Boss Baby vs. Old People | The Boss Baby: Back in Business | Netflix Futures

Turns out Estes isn’t
the shriveled pushover we anticipated. We’re in for a dogfight, people.
But these dogs are people, people. Taking candy from a baby.
Sounds easy, right? Get that outta your heads! There’s nothing easy
about taking back what’s ours. We’re gonna bring out their cranky sides, show everyone that old people -are nothing but crotchety grumps.
-[whimpers] We’re going to send them
into tantrum mode. Parents will go nuts. The world will run back to babies
for the antidote, adorable giggles and warm snuggles. The world’s gonna need
a lot of quiet afternoons and soothing “back in my day” stories
from their elders. -[Boss Baby] What do we want?
-Babies number one! -When do we want it?
-Now! I don’t know, I just like yelling! So hike up those pants
to action mode because… -babies are going down!
-Oldies are going down! -Right after our naps.
-Right after our naps. [all snoring] -To war!
-To war! [old man] Hey, stock boy! What kind of produce section
only has coconuts? -We must’ve sold out!
-[Estes] What? We can’t mash these! What do you think we are,
garbage disposals? [growls] Please! I have a grandpop.
I like him a lot! Then you should know
he likes bananas, berries, soft foods! [whimpering] Nanners, you fool!
What happened to the nanners? We must’ve sold out!
I don’t know, who else likes soft food? Babies. How is everyone sold out of baby toys?
It’s madness. Madness! [woman gasps] Hey, she’s got a deck of cards. Get her! Back off! These will give Scooter
two or three minutes of quiet play time, and they are mine! What maniac bought all the baby toys? Old people. [horn honks] [giggling] -Oh, my goodness.
-[gasps, grunts] [gasps] Where did this adorable
giggly baby come from? I’m sure your mom or dad
will be here soon. You’re too cute to forget about. Ugh! Ah, forget it!
I flew planes in the war. -Let’s dance, traffic.
-[horn honks] -[tires screech]
-Stick a potato in your tailpipe, sonny! [baby whimpers] [crying] [tapping on window] [baby whimpers] -[yells]
-[babies crying] [man] Somebody turn down the volume
of these babies! -[shouting]
-[man] Shut up! -[woman yells]
-Huh? [old people growling] [Jimbo whimpering] [tires screeching] Old people! [groans] Rough night. Look alive, Peg! We got a war going on.
Where’s that morning market report? Did we crush old people
right off the pie chart yet? Hang on, still updating. Okay, see that teeny, tiny sliver in gray?
That is love for old people. Ha! Stay off our turf next time,
you dusty skin racks. Sweet victory. Hang on.
See that teeny, tiny other sliver? -That’s love for babies!
-What? How? We’re supposed to be–
Wait, who’s that big piece of pie, then?

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