Biggest MISCONCEPTIONS of Having a Business (What NO ONE is telling you)…

Biggest MISCONCEPTIONS of Having a Business (What NO ONE is telling you)…

What is up everyone? Welcome back to my channel today I wanted
to do something a little bit different. I wanted to actually talk about some of the
major misconceptions when it comes to having a successful business. Now, this was inspired by my own growth right
now in my journey and I realized as I’m reflecting a year ago, I have set some crazy goals for
myself and I actually exceeded a lot of those goals. Now fast forward a year later, I have a six
figure business over 100,000 people that subscribe to my YouTube channel and so much more, but
as I got this success, I’m really starting to realize that there were a lot of things
that I thought would happen to me once I hit this point that actually didn’t really happen
at all. So if you’re interested in learning some of
the major misconceptions or things that I learned that I didn’t expect to learn of actually
hitting success, that I want you to keep on watching. Now, I know that many of you watching this
channel are probably starting out in your business, so you’re going to be thrilled to
hear this misconception that I’m going to lay out to you and that is imposter syndrome
never really goes away and the reason why I think that you’re going to be thrilled in
hearing this is because even someone like me a year later with all of this success that
a lot of you guys strive to have, I also feel a lot of imposter syndrome and even me talking
to people that are way more successful than me, they also have imposter syndrome as well. Now, obviously the downside is that it never
goes away, but the upside is is that you’re not alone. I remember a year ago when I was starting
out, I told myself, okay, once I have clients, then this imposter syndrome is going to go
away. And then I got the clients and then I said,
okay, once I make this amount of money or I launched this and a lot of people are raving
about me, then the imposter syndrome will go away. Okay, once I hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube,
then the imposter syndrome is going to go away. It never went away, but for me, as I grow,
I’ve gotten better in dealing with it. So I think that’s the major difference. As you grow in your journey, the impostor
syndrome is always going to be there. And the reason for this is because at every
level of success, you’re always going to compare yourself with someone that is more successful
than you and that is doing better than you and then you’re going to feel like shit. For me, I used to compare myself to people
that were a couple of steps ahead that were already closing clients and I was like, Oh
my gosh, I’m never going to be like that. And then after, once I closed clients, I started
to compare myself with people that had six figure businesses and now that I have a six
figure business, I’m now comparing myself to people who have seven figure businesses
and guess what? It’s never going to go away. That’s why I want you to know that you are
going to get better in dealing with it, but don’t think for a second that suddenly all
of this lack of confidence is going to disappear. It doesn’t, not only this. I also want to share with you guys something
that I teach my own students in the boss’ gram Academy and that is this graph. Now, obviously I’m not going to take credit
for this graph because I didn’t create it, but I think it’s a genius graph to show you
guys exactly what is going on. As you can see on the graph, when you have
no experience, your confidence levels are at its highest and the reason for this is
because you don’t know what you don’t know and therefore you have big goals, big vision. Think you’re going to crush it. Now, unfortunately, the more experience that
you get, you start to realize a lot of the skills that you might be lacking. A lot of the things that you know you don’t
know yet, and therefore you feel like an imposter. Now, this is a really great illustration of
what truly happens as you start to grow in your journey. The imposter syndrome simply does get worse. However, like I said earlier, how do you deal
with the imposter syndrome? We’ll get a little bit better because you’re
going to start hanging around people that are more supportive for you and all of that,
and therefore through experience, you’re also going to have a much stronger and richer mindset
to tackle these issues when you start feeling the imposter syndrome rising. However, I did want to at least tell you is
that even me, I suffer from imposter syndrome a lot and I go to my mentors crying my face
off being like, Oh my God, random people on the internet don’t like me. Oh my goodness, this person didn’t want to
sign up for my program. Oh my goodness, this person complained that
my video wasn’t good enough, so I hope this makes it feel better, but like I said, impostor
syndrome never goes away, but you just get better at dealing with it. Now the second thing that I learned that I
didn’t really expect to learn was the fact that monetary goals don’t mean anything. Now, I know, I know. I know. You’re probably rolling your eyes and you’re
probably tempted to click out of this video. Trust me. Back then when I wasn’t making a dime, I would
roll my eyes at any person that said this because I was like, Oh my God, only rich people
say this. But I’m really being brutally honest with
you that it could not be any more true. And the reason for this is I remember when
I was starting my business, when I wasn’t making anything. The biggest and most ambitious goal that I
set for myself was to make $65,000 in my first year in order to replace my corporate income. However, within the first four months of me
launching my services to the public, I ended up making six figures. Now, obviously, the first day that I made
six figures, I cried. I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe it. But immediately, the day after I started putting
pressure on myself to then make seven figures, and guess what? The moment I hit seven figures, I’m probably
gonna put pressure on myself to make eight figures. Now, being ambitious in business and setting
monetary goals is absolutely normal. However, I’m telling you right now that the
chase never ends until you actually chill out and just enjoy the process. For example, I told myself, okay, once I have
one client, I’m good, I’m going to be happy with what I have. And then I hit that one client and immediately
I’m stressing out the fact that I don’t have a second client or the third client or the
fourth client. And then even though I was in a position where
I sold out all of my seats for my one on one coaching, I immediately told myself that I
was a failure because I booked it all out. And that I literally immediately capped out
my income. And it’s ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. And I’m telling you right now that even if
you don’t have a coaching business or you’re starting a YouTube channel, it’s the exact
same. Your biggest goal is going to be a thousand
subscribers. You’re going to tell yourself that it’s enough. And then once you hit a thousand, you’re going
to want to, and then you’re gonna want three, and then you’re gonna want 10 and the end
of the day, while you’re chasing these monetary goals, you’re still gonna feel pretty empty
inside. And not only this, you’re going to feel really
burnt out because you’re chasing nothing. You’re not chasing anything that actually
has substance. And that’s kind of what I really want to say
