Biggs blasts LA mayor’s immigration stance: He’s violating federal law

Biggs blasts LA mayor’s immigration stance: He’s violating federal law

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  2. Open borders will never be a losing proposition for the Democrats. Immigrants vote 70% Democrat. Even they can see that. I just wish RINOs like Mitt Romney could see it.

  3. Sentence the mayor to lockdown in an illegals jail for 60 days so they have experience before they allow illegals to stay on American soil.

  4. The simple solution to this would be to build a boarder around California and make it into its own country. Anyone there who votes for these politicians that want sanctuary cities need to lose their citizenship along with the politicians.

  5. Let’s start arresting and throwing these mayors and other so called leaders in jail for breaking federal law and trying to change the face of this country.

  6. Republicans need to start suing states that break the law by harboring criminals – we have allowed the Democrats to become lawless.
    I hear the Angel Moms are suing. And so should everyone affected


  8. Well correct they should have a warrant. However not cooperating with ICE is a big problem and putting people’s safety at risk

  9. These people are here illegally get them out before we start shooting you. It`s all about big business and being paid under the table. No medical insurance ect. California government should be jailed and employers fined and jailed for employing illegals.

  10. Waters is a nutcase…LA Mayor needs to be charged he is NOT above the law…oh wait…he is a democrat sorry I forgot they don’t get charged he is above the law

  11. If I break the law I go to jail, if a democrat like Waters breaks the law she votes herself a raise. Let me know when it's time I'll get the pitchforks.

  12. Waters did incite violence against Trump supporters, so my question is: why is she not in jail or why is she not being investigated for her actions?

  13. Cut off all federal funding see how it works out for them ! If they don't want to keep the tax paying citizens safe on their own tax paying funds then don't ask for money that other states have contributed to take care of their folks and up hold the law….aiding and abetting is a crime! And tax paying people shouldn't be subjected to this sick b's!

  14. Trump is doing what the constitution and people want, illegals need to go back to where they came from, and get in line like people who come here right

  15. Trump lie he give be a visas a lot colombians north of California is full of womem from colombia help Venezuela people please open your eyes

  16. He's got friends!👍
    It's a Jewish and Mexican Invasion for fifty years now.
    Hopefully, Trump brings some accountability in their debates. They would be White alright!🐮

  17. I think it's time that the federal government start arresting these mayors. Just watch how these mayors' attitudes will change when they have to face the federal government. These people going against the citizens of these United States have to stop.

  18. The word "UNDOCUMENTED" is EXACTLY THE SAME, as the word, "ILLEGAL". If you have nothing to hide – STAND IN LINE!!!

  19. LA mayor is out of his mind protecting aliens violating federal law, what kind of a mayor is that LA residence and welfare comes first, it is good he is not running for President.

  20. Arrest the Govenor..
    Arrest the Govenor..
    Arrest Mad Maxine
    Arrest Nancy Pelosi
    And anybody else that breaks the law trying to help illegal aliens
    We the People not the state speaks about our safety…. We the People🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. True, you have the right to remain silent… in context: Against an oppressive goverment.
    These are aliens who instead of "knocking on the door" and asking for assistance, they instead "climbed through the window" and demand that you let them stay. Imagine your country as a house. Americans are generious people but I don't think anyone wants to help a person who just climbed through the window and demanded that you let him stay as if he owns the house.

  22. I can understand the Mayor, he’s a scumbag politician who wants to be re-elected. What sickens me is the Chief of Police standing next to him, jeopardizing the safety of the citizens and his own Law Enforcement officers. it sickens me that this Chief doesn’t have the balls to stand up for the Constitution and the safety of his own men and women.. I’m not speaking without any knowledge of this situation.. Signed Chief of Police…..

  23. If you are illegally in the USA how do you have rights. If you were illegal anywhere else not sure they’d give you the same rights……..

  24. the mayor sheriff should be rounded up and releived of duty what a disgrace these peole should never hold a position in the system lock them up

  25. Only people that is Crying is White Folks Latino Native INDIANS AND Black Folk's will Soon Be Leaders of America. God saying you had Chance to make it Right but YOU FAILED.

