Bird Of Prey by Marion Hill | Clare Cooney | Full short film | English | Español | Français

Bird Of Prey by Marion Hill | Clare Cooney | Full short film | English | Español | Français

What’s up beautiful, you want a ride? Whatever. Shit. What are you doing? Charlie, get in the car. I told you to leave her alone. I’m supposed to just let her sleep
in a field? Jules, she wants to leave. She’s got a lot of crap going on. You should just let her go. I’m serious. Vic, what are we supposed to do?
Kick her out? After everything that’s happened to her? What the hell happened last night? Do her parents even know
that she’s still here? Babe, please don’t call them. Okay? It’s none of our business.
I don’t want to be in the middle. But we are in the middle. I want her to go. Honey, I know you don’t have much
privacy with her here. It’s not that. She’s attracted to you. In love with you, I don’t know. She told me. I’m sure she was joking. Well it explains a lot. Why do you think she’s been here so long? Because she needs our help. I’m not comfortable with her here anymore. Hey Vic. Sorry I got a little drunk last night. No worries, kiddo. Honey, I’m going to bed. Got that conference in the morning. Good night honey. Night, Vic. Charlie? Yeah? [phone rings] Hi! What were you gonna ask me? Nothing. Okay. That was Jacob. He wants to know if you’re bringing
anybody tonight. Oh really. Well, I’m bringing you. Listen, I know you want to work
with him on his music, and I think that would be great for your career, but you can’t lead him on. I’m not leading him on. Don’t do that. Jeez, sorry. Doesn’t really matter if he wants
to work with me anyway. Your husband got me a bus ticket
for tomorrow He did? Let’s get a drink after the show tonight. Hey, can I jump in? In the shower? Um. Yeah. I’ll be out in a minute. Wow. You look really good. It’s not too much? No. No it’s fine. Ready in ten? Yeah. Do you like her? She’s alright. You should ask her out. Maybe. She’s not really my type. What is your type? Julia! Pierre! Good to see you. You too. This is Charlie. Charlie. You must be her niece. No. Well, kind of. Her mom was my college roommate. You remember Carol from the Christmas party? Actually I definitely remember
meeting her, for sure. Anyway I don’t want to disturb you. Ladies, you have a good evening. Charlie. It was nice meeting you. Where are you going to go? I don’t know. I guess I just need to keep moving. Vic told me. About what you said. Does he think I’m going to take you away
from him or something? Your husband’s an asshole. Don’t do that. Please don’t leave. Hey. Hi.

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  1. So they did NOTHING and she stays with the f* cking guy she doesn't love and the whole thing just sucks.whats the point?! What a pile of sh*t.

  2. The wife has bi-sexual tendencies and her almost niece is the temptress who
    is sending her signals but she's a flirt because when the wife said " Don't leave" she left , continuing her flirtatious wanderlust ways.
    I love the true-to-life acting. No histrionics here. Great slice of real life and hope there is more to come.


  3. Very interesting
    Well acted, nicely shot and like the fact that the ending different to what was possibly suggested
    Thought provoking that's for sure

  4. Great movie ~older woman needs the attention and desire this young girl is willing to give~dickhead is jealous and isn't doing his job so she has stepped up~sore loser 😂😘😝

  5. He's such a dick~ scared little man she's more of a man than he is~yes she is attracted to your wife and so is your wife 😀🙂😘 youigjt want to keep one eye open

  6. Gracias por subtitularlo al español.Muy buen corto en historia, actuación, fotografía,trama.Me encantó ❤️🌹

  7. I'm not over with watching yet, and stoped just to say that this is one of the best producted lgbt short movies that I saw.. and it's really wery well action. Bravo!!

  8. This was so confusing… someone comment and correct me if I’m wrong. So the married woman has a thing for Charlie, but Charlie’s basically a big flirt. The husband doesn’t like Charlie because Charlie flirts with his wife and gives her signals. At the end, Charlie chose to leave and continue what she does. Based off the video’s ending, we can tell that Charlie’s gonna flirt with the blonde chick sitting at the bus station. So basically, given the options to leave or stay, Charlie left and will continue to be a big flirt.

  9. Lov tis story hugely.. ❤❤❤
    Kinda short, fully loaded & cool.. 👍👍👍
    Sth'd hv happened between d two women if d younger hadn't left (as d elder's a bi curious, obviously). But yup, she made d bes choice to leave.. it's reli gettin u nowhere wit a married woman..

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