Bosstown Dynamics: New Robot Can Fight Back!

Bosstown Dynamics: New Robot Can Fight Back!

[robotic whirring] [camera-man] Right on in. [robotic whirring continues] (poor guy..) Clint! Tell them if they liked this video to go to “CorridorDigital.Store” and check out our sweet merchandise! -Show them! Show them the sweater! -Show them the sweater! This is brand new, one just like it already sold out! -Other side! The oth- yea there we go. -Tell them U.S. orders of $75 or more get free shipping! And if you order $60 or more you get a free autograhped pin signed by all of us in the studio! -Show them the-uh the wide selection of merchandise! Half for sale! -“”! Right now! -Tell them the URL! -Clint! Tell them the URL!

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. Put the various marshal arts moves in a program, cause AI to watch it, and the robot to act it out and improve by watching various real top class marshal artist, then you got machine learning real fighting robots.

  2. I don't like bullies
    I don't like threats
    and I don't like y'all.
    got that from
    Captain Catherine Janeway

    on a good note
    Thought the ending was funny 😂

  3. Total useless, a robot cant decide, what he should catch! A ball or glas! When he decide to catch the ball, the glas would be gone! Also there is a higly risk for beeing hacked and a criminal steals things with the robot or data! And Google also collecting more data. Never ever! Better studdy business administration, earning money and hire a butler! 😃👍🏻

  4. How the robot's feet interact or, should I say simulated interaction, with the floor and the wooden boxes gives this away as CGI. Good, but still not realistic.

  5. You guys are good at what you do. , but if people don't know better the would think that you are really working with an atlas

  6. For once I would like to see these abusers get revenge from the robot. I know they have to test to the extremes but, the practise of abuse ,"even on robots" pisses me.

  7. its an animation ! very well done… they went too far with the walking on boxes…. that is where you can see that is not real.

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