BREAKING NEWS: Yogscast CaffCast dropped from company amidst harassment allegations

BREAKING NEWS: Yogscast CaffCast dropped from company amidst harassment allegations

Your news for today local internet sensation and superstar CaffCast has been caught as perhaps a noncey bastard this just in folks apparently Caffcast of the Yogscast has been grooming women online using his supreme Yogscast influence and powers to get who knows what out of them Reports say that Caffcast was dming these women, asking for nudes sexy pics, Skyrim characters and more 8 women apparently are coming forward with information regarding CaffCast and his disgusting behaviour Local people at Yogscast have excuse me folks workers at the Yogscast have denounced CaffCast and he has been fired from the service We go now live to Jim Jones who has more on the story Thanks Jim. I can confirm Turps has fired CaffCast who reportedly has fled to his hometown and is living with his mom we can confirm that apparently CaffCast with a girlfriend had a mortgage on a house Unfortunately this means his life is probably fucked because he’s now blacklisted on the internet Back to you, Jim. Thanks Jim. Well folks what can I say another noncey bastard caught and arrested hopefully they hang him for his crimes if anyone out there is having doubts about coming forward about being groomed as a grown woman by someone on the internet who has any fame whatsoever, please come forward This is urgent we need you to come forward now this is not a joke okay? this is not a joke. If you’re being groomed online right y’know and you’re a 24 year old woman, there’s no excuse for that these people need to be held accountable for the disgusting behaviour they use he thinks hes a superstar chick magnet. bullshit he’s been influencing you to offer up your nudes and he’s only been doing that because he is a master manipulater and he has infinite fame and wealth being a streamer for the Yogscast. There is absolutely no way this is acceptable guys and uh sorry uh thats all for this unbiased news report uh goodbye

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  1. Rockstars fuck Fans. What’s the problem? He is a small YouTuber. Couldn’t force a grandma to repack her car with that position. How would he be able to force girls to do anything?
    And Why shouldn’t he be able to say „hey, I’m famous, you seem to be a fan, wanna do the sexy?“

    Can someone please explain what he did that’s actually against the law?

  2. Hilarious how people always like to wait until there is a herd of them before they go public with their complaints.

  3. Wtf I'm subbed to his yt channel. I was like why the tf hasn't he uploaded any tomb raider eps with Hannah as of late. Now I know. What a prixk and he seemed like an alright average dude on the surface.

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