Boris Johnson tells business leaders Tories will end Brexit uncertainty

Boris Johnson tells business leaders Tories will end Brexit uncertainty

Last week, it was announced that
the rate of unemployment has fallen to the lowest level since 1974 and yet,
there is something very frustrating about this recitation of triumphs because
it is only half the story of an economy that is still not achieving what it could. Like a formula one super car, green,
super green, super car, of the kind of which this country of course,
excels that is only firing on half its cylinders with so much more natural energy
waiting to be unleashed. The country is being held back, let’s be clear,
by politics and by parliament, that for the last three and a half years,
has simply failed to discharge it’s basic promise made umpteen times to honour the
mandate of the people and deliver Brexit. And that is why we must
have this election now. I don’t want an election in December
and in the normal circumstances, nobody does but we have no choice. We must get Brexit done. We have to clear
this parliamentary blockage in this dynorod election. What this does is it gives, which I think
is what everybody wanted in particular – certainly what I was trying to achieve –
is it gives business complete stability and certainty about the arrangements
that we have with our friends and partners in the EU as we make the transition in January.

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  1. He hit the nail on the head. Your progress is being held back by politics. Would love to see a real and complete Brexit.

  2. OK so in other words Brexit has had a negative impact on the British economy. Gee that could explain why Sterling tanked and Inflation rose.

  3. He's only interested in his self interests. He stands to gain a lot of money from Brexit. Those who vote for him will regret this.he is a corrupt buffoon. Mark my words, those who support him will regret it.

  4. Internal tory dispute led to brexit
    Internal tory dispute led to brexit delay
    But don't worry they are aware of "Hold up… by parliament" … they are going to sort it out

  5. If you trust the conservatives to get us completely out of the EU then you are highly fooled ! I don't think people realise that if the Tories win, with no Brexit party MPs, then you will have up to five years to complain about Brexit and the EU before voting time again ! You will regret your vote. They are slippery deceivers !

  6. Corbyn wants to model the UK on North Korea with the state in charge of everything and he wants to flood the UK with migrants

  7. Suddenly the tories are backtracking and now promising the world? Do they think the people are stupid! We know exactly what es happened with cuts locally across the board?! Devastating cuts that have ruined society.

  8. Boris Johnson to shelve planned cut in corporation tax ►

  9. Ironically the UK, with its austerity, falling birthrates, unfettered immigration and soon the breakup of its regions, is turning into the 'Undeveloped World'

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