Bing Business Bot

Bing Business Bot

Running your restaurant is
enough of a challenge, and taking time out of your day
to answer repeat questions is frustrating, not to
mention inefficient. Introducing Bing Business Bot,
an intelligent, virtual employee from Microsoft. When a customer looks you up, they’ll have the option
to initiate a chat. Bing Business Bot can answer
both common and high-level questions to let customers
conveniently access information that may not otherwise be
easy for them to find. The bot also uses a familiar
chat interface and recognizes natural language so customers
get their questions answered without needing to pick up
the phone or send you an email. And the bot can evolve. If it doesn’t know
the answer to a question, it will reach out to you, learn
the answer, and remember it for a future customer. It can even provide
you with analytics and insights into what customers
are asking about most often. Bing Business Bot is already
partnering with top restaurants in your area to help answer
customer questions on their behalf, and is available for
desktop and mobile devices on Bing, Skype,
and even your own website. Save valuable staff time,
and take better care of your customers 24/7, with Bing
Business Bot from Microsoft.

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