  26. Trump talks to a foreign leader and investigations. A dem meets with Iranians. Nothing. People lie to courts and fabricate evidence. Nothing. They are literally destroying cities and giving aid to non Americans who have no temporary documents of any kind. That sounds close to treason if you ask me yet nothing done. Trump has given me faith there could be justice coming. If Republicans take back the house and hold the majority in the Senate and nothing is done we know Republicans haven't changed like they would like us to believe. I hope they show us a real and just change has begun. Left, Right, or center criminals wearing the white hats of justice need to be exposed and arrested or at least removed from public office. America should come first and then help globally.

  27. The mayor is right. Ido not agree with his intentions, but he just basically reminded people of their rights. The most despicable thing the left is doing is their disregard for peoples rights and the laws and freedoms. If you just switch that off and take the angle of "oh, well the potential victims of residents here already" then you are no better then a lefty. Freedoms and rights are not political. Biggs is an enemy of the people just like any left wing politician who compromises rights and freedoms for politics.

  28. The Democrats are domestic enemies of the United States. Insurrectioness openly occupy the government of the United States. Why is this tolerated????

  29. WOW, these two clowns are sick. WTF? Protecting illegal Aliens? Isn't that the direct opposite of what they should be doing?

  30. Yes I think it is a very good idea to send in the troops to all these cities that are protecting illegal Invaders, and arrest the Mayors and governors

  31. there is a law against helping illegals and that mayor should be arrested and changed with the crime he committed, along with anyone else doing the same thing.. The President should suspend ALL immigration until every illegal is deported and the new laws are enacted. A million every year is way too many, we need to go back to what worked, 50,000 a year max.

  32. "you dont have to open your doors", like tents have doors, This joker hasn't been out in the streets much. Guess what.., ultimately you have to open the door, to go shopping, visit the doc, getting your social cheques ,

  33. Los Angeles is now an open sewer with crap on the streets but this dirtbag mayor is worried about illegal aliens. The people of Los Angeles vote for this nonsense so don't look to the rest of America to pay for this nonsense. Democrats have no positive vision for America so they wallow in scandal and misery. The GOP needs to on their game in November and take back the House and relegate democrats to the minority and dust bin of history

  34. Please call your congressman and senators and tell them to stop sending Federal funds to California if they don't follow Federal Laws.

  35. Trump will fire anyone in his administration who
    believes Russia interfered in the 2016 elections which was proven but denied by

  36. The crazy democrats are shooting themselves in the foot, so to speak, with their Sanctuary States & Cities, and their hatred of our beloved President!

  37. Politicians, bureaucrats, and law enforcement who support anything less than deportation of ALL illegal aliens/immigrants, should be held personally accountable by "We The People" in the most devastating ways possible… In my humble opinion that is. Deport!!! Deport!!! Deport!!!

  38. Illegally entering the United States of America should be a felony offense, punishable by one year in prison per offense and permanent disqualification from ever entering or residing or working in the United States of America!!!

  39. Americans need to wake up the democrats don't care about Americans. They are giving illegals everything at your expense to get their votes.

  40. 2020..The year of a new decade that will be remembered for The Corrupt Racist Dirty Democratic Party getting crushed along with their above the law enablers within the FBI, CIA & DOJ. Finally after decades and decades of keeping it's citizens down our leader Donald J Trump is standing up against the people within the US Government who abuse their power to engage in dirty money making schemes to human trafficking to pedophilia scandals and everything crooked thing in between. DJT 2020 & DJT jr 2024.

  41. The City Of LA a lawlessness, filthy and dangerous 3rd world place. Democrats have ruined it and continue to blame everyone else! Latinos for Trump 2020!

  42. All the CA leaders on the city and state level are corrupt and includes Garcetti too, who once had plans to run for president in 2020!!! He would have been laughed out of the running like most of the others! He is too soft and probably is like the gov. who thinks all illegals are ok! Nothing good for the people of CA and that is why people there are leaving in droves for better places, and businesses too. They top the nation in high taxes, high cost of living and really, just about everything in that state is too expensive for ordinary folks to afford, but they sure love their illegal aliens who are draining them out of their money and federal funding should be stopped until they can clean up their act, both on the city and state level!!!!! Just look at the ever-growing homeless situation! I lived in Ca for 58 years and it wasn't like that for years until the crooks took office and the big changes started happening and the people need to make the change themselves and vote each and every Dem out of office on the city and state level and put people in who will do the right thing for them and clean up their state, as it once was a beautiful place to live in! Remember, PEOPLE POWER CAN BRING ABOUT THE NECESSARY CHANGES THROUGH THEIR VOTES!!!!!

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