Brand Lab Small Business Testimonials

Brand Lab Small Business Testimonials

(gentle music) – [Narrator] At the end
of the day, the only thing that really matters for our customers is that we bring them results. – You revolutionized, or
completely changed, our practice. The sheer volume of
patients that you send us on a daily basis, let
alone on a quarterly basis, the long-lasting impact on our office, I can’t thank you enough for. – I mean, it’s consistent, it’s nonstop, 30, 40 new patients every single month. – Once we launched, within hours we had leads coming in so it was pretty remarkable. – That will put me at 98
new patients for the month. – [Narrator] Traditionally,
there’s been this huge divide amongst marketers. There’s the traditional
branding style marketers, you know, that’s what the
Fortune 500 companies do. And that’s just been
extremely inaccessible, too expensive and, largely, pretty much ineffective to smaller businesses. And then you have your
direct response marketing which is designed to get
customers immediately, but quite honestly, in a lot of cases, it just cheapens your brand and wears out your market and people don’t like your messaging after you do it too much. And what businesses have needed forever is a combination of both of those methods. And that’s the exact method
that we’ve developed here. – So, instead of us going out
and casting a massive net, we can just basically set up
with a little rod, basically, and get far more patients
than we ever could have. And quality patients,
patients that come in, patients that schedule,
patients that want us. – One of the best things
that you’ve ever done for me is you’ve given me a
little bit more time back. To be able to spend time with my family. To spend time talking about my dreams and planning for those,
knowing that I’m going to walk in my door the next day and have five, six, eight,
10, maybe 11 new patients on our book for tomorrow, in one day. – I had no idea the level
of success it could bring. – In March, we saw 67 brand new patients, 100% because of you. There’s companies out
there that promise you a one-to-one return on investment. Dude, I don’t even know how much a return on investment is with you guys because it’s so astronomical. – The day that it launched,
it was instant results for us. I don’t know any other company
that’s able to do that. – You’re our best friend right now, so … – Yeah – [Narrator] The ultimate goal
for any business really is to be able to take someone
who’s never heard of you before and bring them on a
journey where there’s value and you’re positioned as the authority and there’s an emotional connection. And they reach the conclusion that they need your
product or your service. And that’s what we do. And we do it in a way that,
essentially, we can take, basically, any product to
pretty much any market place and do it at just about any price and be able to create
customers every single day. – Anybody that’s thinking about it, or on the fence, then, take the leap. – Absolutely do it. Absolutely do it. Do not hesitate. – Give it a shot. I mean, what do you have to lose? – Stop thinking and pull the trigger.

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