can never work because God created nations and the ungodly want to undo it and prove him wrong…

  34. Wait til President Trump gets acquitted. Then he can invite all the impeachment managers (the coup) to a nice lunch of Pablum & crow.

  35. This is like a commune member deciding to leave and be independent. Those remaining in the commune can't help but think there is something wrong with the person leaving because it can't possibly be because the commune is oppressive and stifling.

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