Brazil Visiting Fellows Scheme at the University of Birmingham

Brazil Visiting Fellows Scheme at the University of Birmingham

So the Brazil Visiting Fellows Scheme is a
distinctive scheme run by the University of Birmingham. It gives early career researchers
and post-doctoral researchers the opportunity to come to Birmingham for up to three months
to work on research projects with academics here at the university. I support the scheme because it encourages
and allows people, bright people, from outside the UK to come and work here and when the
Fellowship opportunity came along it was the perfect time to get Claudio over and try and
develop it more. Here we can combine both approaches and have
a better understanding under these circumstances. Some of the experiments we’re doing here
he’s done before in different ways with different reagents so he’s brought that
expertise. Through these contacts I’ve become aware
that there’s a new generation of very capable and very promising scholars working in this
field and I’m very keen to be able to support them. So far those who have come have really
made the most of it. The value of collaborating with other researchers
is to learn about new processes of new methodologies in research. I think the broad international arena has
brought to myself many other opportunities, not only for publications with new authors
but also to engage in new projects. And you have the culture, experience. The best thing here in Birmingham is the diversity
in the city. It’s the city with lots of history. People are very kind, very friendly. The work that they’re doing is really at
the cutting edge of work internationally. It allows us to have a more global approach
rather than just thinking of Birmingham. We think you’ll really enjoy being on our
wonderful campus and enjoy our fantastic facilities.

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