Boeing 747-400 Upperdeck in der British Airways Business Class | YourTravel.TV

Boeing 747-400 Upperdeck in der British Airways Business Class | YourTravel.TV

Hi guys! Welcome to a new trip report or flight report. Whatever you want to call it. Today we’re flying from London to New York with ‘British Airways’ in business class on board their Boeing 747-400 on the upper deck. Exactly. It’s obvious we are in London. We passed the security check point very quickly, but sometimes it takes a while. Now we’re heading to the ‘British Airways Galleries Lounge.’ That’s the first class lounge in London Heathrow. We get access because we are “Goldies” with ‘British Airways.’ We have the ‘Oneworld’ emerald status which entitles us to access that lounge. It’s always an event. We still have some time so “zack, zack!” When I say “zack, zack’ I really mean it. Dominik is known to walk very quickly in an airport. How fast do you think he can run? I need to go to the toilet that’s why! Just an excuse, a lame excuse! That’s how he acts all the time. Always rushing… we’re in an airport after all, so I guess that’s normal. I only got to sit down for 5 minutes. There’s just no time today. The problem is, our flight to New York is departing from the satellite building C. It’s the one furthest away from here, so we have to take the train to the last stop. That ride can take up to 15 minutes. Departure is in 43 minutes. It smells like fish and chips. Do you smell that? Stefan: We’re in England after all. I arrived. We’re on the upper deck which is on the first floor of the 747, the queen of the skies. This is an old plane. Probably 20 years old but it’s still great. Especially sitting upstairs is special I think. We’re sitting next to each other across the aisle. It’s not a window seat, but the seats have direct aisle access. Passengers at the window seats have to climb over the legs of other passengers if the flight is full, and it looks like it is. I just sat down and I got water and a little toiletry bag. It’s the amenity kit of course. Let’s check it out. There’s not much in here. A toothbrush, ear plugs, some lotions, eye mask, and socks. They’re new from the ‘White Company’ with a new design. I really like it here. Unfortunately, I don’t have a view of the outside because another passenger is sitting there. That’s the downside. Dominik and I wanted to have a seat upstairs with as much privacy as possible, to not have to climb over other passengers. These are those seats because they are by the emergency exit. I also have direct aisle access. It’s fantastic. Finally at ‘British Airways’ nobody climbs over me and I don’t have to climb over anyone. I have to record a story! Story, story, story… Those who aren’t following us on ‘Instagram’ already should do that right now. I’m really making a push for this for Stefan. Well…for us. It’s pretty cool to sit up here. It’s the first time for us to be in the upper deck in this ‘British Airways’ 747-400. Recently, we were on the upper deck in a ‘Lufthansa’ 747-8. That’s the newer version of the Jumbo Jet. On their upper deck, they had the typical 2-2 configuration. Here it’s 2-2 as well, but ‘British Airways’ has much more privacy. I can see Dominik of course and he can see me, but I can pull up the divider on this side and then I won’t see my neighbor anymore. That’s only allowed after departure though. I’m going to check how old this plane is. I’m curious. As I thought, the plane is over 23 years old. That’s pretty old for a plane. Yesterday, it flew to Johannesburg and back and today to New York. The registration is G-CIVF. I’ll show you all the info in the box on the left. Interesting… I like this aircraft. What’s your opinion? Dominik will explain the seat and what you can find there. I will do the seat tour. It’s a bit unique; there are many seats where you don’t have to climb over your neighbor. That’s only available on the upper deck. It’s a 2-2 configuration and I really like that I have all this space… …and Stefan… …has all that space. What else can Isay about the seat? I mean… we don’t want to bore you. The table, the screen, the foot rest, there’s the amenity kit, and my personal amenity kit in the drawer. This is well known, to the right the divider, I can roll this up. Seat controls, a socket for the headphones, a USB socket, and here we have the universal power outlet, and the remote control. Stefan just said I shouldn’t speak too much “Denglish.” He’s right. So let’s go back to him. Right. It’s a little different today. The menu for today on our flight to New York, which will be 7:20 hours long by the way, is folded up. It’s a new style. I see that they have 2 different types of champagne. A regular brut and a rosé. I prefer the rosé champagne. What is your preference? Regular, rosé or no champagne at all? That’s a matter of taste. There is a bar with various drinks, different starters, I can choose between 3 main courses, or I can choose the