Bloody Mary की सच्ची कहानी || Real Horror Story Of bloody Mary in Hindi ||

Bloody Mary की सच्ची कहानी || Real Horror Story Of bloody Mary in Hindi ||

standing infront of mirror She called her name three times Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary And then Bloody Mary is a very dangerous Evil spirit to whom you can welcome in between of 2:33 to 3:33 at night What we know about Bloody Mary is absolutely true Do you know this ? So, the question is “who is Bloody Mary?” Take a candle Go to a dark room Go to infront of a big mirror. After that stand and keep a little distance from mirror. Walking towards the mirror Speak three times Bloody Mary look at the mirror you will see another face on the mirror You will see the face of Bloody Mary Some people’s belief created that After three times of saying bloody Mary If you say to Bloody Mary that “I stole your baby” Then, Bloody Mary will get more angry Because, it’s meaning is “I have stolen Your Baby”. From 1509 to 1547 Henry VIII was the king of England He had two daughters Elizabeth and Mary King Henry had six wives Mary was the daughter of Henry’s first wife Mary was brutally tortured by Henry In 1547, Henry died When Mary grown up She started to take responsibility of the people of England Mary became queen After 37 years, first time Mary felt freedom. But that time, England was divided into two religions Protestants and Catholics A war was organized at that time for sake of religions Mary wanted to keep only one religion. But protestants and Catholics didn’t wanted to change their individual religions. Those people who did not abide by the rules of queen queen through them into fire. People started to see Mary as a villain. Mary bathed with blood by replacing water in bath tab Because she had a strong belief that If someone bath with blood then he/she will remain younger for a long time After few years, Mary got married Mary needed a child because next king or queen will be elected her child After few months Mary got pregnant Mary and people of England were happy at that time But, a weird thing happened No child born Slowly slowly mary got normal to her previous physical condition After examining that matter saints said that An evil spirit was staying in Mary’s womb and not a human child. Again Mary got pregnant And this time also, no baby was born And after some days, mary died The image of Mary in front of the people of England was bad Because Mary burned people And bathed with blood And for that evil spirit Mary was unsuccessful to born a baby And for these reasons Mary had became cursed And then Mary was known as Bloody Mary After the death of Mary, her sister Elizabeth had become the queen of England. Mary wanted a child but she had never been a mother thats why, her soul labile her till today though she died So, if you ever say her I stole your baby while standing in front of mirror You may die If you want that, Mystery Finders must find the reality behind Bloody Mary Challenge. Then complete the target of this video & target of this video is 1000 views only. If you really enjoyed this video then please do like and share. And must subscribe this channel. as because i often upload this type of interesting videos. After hitting subscribe button also click the bell icon to get updated of my new thrilling video notifications.

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