Brexit breakdown: a big day in the north | Anywhere but Westminster

Brexit breakdown: a big day in the north | Anywhere but Westminster

You know, it’s poetries everywhere right
dear… Is it? Well, there’s a story. Storytelling is a big thing round here,
isn’t it? Tell me the story of the last three years
in Wigan. Wigan? Right. It’s a working-class town. I think there’s a lot of beauty,
so is it our beautiful buildings… The biggest thing is the people. Wigan’s modern story runs from
deindustrialisation, to being one of the
areas of England hardest hit by austerity. We need things around Wigan for us youngsters,
you know what I mean? There’s nothing around here for us. It was a universal credit
pilot area, then it voted 64% for Brexit. We’re being hammered
anyhow with this government, aren’t we? Some people might think we’ve heard enough from places like this. For us, it feels like exactly the right
place to be on the day that Theresa May’s deal
once again hits the House of Commons. You’re just talking about Brexit? Theresa May? I don’t like her, me. And what do you think about
where the country has ended up? I don’t know. Fur Clemt is a great food recycling project. The name means, ‘very hungry’,
in local slang. As you can see, it’s full. There’s so much food that goes to waste. And we’re just like,
on the tip of the iceberg, really. We are definitely not a poverty project,
we’re an environmental project and there’s a reason for that. Everybody’s got pride. Why have we suddenly had to come round to thinking about feeding
people? What’s the answer? Well the answer is, don’t be in the
situation where people need to rely on something. It’s where people can work
towards their own sort of future. Their own resilience… You can’t be resilient if
you’re hungry, you can’t. You know, when you look at Maslow’s hierarchy
and you look at all that, and you look at what’s
at the very bottom of that, food, shelter, warmth… At the top,
it’s realising your own potential. Something’s gone very wrong there… Something’s gone very wrong. It’s always working-class people that try
and put it right. That’s always us, isn’t it? It’s always us because we see it. Can I borrow you for a minute? You see that square pan with the handle on there? We’ve developed an acute talent
for blaming the victims. I hate it when I see programmes on the TV
about Benefit Street and all that. The people who are to blame are the people
at the top who’ve got more than they need and won’t… …And they won’t stop that blaming because
it serves to blame. You think people
themselves feel the weight of that blame? I think people do feel shame about
the position they find themselves in but they don’t know a way out of it. So then they get defensive. So then they look a bit ballsy, and they look a
bit like, ‘well I’m not bothered anyway’. But how do we know if they are? Because nobody
asks those people, do they? They point to them…
they, you know, have a story about them, that they don’t really know, but they don’t actually talk to them. But what if that story now is that they are the people
who were stupid enough to vote for Brexit? Because you hear that, don’t you? Yeah, you do hear that. Don’t things have sort
of been fused together? Yeah. They do, however, we weren’t given the correct
information about Brexit, really. The number of people who’ve said to me, what about the 250 million pound a week found
for the NHS? You’re not going to turn
that up, are you? I thought that was one
of the few bits of hope. Yeah, it’s positive. But it has thrown anybody in the last 10 years. Yeah. Get your country back,
get your NHS back on track, stop giving these
people who do nowt some money. You know, it was all that kind of premise,
wasn’t it? That story, again another story. It’s a good story. Well, a very convincing one because we all want to believe it,
don’t we? Theresa May has urged MPs to back her EU
withdrawal deal in a crucial vote this evening or risk losing Brexit. I wonder what you think about Brexit
and where the country has ended up. I don’t watch all that crap. It’s easy to find people here who say
things like this: We voted for out. Get out and repair the country. That’s my honest opinion. But be open to what people have to say, you might get to something deeper. Well, they’ve done a lot of damage. In the last few years. Our government, they always do. They need to pay a bit more
attention to what we need. Keep listening. There’s a lot of crime and it’s down
to the fact that people haven’t got money. Provide the money for the policing,
the NHS… You look around,
there are shops shutting everywhere. What’s your job? I deliver parcels for Amazon. And do you make a living doing that? I don’t make a living doing it at all, no. It’s a job. Excuse me asking, how much do you turn
in the average week? My top line would be about £500. And then I’ve got to pay for
my van and the fuel and everything out that as well. So you’re nominally self-employed. Yes. But you’re not really. No. They dictate when we can work and the
hours we have to work. You don’t worry about leaving, the economy will tank and