to you guys, because I wish someone said this to me when I was starting out, and I know
that at the time I probably wouldn’t have understood, but a guarantee for you guys,
once you actually start hitting those milestones that you’re wishing for right now, you’re
probably going look back in this video and agree with me that you’re really chasing nothing. If you’re just chasing money and numbers. That’s why even for me as I’m still in the
beginning stages of my journey compared to a lot of seasoned entrepreneurs that are already
10 years in, I’m really trying to take a step back and just enjoy the process of building
a business and even though I’ll always have monetary goals that I’m not going to attach
my self worth or my happiness to these goals and I need to try to find other areas that
make me happy. Is that the one on one conversations that
I’m having you guys that is truly meaningful to me is that the fact that I can take my
family out without stressing about my corporate job that I had back then because I was chained
to a cubicle? Maybe that’s a lot more meaningful to me,
but I know for a fact, even though I’m still pretty new in business, I already know that
money is not going to solve all of my life problems and until I find other reasons to
be happy with what I’ve built, that is going to be enough. So that’s why I really wanted to share this
big misconception with you so that you can save yourself a lot of running on treadmills
and being stuck on hamster wheels. Because I guarantee if you can’t find something
that is meaningful to you within your business that’s not attached to money or the number
of clients that you have or the subscribers that you have, then you’re always going to
be on this crazy goose chase. Now moving onto the next misconception that
I’ve learned so far and having a quote unquote successful business on paper is the fact that
you don’t really get so flex. And I know that this sounds super dumb, but
when I was starting out or when I wasn’t making a dime, I thought that the moment I hit a
six figure business or eight figure or seven figure or whatever money that you think is
significant for you, I thought that I would be rocking the Chanel bags. Where in the Luba tall is flexing the Rollie. And guess what? I don’t. And even though I technically could afford
these things, I choose not to buy into them. And the reason for this is going to sound
super silly, but I literally work from home. There’s nowhere else for me to go. And even if I did have a Chanel bag, where
am I going to go with that? A coffee shop like seriously. And I think that building this business and
actually hitting these numbers and working really hard to get here has truly shown me
the value of money. And it’s also made me a lot more mature when
it comes to spending. And what I mean by this is as you grow in
business and as you scale, you’re going to have a lot more responsibilities. It’s not just you, your laptop and the internet,
it’s you, your laptop, the internet and accountant, a lawyer, a team, people that actually rely
on you to pay them, people that actually turn to you for the answers and giving you their
hard earned money, hoping that you can solve their problems or at least guide them there. Because at the end of the day, people need
to help themselves. And that’s a lot of pressure. And you gotta be really, really careful with
the money that you spend. Would I rather spend the money on myself and
buy a new pair of shoes or would I rather spend money on taking a team member out for
a nice dinner or for a nice trip? Or would I rather spend that money on giving
my students gift cards, thanking them for finishing my programs? Or would I rather spend that money on giving
someone a bonus because they’ve really helped me out a lot in my business. There’s so many different things that you
gotta think about now that you actually have the money and now that you’ve actually grown
the business that’s beyond just yourself. And that’s kind of why it’s turned me off
from spending money on myself. Not to say that I don’t spend money on myself,
but I don’t spend it as excessively as I thought that I would once I hit six figures. And not only this, another misconception that
a lot of people think is that just because you have six figures means that you are rich. And I’m going to tell you right now, especially
if you’re serious and scaling your business, there are a lot of expenses. Even for me, there was one month where I spent
$25,000 in expenses alone. Now I’m not telling you to go into my comment
section and tell me how I need to spend my money, but I’m telling you right now, the
more money you make, the more money you spend. And maybe one day I’ll do a video all about
finances and all that once I have my own stuff sorted out. But I’m telling you right now that if you
think that having a six figure business is all of a sudden going to make you this flexing
queen or flexing King, I’m going to tell you that’s not really true. And if you are someone or you see someone
that is flexing a lot, I really would love to see their financials to see if they have
a profitable business. But anyways, I’m not here to judge. I’m just telling you my own perspective of
the things that I learned from growing this business and some major misconceptions that
really turned me on my nose when I finally hit this Mark. Now, so far in this video, I did a little
bit more of a real talk with you guys in terms of the major misconceptions that I found when
I was growing my business or as I’m growing my business. If you enjoy more videos like this or you’re
looking for videos that are a little bit more strategic and more step-by-step, like my usual
videos, make sure you check out these videos right here. Usually I talk about mindset, marketing, coaching,
entrepreneurship, all the likes of that. So make sure you check out these two videos
as well. And also I’m running out of content idea,
so make sure you comment below and tell me what more you want to learn about growing
a business, starting a YouTube channel, dominating on Instagram, getting clients, all these things. I would love to know your opinion on some
suggestions that you have for future content on this channel. As always, guys, I appreciate you. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. I hope you guys have a great day, a great
week, and also a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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  1. What's a misconception YOU can think of when it comes to running a business that you DIDN'T expect?

  2. I completely agree with the more you make the more you spend. My husband and I are pre-marital &marriage mentors and whatever “extra” money we make, instead of spending it like we use to, we decided to invest. Smartest decision in business!

  3. Hey Vanessa,

    Loved your new video.

    Imposter syndrome is for real and people succumb to it easily.

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    Thanks for the video.

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    3. Partnerships – who are your mentors? Who are you mentoring?

    4. Life mission – like you say, it has to be about more than money. What is your life mission and how are you living it through your business and in general?

  7. Your absolutely right, money will never matter; that's why I'm chasing the sunset. I only need enough to survive and with enough left over to help others along the way. The experiences you live will far out weigh any amount of money. Just my take on what it means to be rich in life…

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