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  1. get over it dummys. coal is on it way out and like disco it ain't coming back. even trump has failed to bring coal back. you guys need to get over the fact that coal is becoming obsolete and not throw a tantrum by electing a vindictive conman.

  2. ahaha… Turn all the coal miners into programers. Not impossible for some, but I would like to see Joe Biden learn the minimum of skills to get a job as a junior software engineer.

  3. Remember when all the online journalists got angry at people telling them to code and they successfully got it to be considered hate speech?

    No? We memory holed that one? Okay then.

  4. Joe's code is look at what my boy Hunter did being an executive on a Ukraine oil company and handling millions in funds in China all the while the only thing he knew how to do was the line on the table. Biden is a career politican who has no clue what a working job is. Miners provide coal to plants that produce 60 percent of our power if we went to wind we would need over 500,000 wind Mills and if solar it would have to be about the size of new Mexico. Renewable energy is not reliable it is fickle it can be cloudy of no wind then what? Climate change is nothing more than a talking point and coal miners don't worry these idiots in Washington have zero clue how to work on energy they are the least efficient organization in the world. Best way to stomp out more jobs. Code this Joe- Trump 2020

  5. What should we tell them? That we're going to artificially prop up a dead and unprofitable and toxic industry so they can keep their shitty, dangerous job while china continues to take the lead in tech and innovation in the world? Conservative thought is backwards.

  6. Is this the guy they’re seriously backing? My god they will never learn…run Bernie and stay out of it for Pete’s sake you dummies. I mean he’ll never win but still at least it doesn’t have to do with Cornpop or hairy legs

  7. Well to be fair he's got a point, those jobs ain't comin back! Like a lot of auto-industry workers, you're gonna have to quit whining,learn a new skill or continue to be a welfare-bum

  8. My major is programming and I’ve only taken some intro classes. It’s fking aids, I still got an A but programming is definitely not for anybody. Like legit some ppl are too stupid to do it, but my teacher was really fking bad so idk.

  9. Hmmm, so what is his message for all his unemployed constituents gobbling up free crap on the taxpayers dime?
    Oh…that's right…NOTHING – since they vote demoRAT.

  10. What idiotic statements to make. What utterly stupid, artless comments to make. What horrible choices the democrats leave us.

  11. And they wonder why obama bin laden steers clear from supporting creepy joes campaign lmao… even o'dummy knows he is a moron

  12. Biden should have told them to have a rich corrupt father who will withhold aid if they don’t give you a well paying job your not qualified for

  13. Why code when they can go get another Trade job that pays just as much as programming? I'd see college kids show up to Ford and Corvette plant and they do "machine coding." You're better off working at McDonald's for what they make.

  14. Think of it from his overlord political illuminist perspective- coal miners of yesteryear are akin to coders of tomorrow.

    We call it mining for a reason.

  15. Any one who works in tech industry, will tell you that you don't actually need to learn to code to get jobs in tech. 90% of jobs in Tech companies don't require coding. Business analayst, product manager/analyst, project manager, quality assurance, scrum master, HR, IT support, etc. The "Learn 2 Code" bs is an insult/attack created by ignorant regressive. For an establishment candidate to regurgitate that load of bs and actually believe in it… just shows how moronically low and devoid of common sense the democratic establishment as stooped to. It's not a wonder that they don't have popular support of the people.

  16. That is a logical interpretation of our fossil fuel workers future if you all want to be able to breathe.

  17. The Left SERIOUSLY CANNOT MEME. Trump supporters and, honestly, regular people were telling leftist, Commiecrat journalists to "learn to code" SIX MONTHS AGO.

    The Left can't meme, socialism is anti-American, and Trump Derangement Syndrome is a terminal disease of the mind.

  18. Obama asked about some magic wand Trump would wave around to improve things. Trump is the voice of Americans, and he is the wand. America has spoken. By the way, no democratic radical has a chance on Election Day!

  19. Biden is so out of touch it's almost impressive. We had a whole meme about journalists who told coal miners the same thing lose their own jobs and were told by everyone on social media to "learn to code" as a sarcastic jab expressing the sentiment that they were dumb, were justly fired, and deserved sympathy from no one. This was like 2 years ago. The original articles these journalists wrote were obviously much older.

  20. At least he Joe Biden is honest – He's telling everyone exactly what he thinks about their jobs and what he is going to do with them if elected.

  21. your kinding me joe right? its like trying to learn an alien mathematical symbolic language. you seriously need an aptitude for it that starts when your a teen.

  22. Any coal miner here that wants to learn how to code and sit behind a desk for 9 hours a day contact me, I would love to point you in the right direction

  23. He’s right. Coal jobs are going to crap… trump lied and you bought it. Lesson learned? …. no. You choose denial. lol

  24. I feel like most people who say to just learn how to code do not actually know how hard it is to learn how to code especially to a level that meet jobs requirement.

  25. People: we won’t have jobs if you get rid of coal.
    Biden: learn to code

    This is parallel to starving people being told to eat cake. Does anyone know what happened in the end?

  26. He talks as if programming is an easy thing to do. I have over 15 years of programming experience, and I feel like I still have a lot to learn. I can assure you that if you lose your coal mining job, you will not be getting a programming job any time soon. For God sake!

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