we’ll have even less money than we’ve got now? No, no, because there’s enough industry
in this country. Let’s bring it back, build this country again. Hour and a half, two hours,
we’ve been talking to people. Well, that’s a cliche now. It feels like people are saying we’ve got to leave the European Union because this country’s in a bad way and I’m a remain voter so I’d say, well if
we leave it’ll be in an even worse way but that’s not the way people are thinking. Secondly, there’s this idea that the wheels
are all falling off with Brexit, and yet my impression
very strongly here is that, people would vote leave again. In just the same numbers that they’ve voted
leave last time. Nothing has changed. Yeah, let’s talk to these. Excuse me! I’m finding it quite
difficult to get a job, get a home, put down a mortgage,
just basically be the 23-year-old that my mum was at 23. Purely because of the state of the country and the state of Labour towns like this that we live in. Manchester’s like a bit of a social hub, really… You feel that people judge you
for being from here a bit? Yeah. A completely, well it’s not unrelated
question, it’s a related question: I wonder what you think about Brexit?
There’s this big vote in parliament tonight… Let’s absolutely not leave. I feel like it will be detrimental to our economy, and just detrimental to Britain in general. I think it’s a really bad decision. But you know about 65% of people in
Wigan voted for it? I do, I do,
and I am quite annoyed. I do think there’s hope,
I mean, our generation we’re quite… We know what’s wrong and we don’t really
know how to fix it yet. It’s lunchtime back at Fur Clemt. Thank you! Don’t forget the bucket, please. I’m so glad that I’m Czech. So I’ve got freedom to go to Europe. Are you going to stay? Yeah. If they kick us out,
I’ll move to Spain. I personally disagree with it, but there
is the vote, it’s a democracy and the value of the votes of the people. I’m trying to get a sense from people
about how they think Wigan is doing. It’s doing very well,
it’s a universal credit rollout area you know that, don’t you? Yeah, go on. I’ve been on it for about five months, I’m living for 19 days off no money. Jesus. How come? Well, when I went on it
in November, I had to take out £600 that five-week thingy, so I’m
paying that back. £540, I’ve got to pay £425 in me rent, and about £50 for me electric. You’re left with about a tenner. To live off, for a month. And what’s the nature of your disability?
Excuse me asking. I had polio when I was born. Charlie is now volunteering in the
warehouse here. I need to keep active. The last time you worked, what did you do? I was team leader at Asda –
18 years. I was made redundant and I thought with my CV, I was gonna walk straight into a job. But I’m applying for jobs and
there’s a thousand people applying for that job. Coming to the end of the month, I get that £540 and it’s not like I can go out and have a blowout. I’ll take some carrots home,
I’ve got an onion at home, I’ll make a batch of soup up
and I’ll freeze it. She keeps laughing because I’ve still got
my team leader brain on me. We’ve got the sausages then for the hampers. That’s what gets me through every month. Can I ask you a strange question? Did you vote in the referendum
three years ago? Yeah, I voted to leave. Tell me why you voted for leave. Hopefully, we can get some jobs back in. That was in your head when you voted leave? Yeah. Somehow it would mean that might be
more for a town like this? You must have heard this a
thousand times, people say that when we leave the country will be even poorer. No, I know. Well, you can’t have it poorer. Rees-Mogg, he’s been paid 1.7 million … Brexit is his project! He’s not bothered about us. They are the people leading us out of the European Union and you voted for their thing. Do you not think you were had? No, we voted for one thing, and Theresa May has turned it
into her thing. You don’t think you were had, that
you were lied to? I do think that we were lied to because they can’t found that red bus now in London, that’s gone missing. That one for 350 million pounds. Totally. But if I put a ballot paper in front of you now, with all you know
now, with leave or remain on it… I would leave. You’d still vote for leave? I think it’s all broken,
not just the system. There’s still industry in Wigan and some of it
is quite iconic. Well, just seen this quite by chance. A factory that makes Uncle Joe’s mint balls. Oh hello, we’re journalists, we work for the Guardian,
the newspaper. And I grew up in the north-west
so I didn’t even know Uncle Joe’s mint balls was here. Has it always been here? Since 1919. You’ve been making all these mint balls in this building
for all them years? Well, in 1898 we started,
we would like to be here for another 100 years. Brexit… You mentioned Brexit,
I didn’t mention Brexit. No, it was brought in before! We don’t know how it’s going to
affect transport links, we don’t know how it’s gonna
affect tariffs, staffing, and if we knew what we’re