express option. That’s probably something small and really quick. No idea what that is, it doesn’t say. Later during the flight, there’s also going to be a little snack bar. I don’t know if it’ll be up here or not. We will see. Boarding went pretty well. We were late, but well… It went smoothly and quietly, no stress at all and now we’re here. Boarding has completed and off we go. Here is the hot towel, it probably won’t be the last one. At ‘British Airways’ I find it a little flimsy though. It’s not that moist either. I can’t find the button to roll up the divider. I think the passenger in the window seat has it on his side. Interesting. Under here is a big storage compartment for myself. I put my amenity kit in there, my water bottle and the headphones I don’t need since I have my own. Dominik already mentioned the power outlet down there. I need some power because my phone battery is almost empty. here’s the USB port, and the control for the screen. In fact it’s not necessary because the screen is close enough to just touch it and control everything. The selection of movies is quite large and there are also shows like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ or children’s cartoons, music, and I can check out the flight map with our current position, the route, the remaining flight time, the current flight time in the air and so on. The entertainment system is pretty innovative. It has a touch screen close to me. What else can you ask for? Whoops! It was pretty dark in this lavatory. It is pretty small. OK this is the upper deck, there isn’t a lot of room to begin with. What’s in here? A lot! Desinfection gel, soap, hand lotion, more soap, towels. Let’s close this. Nobody wants to see that. It looks a bit antiquated, but to be fair, this plane is 23 years old. That’s a lot of water pressure. Cool! I also like that there are towels to clean the seat. Because airplane toilets aren’t always the cleanest. Perfect! I’m going back to the seat because service will begin soon. I think I got a pretty good seat. You’re all by yourself and it’s also pretty cozy. You can say what you like about the ‘British Airways’ business class seats. Some are very very narrow depending on location. The seat next to me, for example, is a little tight because you have to go around to get there. I can just get up and that’s it. But I’m pretty much on display here; everyone can see me. The passenger next to me has a lot more privacy. You have to know what you want when selecting seats. This is the divider. The button is up here. I just couldn’t find it. I always thought it’s down by the seat controls. Before it’s too late, I’m pretty tired, we just came back from South America three days ago and are still in the wrong time zone. I didn’t sleep well at all last night and I’m pretty shattered. I hope I don’t look it. As said, before time goes by too quickly and I get too tired, I’ll show you how the seat works. This is the famous foot rest from ‘British Airways.’ It folds down pulling a lever. I’ll take my shoes off for that. It’s not so polite to use it with shoes on. The control buttons are over here. Easy to use. This is for the standard setting, also take-off and landing, this is the lounge position to watch tv for a good view of the screen. Right this is it. Great to view the screen. By the way, normally the screen is straight up but in this position it’s horrible to watch. It tilts and at this angle it’s much better to look at. Or… in the 180 degrees flat position. Although I think it is a little short. I’ll show you, as always, the exact measurements in the info box on the right side of the screen. There’s a lot of space on either side. I can let my arm hang out here and spread out. There’s more than enough space here. That’s pretty good. Food will be served shortly. I made my choice. I decided to go with the beef as the main course. Tomato salad as a starter, then the soup. I didn’t order dessert yet, but I’ll have the chocolate cake. I’m sure it’s going to be delicious with the soft center. And then I’ll probably go to sleep. I forgot something. Theres’ a bag here, there’s ‘White Company’ written on it. The new concept of ‘British Airways.’ Not only the amenity kit is from that New York company but also the bedding. It consists of a blanket, a topper to put on the seat and another blanket. I can choose between two blankets, a lighter one and a thicker one. I’ll use all of them later. While I was unpacking, let’s go back to the lounge position, they brought over the champagne. By the way ‘British Airways’ has a new set of tableware. Candied, but not warm nuts. I think the cabin is a little chilly today. They should warm it up more. We are on our way to Las Vegas. A few weeks ago we flew to San Francisco also with ‘British Airways’ and ‘American Airlines’ Why? Because there was a very very good offer from Zurich a few weeks ago. For around €1,200 to fly to a great choice of destinations in the US. We first went to San Francisco, also because we had a meeting there. Now we’re flying to Las Vegas where we will have a little vacation and some fun. At the same time we re-qualify for gold status for next year. This way we have the highest tier, emerald with ‘Oneworld,’ for another year. We need 1,500 tier points in total. At the same time we earn miles, called ‘Avios’ for the next premium award flight. Both are pretty important and interesting. You can read about it in our travel hacks on our website. There are videos about the status levels, miles and what to do with them, what’s the benefit of a status, and how to get closer to a premium award ticket quickly. All that in our travel hacks. Just click on the ‘i.’ That’s a big downside. They serve my neighbor over my seat basically. There must be another way. I’m not sure. Cauliflower soup It’s pretty good but I can tell it’s full of cream. It’s noticeable. I’m between enjoyment and sin. This looks tasty and it smells good! It’s beef with broccoli and gnocchi baked with cheese. Not good for the diet but delicious. The meat is very tender. I don’t want to exaggerate but I’m very surprised. The meat is very tasty not tough, it’s delicious. It’s not a steak it’s braised meat and I like that a lot. It’s paired with very tasty gnocchi and a very aromatic sauce. A first on ‘British Airways,’ at least for me, the flight attendant came and refilled my glass from the bottle. Normally you would get a new glass from the galley. Some things have changed at ‘British Airways.’ I’m very pleased. There you saw it again, a little bothersome The grand finale, fruit, and a chocolate cake apparently made of white chocolate with vanilla sauce. A warm cake with strawberry filling. Very tasty! Now, the critical voice. Let’s go! The new service concept of ‘British Airways.’ We have flown them many times before. So far, in the old business class called ‘Club World.’ Big difference! It’s exciting! The changes are very exciting! They definitely stepped it up. Look at this glass. They didn’t have them before. Look at that! I’m very excited about this! Not to be over-complimentary but hey, you all know ‘British Airways’ and have seen their service before. But this… is a step up. I am convinced. I like to complain. Now we taste it and then we’ll see. The triple roll, nothing new, we are in business class after all, but look at this little silver bread basket. We know that from “Qatar Airways.’ Compared to what we’ve seen before it’s much better. Check out our other videos, we have loads of them, of the old business class ‘Club World.’ Good morning, I slept a little. 2.5 hours! It was ok but a little uncomfortable. I think the bed is way too short and the pillow is too high, definitely uncomfortable. Now 1.5 hours before landing in New York they serve the afternoon tea. ‘Hilton Hotels’ also offers it in their lounges. Doesn’t always have to be sweet. I got the savory option, the sandwich. And then we are in New York. But unfortunately only in transit. I love the city. We’ll be back in December though. I’m really looking forward to see it during Christmas time. Today we’re only transiting and then it’s off to Vegas. That’s also pretty cool! My short conclusion. I am thrilled about the positive changes ‘British Airways’ made. For that price and the ability to get gold status at ‘British Airways’ that quickly, I am very satisfied. Why not? Look at other business class cabins in our 2018 videos; go to our channel search for business class and there you’ll see and can compare. I am satisfied and we were not paid by ‘British Airways.’ Would be nice if they would. Back to Stefan. Thanks for watching! This is my sandwich, rather my sandwiches, bread, some sweets, jam, butter. That’s more than a snack. I also have a rosé champagne, to finish it off of course, then we’ll be in New York soon. When I ate the cake I noticed that Do&Co delivered the catering. The same company ‘Turkish Airlines’ uses for their catering. It’s mostly very, very good. ‘British’ has different suppliers. We just landed but the immigration hall is overpacked so we have to wait here for another 20 minutes. I never experienced that before. Now we are all waiting to unfasten our seatbelts and disembark. That might take a while though. We really had to wait 20 minutes on board. I’m curious how the immigration process is going to be because we have a connecting flight in about 1.5 hours. Passport control sometimes can take a while in the US. Maybe we’ll receive a ‘short connection’ slip and can get through faster. The flight was good overall and the ‘Do&Co’ catering was really delicious. Compared to previous ‘British Airways’ flights it doesn’t compare anymore. Dominik probably already explained that in detail. Now we have to rush to the immigration hall we don’t have much time. I hope you liked our video. See you in the next one! Bye!

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