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  1. Also get rid of that sobbing, whining, sophomoric Cavuto. Used to tolerate his emotional slobber but it’s beyond bearable now.

  2. Christmas in October! Hallelujah 🙌. Good riddance to this petulant child, who maskeraded his TDS histrionics and editorials as "journalism".
    Vaya con Dios!

  3. There goes the OG of real journalist on Fox… Now were in trouble cause were stuck with Hannity, Carlson and Ingram🤢🤢🤮🤮

  4. Trump and his Congregation of gaslighted conspiracy toting deplorables got a big win on the state news channel. Congratulations Followers of Trump.

  5. FOX News saw their stocks rise during Shepard Smiths long tenure at the network. We are witnessing in real time the collapse of the GOP led by FOX News & their evening pundits. FOX News will be their own downfall. You are catering to the morons in America. These morons are trending downward. You might as well go all in an put David Duke on with Richard Spencer on in the evening. Run 1/2 hour segments after Carlson then after Hannity with a full hour repeated after Ingram.

  6. Great guy leaving Fox news. Probably time to unsubscribe and follow some reliable source of news, with decent ppl on board.

  7. Poor Brett Baier, he lost a fellow Trump hater on his network. Maybe if you people would keep your painfully obvious opinions out of it and go back you "we report, you decide" you wouldn't be in so much pain right now. You lie you deserve it. Trump isn't going to quit because you don't like him. AND you have no power over our democracy to remove a duly elected POTUS.

  8. Best thing that could happen when he left FOX. Juan Williams needs to go next. You Brett are also a 2-faced. You and Smith are responsible for Judge Jeannine being removed from Fox. What goes around comes around.

  9. A outspoken unapologetic trump hater ever since the begining. After years of frequently starting his show and sometimes half his show dedicated to the Russian collusion narrative he never retracted or apologized once the mueller probe came up with no proof of wrongdoings. Not even once. Thats editorializing not reporting. He had his own agenda and the facts were put on the back burner. Sad.

  10. Bret Baier is a class act and he is "truly" one of the anchors with an actual independent mind and speaks truth to power in a professional manner. Shep Smith was not. NOT IN THE LEAST…I'm glad he is gone and I hope whinny Chris Wallace joins him.

  11. Chris Wallace, Napolitano, and Juan Williams are becoming impossible to watch and listen to! Their liberal bias has crossed the line!! And Donna Brazile, (she’s an admitted cheater by giving Hillary the questions before her debate with President Trump. I turn these people off!!!

  12. WOOHOO! Cry me a river!
    Hope that Brett, Donna
    Brazile & Judge Nap join
    a 'conga line' and dance
    outta there, like yesterday!
    NanaAnn 🇺🇸

  13. Bret Baer why don’t you get the hint like Shepard Smith U2 left the Trump hating assholes that should be on CNN go where your buddies are you scum bags

  14. I never cared for Shepard Smith, he had an annoying habit of telling viewers how they should interpret what they were seeing or being told. He isn't alone in that respect, but as a newscaster he has a responsibility to report the news. I don' t need to be spoon fed commentary with facts.

  15. Bret you forgot to add how he twisted facts about our President to fit his own narrative I'm so glad he is gone. Now we can leave our TV channels on Fox News 24-7.

  16. Glad he is gone, next hopefully Baier and Cavuto, those three slime-bags are the ones the were leading the charge in Fox to get Tucker and Laura fired.  Good Riddance!  The good guys won!

  17. All I have to say is this: Where the hell is Megan Kelly now??? ROFL. You don't know you have it good till you lose it all. Next!

  18. As Roy Clark once said, thank God and greyhound he's gone. I'm from that little town in Mississippi and WE DON'T WANT YOU BACK. Maybe you should join him Bret.

  19. Unbiased, please he was extremely bias and it showed throughout his career. He is to the left, what Hannity is to the right.

  20. I wish him well. He is an excellent newsman and I looked forward to his broadcast. A true professional with very high standard,s. Good luck to you sir.

  21. Well, all I can say is when Shep's segment came on I couldn't seem to change the channel fast enough..Yes, he literally hates our POTUS, but, the last time I actually tuned in to his segment was when the cathedral in Italy was on fire..Just happened to break just as his show came on so I watched that coverage..But even then he had to show his butt..They'd found a little old man on the street for Smith to interview about the tragic fire. Of course Shep began asking him too many questions that were impossible to answer since the fire had just happened..He asked his opinion about something and the man gave him his personal opinion..Boy, Shep just snapped and began being terribly rude to the poor guy..I couldn't help but think, "Yep! and there it is, the true Shep with his hateful, know it all attitude!!"..And he had been invited to speak to him to begin with, there was Shep making snide remarks to the poor guy!..
    I felt so badly for him..There he was on national TV being insulted by this cocky news anchor!..What a shame..So eventho Smith was as bias toward our POTUS as any of the fake news channels, and perhaps even worse, it was his entire attitude I found sickening, snd why on any other day I wouldn't even be watching .I found he was beneath me to even watch his crumby segment! And that simply proved me right!..The guy has an attitude problem, and came across as if he was just a tad better than the other hosts or anchors!. I won't miss his segment in the least!..And, I usually don't judge people , but he just made it so easy to do!