dealing with, we can deal with it. Well, this firm’s survived the Great Depression. Two wars, one Great Depression, one economic crash and
you’re still here. We’re still here, yeah. So Brexit is nothing. We can cope with that, easy. Well, thank you for these. Enjoy! Radio presenter: uncharted territory, Margaret Beckett.
Where do you think we are heading? Radio presenter: completely uncharted territory,
I think, I hope very much that we’re headed for a defeat for the prime minister and there’s some slight indications that for the first time, she might actually take some notice. That’s what we miss. That’s what passes for nightlife now. That’s what we miss. We’ve got a bottle of vodka. A bottle of Vodka and a Bluetooth speaker. Yeah. That’s what we’ve had to resort to. Obviously the Orwell was shut down so,
we’re about to resort to this and this. Do you know what I mean? My nan used to work in that pub there and she used to be one of the managers there, in the pub. And in the kitchen and she used to clean up. But it shut down, and they need to start it
back up. This has been empty for 10 years? And it was one of the best pubs ever. It were the best! This was where everybody met each other
and you just had a good time, you just enjoyed yourself instead of going out on the streets,
getting yourself in trouble. What do you think about Brexit? I really don’t follow it,
really don’t follow it. And your future? My future… Next five or 10 years? I want to be a midwife,
I want to work with children. But I want to move out of Wigan first, so I want to emigrate to Australia, where my dad’s sister lives. To be honest, I actually have
my own business. I’m a landscape gardener and I do property
maintenance. But my father killed himself in February so I’ve never got back on,
I’ve never… do you know what I mean? My head’s not got back to it. Believe it or not,
we are actually homeless. Where are you staying at night? Here, there and everywhere. Because there’s nothing left
in Wigan. What you’re sofa-surfing,
as they call it? No, we stay on the streets outside. Do you? If we make enough money
we can go to a hotel. Straight up? Yeah. To be honest, we made nearly enough
for a hotel today, you know, but we didn’t made enough, so we just thought,
we’ll have a good night. By doing what? Help people out with stuff and that. Like, help people out
and they just give us a few quid. What do you mean, odd jobs, kind of thing? Yeah. And then you stay in a hotel? What, three of you in a room? It’s sort of hard to avoid the conclusion,
quite frequently, that this country is sort of falling apart in
all sorts of ways. And MPs and the media are falling over themselves to get worked up about something, but it’s not that, it’s not homelessness or the fact
that young people are itinerant because there’s no opportunities and that owning
a home is a distant prospect, or that the fellow we met today is
working for Amazon for effectively less than the minimum wage. Or that universal credit doesn’t work,
and people can’t afford to eat. Right now, as I’m standing here, the
Houses of Parliament is tearing itself to pieces about whether we’re going to leave the European Union and what Jacob Rees-Mogg wants. I think the word for that is
displacement activity. Rather than watch the vote in the
Commons unfold, we decide to spend the evening
in a rather more uplifting way. I’m at choir practice in Wigan. MPs started going into
the aye and no lobbies to do this latest meaningful vote on
Theresa May’s deal. Can’t get any more Anywhere
but Westminster than this. This is a fledgling local charity
called Living with Life that helps families deal with
bereavement. Well, hahaha, MPs reject May’s Brexit deal
for the second time by a majority of 149. The choir is filled full of people who come
from all different walks of life. We’ve all got stuff that’s going on that’s
really tough to deal with and to be able to get your own mental health in order by
coming together for a common purpose. Early mental health preventative
treatment… Because at the minute,
the way we deal with bereavement, even when we know it’s gonna happen,
we just come in after it happened. So if people have lived
life really well and they’ve said everything that they need to say and they said goodbye to the family as well, you’re left with less regrets. The question I’ve been asking people all day is, what does Wigan need? Me, as a single mum, I work two part-time jobs at the minute
to make Living with Life happen for people within the Wigan community. They’ve got the ideas, the only thing
that they’re lacking at the minute is the funding. For me, I believe that our
idea literally could change the world. Wigan is still waiting for some kind of
answer to what it told politicians back in June 2016. But the tragedy of Brexit
is that the problems of places like this have been all but forgotten amongst all
the Westminster drama. More than ever, they have things
to tell us. We ought to listen. Radio presenter: In the past hour, MPs have voted
overwhelmingly to reject the prime minister’s revised Brexit deal for the
second time, 17 days before Britain
is due to leave the EU.

