Bloomberg considering Hillary Clinton as potential running mate: Report

Bloomberg considering Hillary Clinton as potential running mate: Report

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  1. That’s great two losers that are criminals getting together to try to run our country only in America Let’s go Republicans let’s not let this happen trump 2020

  2. sadistic nutjob will never be president for the simple fact no one wants her husband who sondomized young girls with Cigars in the white house… and lied under oath about it.. Back in the white house.. what the Fk. Also she let them guys die in Benghazi then pretended to have amnesia

  3. Let's say Bloomberg wins. This making Hillary vice president right? He all of a sudden out of nowhere commits suicide. I know it's a stretch but this would make Hillary the president. He might want to pick a different running mate. I dont think he thought this through. Just a numbers game at this point.

  4. Just think about it. Mike Bloomberg gets elected President and "he mysteriously commits suicide" and now…
    Crooked Hillary Clinton is POTUS.

  5. She will turn on him and still his thunder she is a lier and should be in jail Hillary just say NO 🇺🇸 Trump 🇨🇱 2020

  6. So he doesn't really want to win. Hilary should be locked up for allowing Trump to run your pathetic hateful country. The fake news is fox news. Down with Trump.

  7. He would be committing political suicide to even consider bringing Hillary Clinton onto his team. Who is advising him????welcome to 4 more years of Trump

  8. Hahahahahaha…..Bloomberg will never make it to the Oval Office. Hillary will have him KILLED. The Clintons have already KILLED over 35 people. Say GOODBYE to Bloomberg.



  11. She looks a bit on the peaked low energy side They’re going to have to feed her a few undocumented Haitian babies to get her competitive edge blood flowing again

  12. Republicans have told so many lies about Hillary Clinton
    that they've forgotten which ones they're supposed to believe.

  13. 🙄🤔😄😅😂😂😂😭😭😭 it hurts it hurts 😂😂😂
    Oh, PLEASE Trump would get a chance to stomp her twice! I guess he's not afraid of getting Epsteined the second he gets elected 😂. The secret service fell asleep and the cameras…

  14. Do it Bloomberg. That will be the final nail in his coffin After she lost to Trump the Clinton Foundation closed immediately! She's a criminal. How she never got convicted is beyond understanding.

  15. I can totally see an unfortunate suicide in Bloomberg's future should they win the election. Hillary won't play second fiddle to anyone and that will most likely distress Bloomberg greatly. My future condolences to his family. Its such a shame that all suicide hotlines were somehow overwhelmed with a flood of calls so he couldn't get help.

  16. Do it! Let's beat Hillary again but let's do it big time with Trump and the Republicans winning both the popular and electoral votes in November!!!

  17. Yea – that’s the epitome of a losing ticket. Good grief. If Hillary hadn’t pulled her shenanigans last election we might have a Sanders President right now. Feel The Bern!

  18. Great Team,, A BLOOMING IDIOT,, and a Totally self centered, self absorbed, self Righteous, Indiscriminate, Psychopathic LIAR and Thief!! Who will be the top? They say Hildabeast demands the top position!,, according to Bill anyway. Uggg, Gargg,, Blaaaa Blaaa, Barf, GAGGGG!! The very thought made me throw up a little. Sorry, gotto go brush me teeth. Peace!

  19. And this was Bloomberg’s idea, not the DNC and global elitists who Hillary belongs to…haha any moron stupid enough to vote for that combo deserves every bit of horrible that would come from it lol!

  20. I thought Blumberg was supposed to be intelligent. If he has Hillary as his running mate, knowing how much she wants to be President. Sounds like Blumberg is suicidal. That crazy Billionaire is going to wake up dead. Hillary will then get her wish & she only has to get rid of 1 more person to accomplish it.

  21. On this ticket they would have just about all the money in the world, with the DNC foundations, Bloomberg, Apple, Amazon and so many other communist globalists want this nation so they can plunder it like pirates sacking a town.

  22. Hilarious!! You know at this point they have literally tried everything. I think they believe this will be their ace in the hole LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂 PLUS that woman couldn't wait to come out the depths again to get her revenge on us God loving Americans.

  23. 2 racist running together, no surprise here, they usually stick together… Racist that is. Bloomberg and Hillary the racist… And bill in the wings so they have a predator in the mix. Good call little Mick

  24. Hillary beat trump in majority votes, all need to do is to correct a few mistakes in P.A, Michigan and Ohio and this thing is in a bank

  25. Racists can win the GOP vote, and often do, but racists cannot win the DNC nomination. Bloomberg may be a billionaire, but he cannot buy the presidency… especially when the GOP has a monopoly on voters who are either very wealthy or white and extremely stupid.

  26. I really hope this is true. It would split the demoncrat party in two. There's no way the crazy Bernie soy boys and aging hippies are going to support them.

  27. I know how Mike can save himself some big money and possibly his life. Instead of nominating Hillary as VP he needs to get a large gunny sack and fill it with cut up raw skinned chicken. Put it in the sun for a couple of days to emulate her body odor and possibly no one will notice the difference in that both are old bags.

  28. I wouldn't be surprised if Bloomberg ends up dead in some strange illness no one never knew, sudden heart attack
    or potentially suicide, or a rapid growth of tuberculosis just she can take the title of POTUS! I just wanna put that out there being that other in the Clinton acquaintance has ended up dead from some strange reason or another!!!…

  29. Little Mikey , you can’t pick Hillary, she’s 2 inches taller than you. How about Gerry Nadler he’s shorter than you, maybe😏

  30. fak news-fake news-bloomberg and clinton both from new york not permitted in constitution-these dummies do not even know this-any 10 year old couls

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