Bille Brown – Back in Business

Bille Brown – Back in Business

Look, If you’re doing a play or a film and
you’re deciding what happens in the action, you’ve got to be careful there’s not too
much action that’s unbelievable. In our case, a flood after torrential rain was enough,
but can you believe it? These are great forces of nature, and when they become destructive,
the cost is enormous, not just in property, property can be replaced, but in human lives
and the impact it has on who we are and how we see ourselves. Hundreds of people turned
up when they found out that this theatre was severely damaged and nearly destroyed by that
flood. Hundreds of people came here to clean it up. And that’s a great thing cause I
know the Queensland Theatre Company want to return that tremendous investment of muscle,
energy and spirit with making this place work again. Now we need you to come back, see us
because we’re back in business, the show’s going on.

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