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    All that's for sure now is Britain is as divided as can be. It's indeed falling apart and in the long run big political consequences will be happening in the future. Scotland will not sit still, they have demonstrated so in the past they are capable of it. For the same token the Brits had their vote to leave it would be hypocritical to deny the Scots to do the same for themselves. The Irish question will also be an issue that will be a direct consequence of Brexit. The Brits have gone an done an incredibly stupid thing, some realize it and some won't but in the long run all will pay a price.

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    He doesn’t accept it he just arrogantly dismisses their answer with a look up or an expression on his face to say ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about’.

    The comment, when at the food recycling centre, ‘people stupidly voted for Brexit’ just summed it up for me.

    Typical Guardian lefty in my view.

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  42. That disabled guy is the exact same as me, they gave me £203 to last me a month after making me wait 38 days, i lost another 4 days because they didn’t even tell me my PIP had stopped, luckily the council cancelled the debt for that time but the DWP still took the payment anyway, i now have to fight to prove it was their mistake, the DWP is a disgrace just like the Government, most of whom claim PIP but never lose it because they just make sure they don’t, they’re all as crooked as they come.

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  46. MAY,


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    They didn't see what an actual political leader can do for his country if his priorities lie with the country first.
    Yes that's right, we are talking about DJT. He offered Theresa May trading deals and basically gave her the support to negotiate hard with the EU and have most of trade with America going to the UK.
    Think about that for a minute, how big of a market is the US? Does the UK have a distinct advantage of dealing with the US, hmm, let's say, language, using the non-metric system en so on.
    DJT Could easily make a trade deal that favors the UK instead of the EU.

    What even more shocking is that the UK actually is legally bound to leave the EU on 29th if march 2019.
    Yet the Guardian wasn't really about reporting on the truth is it?

    How can you say for certain that Brexit would make people poorer in the UK, if it never happened?
    People forget that before the EU there was an economy and their will be found deals when there is a market for it.

  48. ave house in wigan. 2 bed. £157,000
    ave wage. £17,000 per year doesnt stack up.
    the banks. its property speculation making you poor.

  49. The fact remains that the British are Europeans, and only by standing together with other Europeans can Britain hope to survive. Unless Britain wants to become Chinese, Middle Eastern or Indian dominated, those countries have very large populations and one small nation such as Britain cannot hope to stand alone against, so stand together with Europe. Strength in unity.

  50. I'm not normally a Guardian reader but this series is absolutely fantastic, it highlights the many problems throughout the country, especially in under-invested places like Wigan. Brexit or not, we need to find a group of people in Parliament who are capable of resolving the issues that normal people in these deprived areas are living through.

  51. Find me workshop space say to fit a double decker bus / build the building an i'll work my way to running a weekly rave venue.! ?????????????

  52. Britain always punched above its weight in this world. Now it’s weight is crushing it. No hope no future. Anger is the default setting of a fading power.

  53. While I personally am a remainer, people need to realise that people voted for brexit to get change and have their voices heard. These people have been ignored, and it’s shameful. It’s a symptom of a larger problem.

  54. The Guardian sends the one journalist it has who won't be shocked there's no avocado toast up north.

  55. Misinformation so deeply suckers poor folks to act against their own best wishes. In addition to feeding the poor, informing and mobilizing the poor is important for a better future.

  56. To be quite honest it doesn't matter whether you're for Brexit or against it. You have to carry out the result of the vote for no other reason but principle. If the government doesn't carry out the result of the vote then democracy is a sham and we are on the road to civil war.

  57. sorry if this might seem irrelevant given the subject matter, but does anyone know the name of the song at the end? …. thank you in advance


  59. Lmao how can anyone want to remain. The EU has been extremely ungrateful and mean spirited during the whole process. Which they will regret.

  60. I think austerity and the misery caused by that vicious policy is the real cause of Brexit. I also live 350 miles north of your "north", you know, in that other country that's stuck on the top bit of the UK, the bit that feels a bit ignored. The bit that voted to remain.

  61. That's why I find it really difficult to feel sorry for people in areas like Wigan who vote Brexit even when they know Brexit will make their situation even worse. I can’t…I really can't with people like that.

  62. 2:52 There it is again. People are STUPID enough to vote for Brexit. The Guardian is basically calling Brits dumb for wanting to govern their own nations. THIS is EXACTLY why people voted for Brexit. Because of the smug and arrogant attitudes like the people at the Guardian.

  63. i get why ppl. voted to leave, but that some ppl. think that brexit is beneficial for the economy… is just mindblowing…

  64. The shock on the reporter's face when the Amazon driver told him he was making £500 weekly before fuel, van maintenance, taxes etc. were deducted. It's not just our MPs who live in the Metropolitan bubble it seems.. The "Manchester Guardian" as it was known was a great radical newspaper that became the Champagne Socialists' rag the minute it left for London. He is listening though which is more than his awful colleague Owen Jones does

  65. To the three little skanks on the canal banking. You're banging on about your homeless and you can make money to get a room for the night and you nearly there no. But yet you got a bottle of vodka and a smartphone you're not almost mate none of you are liars. and just for the record I remember Wigan Pier in its heyday it was nothing but a Drug Den. It got shut down for the bad reputation. They should have pulled it down if you want to talk nostalgia about Wigan it will be Wigan Casino they came from all over the world to go to that place

  66. Its about change and hope, not the reality of what will happen, you can't blame people for voting leave. I just hope the reality is starting to sink in, before we sink….

  67. This is the problem, we have lots of people living in poverty in the UK while we are paying billions to subsidise eastern Europe and immigrants are undermining the poorest in our society. Charity begins at home. Brexit all the way.

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