Bitesize Business English #24: Confirm

Bitesize Business English #24: Confirm

confirm confirm and confirmation confirmation to confirm something is to make something certain usually an arrangement or a meeting this can be done via writing an email or over the phone so if we have arranged a meeting a few weeks ago the day before our meeting I might phone you to confirm that the meeting is still happening to make certain that the meeting is still happening if you make a reservation over the phone you may be told that they will confirm your reservation via email they will send you the reservation details over email to make certain that it’s booked so confirmation is the noun the email or the phone call which makes certain that something is happening and confirm is the act of providing confirmation so when I confirm I provide confirmation confirm can also mean to prove that something is true for example the delicious smell of food coming from the kitchen confirmed that someone was cooking or the police confirmed there had been an incident on Friday night so there you have it confirm and confirmation don’t forget this is one of many bite-sized business English lessons so do be sure to check out the rest of them and if you enjoyed this then please give it a big thumbs up take care and good bye oh hang on before you go if you’re not already a subscriber then just press this button here click subscribe and the Bell notification button this will tell you every time I upload a new video if you take a look in the description box below there are lots of really handy links come and join me on Instagram on Instagram I’m doing regular pronunciation practice videos so come and check that out say hello and yeah I’ll see you there

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