  22. Sheppard Smith is a sell out. I have watched him go from fact based journalism to left wing propaganda! Literally sat there and watched him report on a news story, that Hannity already covered and he left out all the facts and evidence that disproved the report he was giving to his viewers. How can two reporters on the same news station report two different sides of the same story? I will tell you how. Because It is not about reporting facts/evidence anymore. Everything is an op ed. Op eds. are fine if they have facts to back up their point of view, if not it means nothing and is nothing more than brainwashing. If this is what fox is going to start doing then they are no better than all the other fake news outlets. Hannity, Carlson, Judge Jeanine, Ingraham, Dobbs are the only trustworthy ones left and I am sure that when their contracts are up they will be gone too, even though they bring in the highest ratings. I fully expect to see Smith show up on CNN real soon! That is where he belongs! Glad to see him go, don't let the door hit him on his way out!

  23. Trump is slowly turning the United States into China, Russia, North Korea, and/or Iran. He is pulling strings both inside the government and the private sector. His cabinet has been a rogues gallery of criminals. The lucky ones get fired before they commit a large enough crime to be arrested. They enter his cabinet being the best ever according to Trump and months later, they are fired or taken into custody. They are expected to be blind, thoughtless sheep. If they aren't perfectly obedient, he destroys them. He drained the swamp_into_the White House. This country was built on checks and balances. Now it is extreme left vs. extreme right. I still remember Ronald Reagan and "Tip" O'Neil debating back and forth but coming to solutions together. The same was true of Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich. That was in the days of a functioning country. Yes, I know that the economy is doing well, but that is only one measure of the success of a nation. Getting legislation passed is what I am referring to. Clinton and Reagan managed to have both a strong economy and bipartisan cooperation.

  24. Shep was a Dem hack back for sure, but I still liked watching him spin. He was/is a gifted reporter, but got too ginned up in Trump Derangement Syndrome. Look for him on MSNBC or any other Leftish propaganda channel.

  25. It’s about time. It was long over due and glad he was fired or whatever he says happened. The main thing is he’s gone. Now if someone can convince Bret and Juan to leave Fox it will be easier to watch.

  26. Let's be honest here…… FOX viewers cannot STAND Shep Smith. I don't know if he or the comic relief Juan is worse.

    Good thing they turned off the comments of the video with his departure. I came on just to comment on that video! I'm sure you can guess what I was going to say!

  27. I'm glad Shepard left that joke of a network and all their idiot fans who don't care about the truth because they are all use to the lies that network feeds them. Wake up everyone! We're all living in prophetic times. That is why things are what they are today. A lot of people claiming to be Christians but are fakes because you can tell by the fruits of the spirit.

  28. Good riddance to liberal sissy boy trash Shepard Smith! Finally I can watch real news in the afternoon. I hope sissy boy Shep rots in hell at MSDNC or the Communist News Network!!! I would say don't let the door knob hit ya' where the good Lord split ya' but you would like it so you would do it anyway…..

  29. Fox is less tonight really?? Brett your next and Chris Wallace, Juan and Martha and Jessica it would be even better! False narrative and opinion news tv propaganda doesn't get it done! The globalist libnut socialist commie agenda has been attempting to spoon feed us garbage for years!! You all need exposed each and every one and sh*t 🥫 canned good riddens commie Shep.. Go work at Commie News Network CNN

  30. I think in the next 5 or 10 years you’re going to see a hardening of the left wing. How much more abuse are they going to take. There us only so much shitting on marginalized people, you can only poke someone with a stick so many times before they hit back. I foresee the left arming themselves en mass to protect themselves from the hordes of rightwing cops and military who are frothing at the mouth to “take out” the “commie fags”. If these delusional fascist thugs actually think that antifa is violent, antifa is just the beginning.

  31. Fox just lost one of the only guys on the network who actually tells the truth. The pro Trump brainwashing propaganda is about to go completely unchecked.

  32. Bret Baier is a traitor to this country. He hates our President. Baier is a never Trumper. He has an hour show where he reads the news that we already have heard. Baier is a loser and so is Shep the liar.

  33. Fox will be closer to better when you and Juan are digging ditches, I’m surprised you even work for Fox after what they did to your gal

  34. Yeah give tribute to your little sissy buddy Brett. We want you, Cavuto, and Mr Fake judge nappy to go along with him. I hope everyone will get you all off there. Brett, Chris Wallace, and Cavuto will not let their guest answer a question but just keeps interrupting them especially if they are of this administration. I will dance in the rain and shout out thanks to God when you all have left the same way as Shep has and take Donna, Jessica, and Juan with your butts as you go.

  35. As a conservative, I've literally enjoyed watching Shep Smith, and you Bret, for years. Your factual reporting of the news was a breath of fresh air, versus the other moronic networks…

    That said– if Shep (and Judge Nopolitano) have truly taken the stance of being 'never Trumpers,' in spite of the fact that lots of voters like me put him in the oval office, then that puts them squarely in the exact same camp as Hillary Clinton.

    And that is NO place any 'conservative,' journalist or otherwise, should want to find himself.

    Bret, I hope you have the ability to learn from the morality tale that is Sheppard Smith. If not, you might want to fire up your laptop and start updating your resume'…

  36. Shepard Smith spreads fake news against the greatest President this country has ever seen.
    Fox News should always support President Trump and anyone there who spreads fake news needs to be immediately sacked.

  37. The fact they turned off comments for his sign off is evidence about why Shep left. Fox can't handle any criticism or truth.

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