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Hi. I’m Mike Carter CEO of BizEquity and to my right is Semyon Fishman, our Chief Technology Officer. and we’re thrilled to be here at
Finovate Europe in really the heart and capital of FinTech
Innovation London London’s a very important city for us at BizEquity its our headquarters for our European
operations and its a a place where we feel FinTech and the imagination of fin tech is very
captured in the entrepreneurial community and the financial institutions that are
in this community. Today if you think about it – the majority of the businesses that were presented were all around this notion of
democratization of financial information and
democratization of finance What we’re excited to present today with
the launch of BizEquity UK is one of the final, we think bastions, in
this which is the democratization up a $20
billion dollar offline category which is called
business valuation. The business valuation market
today, despite the fact that it’s so large at
twenty billion dollars less than two percent of business’s
around the world so estimated to be two hundred million
global business less than two percent of them can afford to get it done and less than two percent of them have the
time that it takes to get it done today the average cost of a business
valuation is five thousand pounds and it takes four to six weeks We at BizEquity, in our vision to
democratize financial knowledge in the form of business valuation knowledge to every SME around the world and every financial
services institution that works with an SME we don’t
feel that’s right. So we’ve harnessed the cloud we’ve
harnessed big data two big trends you’ve heard a lot about
today. And we’ve created BizEquity. so without further ado, we’re
gonna launch in to our product and the use case when it
take you through is as a SME owner that owns The
Old Bengal restaurant in London so the SME owner would find BizEquity and simply go on to BizEquity put in their business name, put in their
postcode, and then search dynamically through 800 industry classifications using UK specific data for UK four-digit SIC from there they can see that there’s actually a pre-value estimate much like Zoopla’s done on the real estate market we’ve done for the business valuation
market. And this is meant to just be a guide based upon publicly available information for that business. So, as the owner of Old Bengal, I saw my estimated pre-value it made me more comfortable to go into
the system and to get it more proper business valuation Semyon is now going to continue to go
through this process which is a seven-step process that takes no more than 10 minutes where a business owner or financial advisor on behalf of the business owner can present information to discover, monitor, and over time, optimize their business value as you can see as they put in turnover
information and other key financial data. the ticker on the top right changes to help from an engagement perspective to insure that the business owner
continues to put in information and at this point the brand
promise with BizEquity is very very true very secure because
they’re getting something right now, for free, before they subscribe to anything – they see their value. The average user on
our site spends over three minutes, which is more than most to the large social
media sites out there today and we’ve had over a quarter of a million businesses try our service and we’ve valued over 29 million from a pre-valuation estimation perspective,
businesses, you can go and project future revenue you can project future EBITDA and its in a very powerful easy to consume
way our web services enabled product, where
we’ve also built in hooks for Intuit as well as with QuickBooks as well as
Xero can incorporate that accounting data.
Here, supposing I sign up for only forty, roughly forty pounds, per
month as an individual business owner. 200 pounds per month for an individual financial advisor with the limit up ten businesses per year you can really see an infographic view of that business rather than the old school data companies that talk about the data record of a business our view is every business around the
world should have an infographic view of their business and not just be provided with the four
valuation figures (which we’ll show you in the report) but powerful key performance indicators
that usually only the biggest companies could afford from Bain & McKinsey. Now, we’ve democratized it for the masses where they can see how they compare to
over a million up their peers in the UK market alone, we’ve pre-valued 1.7 million businesses and we use best of breed and curated best of breed data to come up with these peer to peer comparisons so Semyon goes through he’ll stop at page six you’ll see the four valuation figures, so it’s not just one as well as twenty different key
performance indicators comparing you the business owner to your peers so after this process what we’re gonna
do quickly is switch and as you can see
these KPIs and switch to the fact that now if I’m a
financial advisor and I want to find the business before
they need a loan by a month, or I want to find the business owner a year before he or she sells their business. Imagine to have the ability, from a heat mapping perspective, see the pre-valued records and estimates of
the business value in a particular location. If Semyon refines that search to say Oxford or to Cambridge you can see the various business values.
Additionally, he can do it from a search perspective to see from a high and low valuation perspective this changes the game, we believe, on traditional customer relationship management systems like Salesforce. And enables the financial advisor, the banker, the insurer, the wealth manager to have
this harpoon in their hands to be able to not just
land the client, but capture their hearts and minds because you’re helping them instead of them spending five thousand
pounds and taking six weeks you’re providing it to them. So, with that said because of that feature not only have we
had a quarter of a million businesses go through we have over 30 financial services
institutions around the world using our product here’s a peek at a few of them. Dynasty
Financial one of the leading wealth management platforms in New York Metro Bank in the United States (not Metro
Bank in the UK, which is associated) and then finally Experian one of the leading data companies in the world We welcome you to come to our booth.
Thank you very much!

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