Billy and Gabo envision a business venture with their pudding | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)

Billy and Gabo envision a business venture with their pudding | Make It With You  (With Eng Subs)

Be careful. It’s hot. It’s so good! I love it so much! Yuta loves any kind of food. No. I’m telling the
truth, Belinda. I’m not lying. I, for one, don’t like
Helen’s cooking. Yuta, you! Sorry. Sorry. But this one’s really good. Billy, in fairness, it’s tasty even though
it doesn’t look that good. Its appearance was
the last thing in our mind. I thought it was just an
ordinary pudding at first. But when I tried it, it could match the ones
they sell here in Europe! Right, Lepi? Of course! What did you say? I said the bread is yummy. – Good for Europeans, right?
– Yes. I love it! I don’t usually
praise you, Billy. But, this is one of a kind. To think I dated
a French baker. What? Oh! It was a long,
long time ago. He’s jealous. It’s so good. Why don’t we get a permit? Let’s collect leftover breads from bakeries and restaurants. Then, let’s recycle them. We can make puddings
from them. What do you think? Not just puddings. We can also make pan de regla,
kabayan, kabukiran… Yeah. And let’s sell them
at a lower price. And we can sell them
on the streets. Yeah. And once we’ve
saved enough money, we can have our
own bakeshop. At Dubrovnik. Let’s name it Breadsureccion. “Bringing old breads
back to life.” And… once we’ve become famous, we can open a branch in Paris. And Rome! There are lots of
Filipinos living there. Yeah. What are you looking at? Are we part of that plan? – Of course.
– Of course. Will you also open
a branch in Japan? Of course! – Yeah.
– Hurray! – One more please.
– Wow! Okay. It goes well with coffee. – Let me.
– Why? Because I’m happy for you. Huh?

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  1. Tawang tawa ako dito eh yung nangangarap sila tapos napatingin yung iba sa pader… Anlayo ng tingin nila😂😂😂

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