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Business News. Our TV found out that there is a new online business opportunity where thousands of clients make around $2,500 monthly from their amount of only about $70—$80. More from our reporter Jennifer Cuttler. Together with our team, we found out that there is a really new evolution in internet money making. The website is It is a Peer-to-Peer system that uses Bitcoins only. The clients start with just 0.1 Bitcoin. And they typically make about 3.35 BTC each month. But many clients make this amount in just a few days! Bitcoin is high-quality, decentralized, fully convertible currency used worldwide. The Bitcoin transactions take only minutes. And the fees are almost zero. With earnings of 3.35 Bitcoins each month, attracts huge numbers of new clients every day and keeps breaking all records. It seems, that is one of the most attractive projects at this time. This is Jennifer Cuttler for Business News. Thank you, Jennifer! We will definitely be following this trend and keep you up-to-date!

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