Big Questions Ep. 25: Pomona College

Big Questions Ep. 25: Pomona College

(upbeat music) – I’m Sam Clark with Crimson Education and we’re here at Pomona, one of the Claremont Colleges. And we’re here to ask some big questions. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Look at this puppy! – [Sam] It’s a puppy! – [Woman] Look at this puppy! – [Sam] Okay, we’ll get
started, we’ll over (laughs) – [Man] Not sorry.
– [Sam] Pomona also? – [Woman] Yes.
– [Sam] Okay, great. What is the best thing about Pomona? – [Woman] I think the best thing about Pomona is the classes. Like they have a large variety of classes. And I’m a Media Studies Major, so I’ve taken a little bit
of literally everything. – [Sam] Yeah. – [Woman] It’s also a
part of a consortium, so there are literally like four other colleges right here. – [Sam] Mm-hmm. – [Woman] So it is just
a complete variety. – [Man] I think the
best thing about Pomona is that it’s a small school and you get the attention
that you think need, and deserve as a student, compared to going to a big college. And I think one of the best thing, one of my, like, top most reasons for choosing this school
was the consortium. I think I will have
resources of a large college in a small college environment. – [Man] I guess, I mean, it’s covering all the 5C’s, but like the small classrooms settings, I have to say, is something
that’s been really nice. I’m a first year, so it’s been
really nice to have, yeah. – [Man] The people, the
people and the weather. Everyone’s so nice here. – [Man] I would say the community here, all the kids are very nice, the faculty’s very
caring about the students and they actually want you to succeed. – [Sam] Perfect.
– [Man] The sense of family, everyone kind of works as a community. Very, very homely feeling
with the community here. – [Man] The best thing about Pomona is the incredible
opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom, and the fact that there are
so many clubs on campus, and everybody is always, “Oh, I’m involved in this artistic thing or
this extra-curricular.” And the fact that there’s
always stuff to do when you’re not in a classroom. – [Sam] And in contrast,
what’s the worst thing about Pomona? – [Woman] There’s not too
much going on here really. It’s just, how would you describe it? It’s like really calm, kind of tone deaf. – [Sam] Sure. – [Woman] So, yeah. – [Woman] (laughs) The
flip side of being small is everyone knows everyone’s business. – [Sam] Sure. – [Woman] And because
it’s not in the city, you don’t really have,
it’s like, very insular. – [Man] I don’t know, I think, sometimes it gets too hot. – [Sam] Sure. – [Man] Yeah.
– [Sam] Too hot. – [Man] Probably just
say the heat sometimes, I’m from New England so — – [Sam] Okay. – [Man] Not too used to the desert heat but it’s something to get used to. – [Sam] Gotcha. – [Man] It feels really dead all the time. I guess, maybe because we
don’t have that many people on campus, but you get used to it and that’s probably why it’s fine, yeah. – [Sam] Okay. (laughs) – [Man] Probably the WiFi, I feel like we’d do a lot better, Yeah. Sometimes it’s slow, it’s hard to connect, but I feel like it’s
not that bad of a thing. – [Man] I’d have to say the workload. It keeps you up til
like four in the morning very often. – [Man] Worst thing
about Pomona is the fact that Frank Dining Hall is
closed on the weekends. And so I have to walk to North Campus, that’s the worst. (laughs) – [Sam] And what do you
typically do on weekends here? – [Woman] Right, okay,
so I’m on the track team. In Spring we have track meets and that’s my whole Saturday basically. In pre-season, we’re still going on runs. A lot of homework. – [Sam] Sure. – [Woman] A lot of homework,
that’s a lot of my weekend. But if I play it right,
maybe I can go to L.A., or go on a hike, or something like that. – [Woman] I am sometimes doing stuff, like I’m involved with the
Claremont Ballroom Dance Company. So I’ll do, either go to performances or social dances or I’ll
hang out with friends. You have something to say bud? – [Man] Yo, what’s up? – [Woman] I also go into L.A. a lot and I just hang out with my pals and sleep a lot and do work. – [Man] I like to think I also
do some studying sometimes. And I just chill, I mean,
the campus is beautiful. There’s nice places to
sit and be at every time. – [Sam] Cool. – [Man] Well, during orchestra season, we had a few performances
over the weekends. Volleyball season’s coming
up, so then we’re going to have competitions,
tournaments all around. We have volleyball practice every weekend. So, usually that kind of stuff. – [Man] I’m super involved artistically, so I’m usually in
rehearsals during the day, and then after that there’s constantly extra-curricular events going on, and then parties at night. – [Sam] What did you write your college application essays about? – [Woman] I wrote mine
about art and imagination because those are pretty important to me. I’m planning on being an illustrator or an animator at some point. So I pretty much wrote them about that. – [Man] Well, my personal,
because I applied through common application, my personal statement was actually about a favorite dish that
I tried for the first time. Well, it became my
favorite after I tried it. – [Sam] (laughs) Okay. – [Man] But it was about a Nigerian dish called Jollof Rice that I
tried for the first time. And that was what I wrote about. – [Man] I was QuestBridge, so I just filled out the
QuestBridge application, which was talking about your upbringing and what inspired you to
become what you are today. – [Man] Being a captain in
high school sports teams and how that translated into
leadership roles elsewhere outside of athletics. – [Man] I wrote it in the
form of a three act play about my experience in Macbeth, with acting in it, and
then a few years later, directing the same production. – [Woman] I wrote about
my mom dealing with PTSD and growing up, also involved
more during the uprisings, and marching Al Mahdi and Hawi. Going to college was important for me as a way to give back to so
much that my mom sacrificed. – [Sam] Anything to add? – [Woman] Puppies are amazing. – [Sam] Puppies are great! – [Woman] We also have three
dining halls, by the way. Which is —
– [Woman] We can eat at all six of them. – [Woman] We can eat at all of them, so we have like seven dining halls. So just shameless plug. – [Sam] So go to the dining halls. – [Woman] Yeah. (laughs) – [Sam] Puppies. – [Woman] Puppies, oh my God. – [Woman] It’s pretty great, but it’s a lot of hard work. – [Sam] Yeah, totally, totally. – [Woman] Oh my God. – [Woman] So. – [Sam] Thank you guys so much. – [Woman] No problem. (uplifting music) – [Woman] So good. – [Woman] I’m taking one
of those home right now. – [Sam] If you like this video, and want to learn more about Top Colleges, please, please subscribe. – [Woman] Oh my God, she was lonely. – [Woman] Oh my God. – [Sam] You taking it? – [Woman] I’m taking this guy home. – [Sam] I’ll bring him home.

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